Warhammer 40k Fan-Made Films You Don’t Want to Miss

Angels of death wal space marine horNeed something to help pass the time? Take a look at these top fan-made Warhammer films and see which ones you may have missed!

The Warhammer hobby is really fortunate to have these talented fans that put their skills to some incredible use. Taking on the 30k/40k universe themselves, combined they have put our some awesome original short films for us to enjoy over the years!

Warhammer 40k Fan-Made Films You Don’t Want to Miss

Astartes Series

If you’ve been in the hobby longer than a week, you’ve probably heard something about the channel called Astartes on YouTube. There are five parts to the entire series that we’ve rounded up here if you want to watch them from the beginning. The incredible thing about this entire project is that one fan with some serious graphic talent made all of this.

If you’re a fan of that hobby dedication, you can even drop some change in his tip jar over on Patreon too,

Horus Heresy: Death of Hope

Okay so this is more 30k than 40k, but this series from Mark Louis Spark on YouTube, is a Heresy film that’ll give you goosebumps. This is Rated R. You’ve been warned.

Right now, we’ve just gotten the first episode in the series. But it’s long and gruesome. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to be a Loyalist held captive in a Chaos ship stuck in the Warp, you’ll want to see this. From prisoners being help in cells until they’re brought out to fight to the death to scenes of Warp entities roaming through the dark ship, it’s all twisted.


Helsreach, by Richard Boylan.

This film has been a journey that the artist has taken the fans along with him. He has been releasing new parts to the story every so often where we can see the advancements.

Helsreach was an amazing book back in 2010, and now Richard Boylan is making it a fanmade movie. Helsreach has us glued to our screens as we keep waiting for more!

There are actually over 10 parts in the series. A single trailer doesn’t do the film justice. If you have the time you definitely want to watch them.

Angels of Death

Speaking of Helsreach, Games Workshop dropped the word that an animated Space Marine series is in the works, but that’s not all. They’ve teamed up with the fans that made the gorgeous Helsreach animated series, which was fantastic on its own.

But now that Games Workshop is backing them, we may be in for a real treat.

Check out the trailer from Warhammer TV

‘Angels of Death’, will follow the visceral exploits of a band of Blood Angels Space Marines as they face Mankind’s enemies, death and worse – the dreaded Black Rage. To ensure the story is suitably grimdark, we’ve called upon the talents of some of Black Library’s finest authors. Together, they’re forging an epic tale for the animators to realise.

The Helsreach animated series got the attention of GW to actually partner up with the maker. Keep your eyes peeled for more about this series later on in 2020!

 Lord Inquisitor

Lord Inquisitor was created by a single artist. The trailer shows the first eight minutes what was supposed to be the actual film at some point. The Sons of Dorn got a little spotlight action as well!

An Inquisitor goes to deal with a “problem” while the city is distracted by a wonderful parade with Coteaz himself in it.

Sadly, it looks like there haven’t been any advancements from what came out back in 2016. These creations take a long time to produce. Hopefully, there’s more in store for us in the future!


Directed by Richard Boylan, the film is about a Guardsman who wakes up after passing out from an injury. He’s alone in an abandoned sector. Or so he thinks.

GUARDSMAN puts things into a smaller scale-perspective that we don’t really think about. Alone Guardsman wakes up from unconsciousness after an injury he took to the leg and hears things scurrying in the darkness.

Moments before certain death, a Space Marine arrives to save him from becoming Biomass for the Hive Swarm.

Inspired By Astartes Film: Death Korps of Krieg Video Short

From u/TheKurt009 on Reddit:

I got so inspired by Astartes that i want to create a short film too. However i’m still learning so right now i just animated my 3d Model marching then cloned it. Hope you guys like it! from Warhammer40k

It’s awesome that a single fan can create such a ripple in the community to spark other fans’ interest in making short films. If you’re a Guard fan, you’ll want to check this out. Plus, the theme music from Sabaton is pretty fitting.

This is what it looks like just before an entire regiment of Kriegers is sent to the frontlines to repel a Tyranid invasion. With a lifespan of about 15 hours, these guys have already accepted their fate. Following the Roman tactics of “throw bodies at something until it falls” the DKoK do it better than anybody else.

Do you know how many shovels swings these boys can dish out in melee?

Dawn of War

This last video isn’t fanmade at all. It’s one of the scenes from a game that you’ll have to blow the dust off of. Dawn of War, made by Relic, is still an ageless classic that fans enjoy today. We just thought this clip was too awesome not to post.

You might not have realized it but there are actually quite a few gold nuggets of fanmade short films out there to help immerse you in GW’s dark futuristic setting.

What’s been your favorite film from what’s been listed above? Do you have any ideas for a 40k short film you’d like to see done?

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