Awesome Like Astartes: Two More 40k Short Films You’ve Got to See!

space marines fan filmJust like Astartes, two more awesome Warhammer 40k short films are here that can help you pass the time social distancing. Check out these amazing creations!

YouTube channel SODAZ, published two dope 40k animated short films that any 40k player can be a fan of. We’ll be going over the details but be sure you watch it all yourself!

Awesome Like Astartes: Two More 40k Short Films You’ve Got to See!


40k short film 1This first film was made back in 2018. It starts with some Guard dug in around some sandbags and slowly losing the fight to some Traitor Guard.

40k short film 2


40k short film 3Eventually, a drop pod with a hand full of Astartes drops down and turns the tide of the battle.

40k short film 4We know that on the tabletop, three normal Marines would hardly make a dent pushing back an entire Guard line. However, when it comes to the lore, these dudes are unkillable monsters. Pretty much what this video paints them up to be.

Now, this second video takes things to a new level. At two minutes long, we’ve got the story of some Ultramarines sent in to back up a squad that looks to have lost contact.

40k short film 5It starts with a handful of Traitors hanging out in a corridor getting ready for the assault.

40k short film 7As you’d expect, the battle lasts about five seconds with the Traitors getting shrecked by bolter rounds. They end up finding the lost squad with something being picked up on the auspex.

40k short film 8The Death Guard show up and start cleaving through the Ultramarine’s ranks.

40k short film 9


40k short film 12The fighting animations are tight. It’s fast-paced and the Death Guard does a nice job at showing off how tanky they are over normal Marines. Definitely a sweet video!

It’s not every day that we see the Death Guard get some love in fan films. But in case you’re looking for more action, there are a ton out there that we’ve also covered!

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What do you think of all the new rise in fan films popping up? What are some factions you’d like to see covered in an animated short?

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