Heresylab Talon Mecha Kickstarter is Back!

HL talon mecha walComing back in force, Heresylab restarted their Talon Mecha Kickstarter with some newly-designed sculpts in heavy power armor.

You’re probably wondering why Heresylab restarted the Kickstarter in the first place. Well, that’s because there were a few design issues with GW (you can find the notice in the comments) and they had to make a few adjustments. With all of that out of the way, we can look at a bundle of new models that were funded in just 15 minutes!

Heresy Lab has really been working hard during these crazy isolated months. They’re bringing in five different variants of warriors in heavy armor and they all look amazing! At the time of writing this, there are five days left on the Kickstarter.

Talon Mecha Kickstarter: Kronos Paladins

Kronos Paladins


Kronos Paladins Heavies


Kronos Paladins CloseThe first among all the Talon Units. These Kronos are sons of Uranus and equipped for any task! When they are unleashed on an enemy, they have almost no chance to make it out alive. If you love Heresylab, see what else they have to offer. 

Hermes Paladins

hermes paladins 1The Hermes Paladins are renowned across the universe as Royal Guards. Coming stock with a shooty spear and a THICK shield, these dudes all have some pretty tight wargear.

hermes paladins 2

Helios Guards

selene hunters 1The mighty sons of Hyperion! One of the most elite combat units ever assembled. They wield their halberds with such grace a Harlequin would be jealous.

helios guards 2


Selene Hunters

selene hunters 1Fierce and merciless hunters known for tracking their prey across eons. Once they get your scent, it’s only a matter of time before they catch you. It may just take a while. That armor looks pretty heavy.

selene hunters 2

Ares Fallen Angels

ares fallen angel 1


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ares fallen angel 2These Fallen Angels have an insatiable thirst for combat. Do not get on their bad side, or even look at them wrong.  They might be feeling forgiving that day, but don’t count on it!

Erebus Crusaders

erebus crusaders 1


erebus crusaders 2Erebus Crusaders are for fans that need to scratch that all-out melee itch. Each one comes with a massive sword and board to get the job done.


hephaestusFor the fan with a more classical taste, the Hephaestus are rocking some of the most time-tested pieces of wargear!

hephaestus 2These are all the base models in the set so far. They are still working on getting all the extras and add-ons as support continues. With funding completed in just 15 minutes, there are a lot of fans in the community that are ready to throw these models into their collections! be sure to check out the fine details on how to pledge while there is time left!

Heresylab Talon Mecha Kickstarter

What’s your favorite pattern of armor from the sets above? What will you be using these models for?

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