Imperial Knights Arrived In GW Supply Drop!

By Wesley Floyd | August 28th, 2020 | Categories: Games Workshop, News / Rumors, Warhammer 40k

supply drop gwLook out, Imperial Knights appeared in one countries’ GW Supply Drop as some very excited hobbyists in Australia may have got the best ones!

If you remember a few weeks back, we saw that GW announced a supply drop of random Imperial content that happened to be a crazy deal. Once orders went live, they sold out in minutes. On that note, once people got their drops, they started posting pics of their loot online. It turned out that everyone got the same stuff (or so we thought).

Earlier Pics of Supply Drops

primaris space marine walJust so everyone’s on the same page, here are some earlier pics of loot that people got. Wargaming Dave on Twitter posted up some pics and began a chain of everything related to the 40k supply drop. With reports of hobbyists in different regions of the world getting the same models here’s what was shown:

40k supply drop order 1 Been reports on FB from the UK who got their Supply Drop and looks like they got the same as the Italy # Germany box

With a product code showing the Imperium Supply Drop and then a bunch of listed kits, it seems like these might have been “fixed” before orders went out… meaning there wasn’t any real variation between boxes.

40k supply drop order 2Second person from the UK posted up on FB

40k supply drop order 33rd UK report of the same box contents, interesting as I thought the UK and the EU were separate regions, same as Asia, US and Aus

wargaming dave supply dropIn that same thread, Wargaming Dave also mentioned the rumored contents of the Australian supply drop although no pics could confirm it.

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Imperial Knights Arrived In GW Supply Drop!

australian supply dropWe’ve been sent a picture of the supply drop from a fan within the community and it looks like those reports were true. There’s both Scout units, two new Primaris characters, and the big Kahuna Knight Castellan! That’s some mega value.

Breaking down the actual value if you were to buy everything separately, that’s:

  • Sniper Scouts £20
  • Regular Scouts £20
  • Kor’Sarro Khan £25
  • Kayvaan Shrike £25
  • Knight Castellan £100

Total MSRP: £190

Total Value: $115 (Supply drop cost £75)

How would you like to have gotten a Castellan basically for free! That’s some crazy value for fans that got their hands on a supply drop down in Australia.

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Did you get your hands on a supply drop? Did you get anything different from the kits shown above? 

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