GW Showcases Great Lumineth Realm-lords Artifacts

lumineth realm-lords walThe Lumineth Realm-lords full release is right around the corner and we’re starting to see more on these Aelves. Check out these artifacts.

Warhammer Community revealed some of the artifacts that can be found inside the Lumineth Realm-lords Battletome. If you’re on the fence about starting these guys, check out some of their unique weapons and trinkets you can throw on Heroes.

GW Showcases Great Lumineth Realm-lords Artifacts

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lumineth artifact mountains giftOkay this artifact does a little bit of everything. You get +1 damage, a 6+++ FNP and a 5+ ignore spell bonus. This is something you’ll want to put on a dude that is a one-man battleplan. A Spirit of the Mountian would be perfect for this as he’s an already-tough model at 12 wounds with a 3+ save. But you can make him even tankier and bump his hammer up to 6 flat damage!

lumineth artifact simulacra amuletThis is a 50/50 get out of jail free card. If you’re going to be taking one of a certain kind of Hero (like an Alarith Stone Mage for example), you can throw this on him and have a decent chance of having him escape certain death once per game.

lumineth artifact blade of leaping gold

Now this one is gross. An artifact that gives +3 attacks to someone can be devastating. Going back to the Spirit of the Mountain, he’ll be making seven attacks at 5-flat damage with this thing.

lumineth artifact phoenix stoneFinally, there’s the Phoenix Stone. This is like a bubble effect of the Simulacra Amulet. Although you trade the likelihood of getting back up and dispersing it to all Heroes within 12″ of the bearer. If you’re running a bunch of small guys, this may be a decent option to take. The only problem is that it’s super swingy and the bearer could just die before you get a chance to really use it. This probably won’t ever be your first choice of an artifact.

Overall, the theme of the artifacts that were previewed have been a mix of damage output and survivability in some form. They’re definitely not the worst artifacts we’ve seen come to a faction!

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Which artifact looks the most powerful to you? What will you be trying out first?

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