Squidmar’s Favorite Painters Will Leave You Inspired!

squidmar favorite paintersInspiration can be hard to come by at times when hobbying. Today we look at Squidmar’s favorite painters who inspire him to paint every day.

We all struggle with motivation from time to time when it comes to painting (some of us more than others). Even great painters like Squidmar need motivation every now and then. Today he’s going to share his list of painters he draws inspiration from when he’s feeling a little sluggish.

Squidmar’s channel is rapidly growing due to his great tutorials ranging from full-scale models to tips, even to practical physics! If you want to support his newest project, go check it out here. But for now,  let’s take a look at his list!

Need Painting Inspiration? Squidmar’s Favorite Painters

Rodrigo Akore:

Rodrigo AkoreHis colors and contrast always blow Squidmar away. It’s hard to get such consistently amazing work! While a lot of the painters on this list work on a large scale, Rodrigo almost always works on the smaller side of things. If you love Squidmar’s videos and products, go see what else he has going on!

Alfonso Giraldes:

Alfonso GiraldesHe is an amazing Sculptor and painter with a lot of unique viewpoints on painting. He has changed the way Squidmar looks at painting almost more than any other painter out there.

Arnau Lazaro

Arnau LazaroWhenever he posts a new mini Squidmar will analyze the paint job for at least ten minutes! He just fits so much detail into every piece that it’s insane!

The Secret Workshop:

The Secret WorkshopHe packs so much detail into smaller scale miniatures. Squidmar loves just how realistic he can even get 28 mm models looking. He even won a Slayer Sword last year!

Andy Wardle:

Andy WardleHe is one of the best out there when it comes to painting GW minis! He’s a little bit newer than the other entries on the list but he more than deserves to be here!

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Marc Masclans:

Marc MasclansOne of Squidmar’s favorite painters when it comes to painting realistic models. Especially skin tones, his understanding of painting skin is just incredible.

David Soper:

David SoperSome of the older hobbyists may know this name. He won the Slayer Sword almost 30 years ago with this awesome Nurgle tank. The God Father of painting GW minis!

Ruben Martinez:

Ruben MartinezLast but certainly not least, Ruben Martinez. He’s won basically every painting competition you can! And he painted one of Squidmar’s favorite pieces of all last year, the above 75mm Ulrik The Slayer!

That does it for this list of crazy inspiring painters! If these don’t get you inspired to get off your butt and start painting, we’re not sure what will.

Need Painting Inspiration? Squidmar’s Favorite Painters

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