Are They Worth It? More GW Supply Drops Contents

By Wesley Floyd | August 13th, 2020 | Categories: Games Workshop, Hobby Products, News / Rumors, Warhammer 40k

supply drop gwMore pics of contents from that 40k supply drop are emerging, and it looks like for the most part, everyone is getting roughly the same thing.

In case you missed it, GW ran a 50% off “supply drop” blind buy deal for 40k and Warhammer Underworlds. Once orders went live, they ended up selling out in under ten minutes. We first saw a single picture of the content inside a 40k box about a week ago. But now more are emerging and it looks like everyone got roughly the same thing.

Imperium Supply Drop: Was it Worth It?

imperial crateA few days ago, we saw that Aenar on DakkaDakka was one of the first people that posted up the contents found inside the 40k box. We’ve done a price breakdown below:

  • Adrax Agatone £25
  • Master Lazarus £25
  • Kor’sarro Khan £25
  • Mephiston £25
  • Fenrisian Wolf Squad £20
  • Regular Space Marine Bikers £25
  • Sisters of Battle Arco-Flagellants £30

Total MSRP: £175

Total Value: £100

Overall, the value is certainly there. But let’s get onto the latest. It looks like everyone was getting roughly the same kits.

Are They Worth It? More GW Supply Drops Contents

primaris space marine walWargaming Dave on Twitter posted up some pics and began a chain of everything related to the 40k supply drop. With reports of hobbyists in different regions of the world getting the same models here’s what was shown:

40k supply drop order 1 Been reports on FB from the UK who got their Supply Drop and looks like they got the same as the Italy # Germany box

With a product code showing the Imperium Supply Drop and then a bunch of listed kits, it seems like these might have been “fixed” before orders went out… meaning there wasn’t any real variation between boxes.

40k supply drop order 2Second person from the UK posted up on FB

40k supply drop order 33rd UK report of the same box contents, interesting as I thought the UK and the EU were separate regions, same as Asia, US and Aus

With concrete pics of supply drops matching with everything else shared above, it looks like suspicions were confirmed on every kit being the same. With that said, there’s one outlier mentioning a Castellan and some other things. However, because there’s a lack of a picture, we don’t know for sure if it’s legit:

wargaming dave supply dropWith the report of a supply drop only sharing one kit with the rest of the other supply drops, this one is definitely an outlier. If you managed to get your hands on a kit that had all of this stuff be sure to post it up!

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After seeing these pics of supply drops sharing the same kits, what do you think about the value? Will you be watching future supply drop deals that come from GW like a hawk?

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