Scalpers Beware! Sellers Can’t Hide on Amazon Anymore…

By Wesley Floyd | July 24th, 2020 | Categories: Game Store, Games Workshop, News / Rumors, Warhammer

scalers-indomitusAmazon is putting into practice a new way of business for third-party sellers to conduct business on their website, which could be the end of scalpers…

Coming from sources like ICV2, it looks like Amazon is setting up a new business practice that may put an end to scalping on its website, although these changes may not have directly been made to target them. Here’s the latest.

Scalpers Beware! Sellers Can’t Hide on Amazon Anymore…

amazon 12 days of savingsHere’s the word from ICV2:

Amazon will begin displaying business name and address for all third party sellers in the U.S. on September 1, the company told its sellers earlier this month.  The change may help tame some of the more destructive elements of Amazon’s third-party marketplace

… enforcement of Minimum Advertised Price policies will also get easier for companies trying to enforce discount limits online.

Of course, Amazon is way too big to make a move that would specifically target Wargaming scalpers. However, this move might have been the final nail in the coffin for third party sellers deep discounting and just being bad actors in general. Mainly because those third party sellers will be identified starting on September 1st.

Why Would That Kill Scalping?

Indomitus VideoLooking at the Indomitus Box Set which sold out in minutes once pre-orders went live, for those stores that may not have a true brick and mortar presence, and order copies primarily to resell at a markup online, they may be in an awkward spot soon. That’s because when the next big release rolls around, they can easily be discovered by hobbyists, and Games Workshop alike.

Judging by the outcry against scalpers over this set, the hobby may be better off for it too!

With all of this coming down the pike from Amazon, do you think we’ll just see all the scalpers move to eBay? 

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