New Sisters of Battle Army Datasheets 40k Rules

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sisters-of-battle-title-Morven-VahlHere are all the new Adepta Sororitas brand new datasheets and some updates, from their new Sisters of Battle codex book for 9th Edition 40k!

Tons of rule previews have been coming out for a while over on Warhammer Community, and now all of these rules can be found in the latest codex reviews on YouTube as well.

New Sisters of Battle Army Datasheets 40k Rules

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40k Adepta Sororitas 9th Edition Morvenn Vahl Datasheet

Morvenn Vahl

Upon her recent elevation to Abbess Sanctorum, Morvenn Vahl became the supreme commander of the Adepta Sororitas and guardian of the faith. Yet, unlike many of her predecessors, Morvenn Vahl continues to lead her sisters from the front lines. Clad in Purgator Mirabilis, a Paragon Warsuit of peerless quality, she takes the fight to heretics and the impious wherever they may be found.

Ever a warrior first and administrator second, Vahl strides the battlefields of the 41st Millennium clad in Purgator Mirabilis, the finest warsuit of its kind and an ancient relic restored to glory by the Fabricator General of Mars himself.

Her statline is pretty decent, especially when she sits there with 8 wounds, so she will be very durable but hard to target. Also with base S5 and T5  she will deal some decent damage and be pretty durable.

Morvenn Vahl rules 2Not only does she have a 4+ Invuln, but she also gets a 4+ ignore for Mortals, meaning even things like Smite will be hard to ping off her wounds. On top of all of that, she halves the damage coming in from attacks, so she should be very durable on the battlefield.


Morvenn Vahl rules 3The suit itself plays host to a destructive missile launcher of the sort usually found only on much larger vehicles, while the Abbess strikes down her enemies with a gigantic relic power spear named the Lance of Illumination.

If you’re up against a big unit of infantry, the sweeping blow will give her ten attacks, hitting on 2’s, at Strength 5, -2 AP. Unfortunately, these only do one damage, but if you’re against things with 1 wound, this can dish out serious damage. When you need to cut through bigger stuff, she will be attacking 5 times at S 8, -3 AP, and D3. Also if you get lucky, you can get through some mortal wounds as well on 6’s.

Morvenn Vahl rules 4Again, she has the option to mow down infantry or hit hard against the bigger stuff. This really gives her a ton of uses and lets her be taken in almost any army.


Morvenn Vahl rules 5Despite her preference for getting stuck into the fiercest fights around, Morvenn Vahl is every bit the taciturn commander her position demands. Her fellow Battle Sisters rally around the glorious golden figure of her warsuit and fight with superhuman ferocity, knowing that their supreme commander is every bit as ready to lay down her life for the God-Emperor as they are.

If you’ve played against a reroll to hit and wound, you know how strong that really is! The second buff is cool because you only have to start that unit within the 6″ in the command phase. So you can start a unit close and then move away and still get the buffs.

40k Adepta Sororitas 9th Edition Asestred Thurga and Agathae Dolan Datasheet

You may recognize Aestred Thurga from our most recent Battle Sister Bulletin. As the bearer of the banner known as the Auto-Tapestry of the Emperor’s Judgement, Aestred is held in great reverence by all of the Orders Militant. Adepta Sororitas in her presence all fight harder, inspired by the knowledge that the God-Emperor’s gaze is upon them – and that their deeds in battle will be recorded by the Hagiolater, Agathae Dolan, who accompanies her at all times.

Right out of the gate, these aren’t front-line brawlers, and that was clear since the preview of their models. Her Auto-Tapestry of the Emperor’s Judgement is insanely strong, getting all 6 sacred rites active in a bubble once a game for a turn is extremely good. Recount the Deeds of the Saints is also a nice targetted re-roll for one unit allowing a hit, a wound, and a damage dice to be rerolled.

Celestian Sacresants

While many members of the Celestians are trained to act as bodyguards for their Canoness and take to the field with the trusty boltgun at their side, others venture out into the galaxy on holy quests. When these Sacresants answer the call to war and return to their Order, they take up thick powered shields and heavy melee weapons to fight at the very forefront of the Adepta Sororitas’ campaigns.

This elite sisterhood is equipped with blessed, heretic-smiting halberds and maces, and they carry large shields for protection in the crucible of battle. Their ability to perform Heroic Interventions makes the Celestian Sacresants bodyguards without peer, helping you keep your prized Characters alive and your army fighting at optimum efficiency.

We were kinda hoping for two wounds because we are guessing the points cost for these will be fairly high. However the shield will give them a decent invuln, so hopefully, they will be able to survive the shooting phase regularly.

As for the weapon options, the Hallowed Mace seems like a winner, just simply because it deals D2 and they would be wounding T4 minis on a 3+. The Halberd can cut through armor much easier, but at only 2 attacks a pop and one damage, the Mace seems like it will be taken more often.


In a similar manner to a Chaplain of the Adeptus Astartes, a Dogmata is the personification of righteousness, leading her fellow Sororitas in war hymns as she advances stoically into battle. Yet, she’s more than just a spiritual exemplar. A Dogmata holds the power to condemn any Sister to join the Repentia – or, worse still, be consigned to a Mortifier – to seek atonement or redemption in death.

While all the sisters are dogmatic, a mini called the Dogmata really takes it to the next level!

Nothing too crazy on the datasheet, but her real benefit comes from the auras and commands she can issue. She can also use the Hymns of Battle which are pretty strong and will really buff up nearby units.

On top of using the Hymns, she also has a great ability for ObSec. Meaning you can either count as double for objectives or give Objective Secured to units without the rule.

Doubling the model count can really make it hard for the enemy to actually take any objectives from you!


This senior Sororitas is an experienced battlefield commander, equally at home fighting alongside her Order’s Canoness or taking charge in her absence. In addition to offering the Adepta Sororitas a dedicated ‘fighty’ character, the Palatine’s zealous presence will bolster her Battle Sisters thanks to her Fury of the Righteous ability.

A 4+ Invulvnerable and reroll 1s to wounds aura are both fantastic, making this a decent HQ choice.

Paragon Warsuits

Piloted by the most worthy Sisters of the elite Celestians, Paragon Warsuits are deployed wherever the fighting is thickest. Their large, armoured bulk, coupled with surprising agility, allows them to duel with the most fearsome of enemies and emerge victorious. The finely wrought suits are a cut above regular-sized power armour, featuring many of the same systems but in a greatly more durable package.

They have a strong move, decent Strength, save, and Toughness. With only 4 wounds a pop, the damage reduction is really nice, hopefully with the 2+ save they will be able to survive some shooting. Overall, not a bad statline.

Commonly equipped with one of the holy trinity of Adepta Sororitas heavy weapons – the heavy bolter, Ministorum heavy flamer, and multi-melta – they also wield huge melee weapons crackling with power fields to tear through enemy armour like it was tissue paper.

The weapons are pretty much what we expected in terms of shooting. A set-up with a bunch of flamers will be able to roast all kinds of infantry though! Plus the CC weapons are both pretty sweet.

The Paragon Warblade will give you 5 attacks with S6, -3 AP, and 2 D. Which, if you’re taking on Marines a lot, this will tear through them! The Paragon War Mace gives you 4 attacks at S9, -2 AP, and D 3, but with a -1 to hit. If you need them to cut down vehicles and monsters, this is a perfect choice.

Castigator Battle Tank

The Adepta Sororitas, like us, are clearly fans of a good tracked tank and have decided it’s high time they had another. Being the pious sorts that they are, it’s called the Castigator, and there’s no doubt someone’s about to get severely reprimanded by that battle cannon on the turret.

As the new tank on the block, the Castigator is looking strong. The statline along with the main cannon looks devastating, bound to do tons of damage. However, that will only work out if you can protect it so it can continue to pump out shots!


The Exorcist got a slight nerf going to T7, but ultimately will still be a decent heavy support option. With a big amount of blast shots each turn thanks to the signature Conflageration Rockets it should still be great at clearing mobs of enemies.

What are your thoughts on all these n ew Sisters of Battle Army Datasheets 40k Rules datasheet Rules? Which Model is your favorite?

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