RUMORS: New Horus Heresy Starter Set Date Moved

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horus heresy wallpaperThe new edition of Horus Heresy may be coming sooner than any of us thought- here’s the latest on the Plastic starter set release date!

Let’s start with a recap of value and possible price points for the box then get into the new details swirling around online.

The set has apparently way more in it than the previous two starters and it appears there are a ton of minis in it. Could it be the Indomitus of 30k? We’ll have to wait a little longer on the price to decide that, but there are some rumors this could be GW trying to up the price to $300 for a starter set.

Considering the last two boxes for Horus Heresy were only $150 though, this may just be to push the price to that $200-300 mark.

Incredible Value For New Plastic Horus Heresy Starter Set

horus heresy walpaper

Thanks to the following exclusive image submitted by a Spikey Bits reader, we now have more to go off and a better idea of everything in the set. If these are right, this could be a gigantic starter.

Hi Guys.
I did this on ppt it gives a better idea of what might be the content of the future box
Thank you for what you do for the hobby 

30k rumor (compressed)Also just to note, these are all going to be priced in plastic.

  • 40 Mark III Space Marines $200 ($50 for 10)
  • 10 Cataphractii Terminators $130 ($65 for 5)
  • Contemptor Dreadnought $60 (based on the existing kit)
  • Characters $50 (based on the Space Marine Characters pack)
  • Spartan $100 (drop from resin based on the Repulsor Executioner price)
  • Rulebook and other potential accessories (note the absence of any templates…)

Total MSRP: $540

Total Values: if it’s priced in box at $200: $340 / at $300: $240

Whatever the price comes out to be, even at $300 this could really have the value-packed in there. Especially if the price of the Spartan doesn’t drop as we would expect.

assassins-bundle-featureGet All Four Assassins For The Price of One Now!

If they do price this at the $200 mark, it could really bring new players into the game, especially if the rules are coming updated along with it.

RUMORS: New Details For New Plastic Horus Heresy Starter Set

Spotted over on Reddit, user u/Admiral_SKK, he compiles some of the more recent rumors online.

As known, we will get a Horus Heresy reboot in November. A little Bird twittered…

Note that some Points were maybe already leaked.

New “Edition” in Nov 2021

GW will overtake Horus Heresy as a “new” System from FW

Own Ruleset like the last one from FW, not a 9th Edition 40k adaption like many guess

Many new Plastic Sets are planned to replace FW Resin Models which will be also useful with 40k Armies

GW will overtake the Decals for all 18 Legions, Characters and very Legion specific Stuff remains with FW

As a new Main System, Horus Heresy Story will expanded with Themed Expansions like the “Warzone” Books in 40k – the reboot beginns with the Battle for the Sol System, later they will revisit earlier “Warzones” like Istvaan III, Istvaan V, Prospero, Tallarn ect. with focus on certain Factions

Warzone Expansions replace the “Black Books” permanently

Horus Heresy is planned over many Years and will also Expanded into a “Age of Darkness” Game with multiple Setting, including the Scourge or the Great Crusade (see The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit as “Middleearth” SBG)

First and foremost, the rumors cover a 2021 release, which is obviously huge! Considering there hasn’t been much from GW yet that seems really soon as they tend to dish out tidbits as we get closer to major releases like this.

Horus Heresy book 9 crusade

Getting its own ruleset makes sense, especially when you see what looks like a scatter die in the images of the models. GW taking decals makes sense, especially since pretty much all of them are still applicable in 40k in some ways. Horus Heresy getting “Warzone” style expansions is exciting, maybe it will make the rules easier to follow. Specifics on locations seem legit, but could technically not be true.

It looks like there are long terms plans for GW to start working on Horus Heresy and making it the main game. Hopefully, that means there will be an upsurge of players and some growth in the community, as right now it’s pretty small. Either way, plastic kits at the bare minimum are always a great thing to see. These possibilities seem promising if they all end up true!

dominion book & boxLet’s hope they go with the lower price and really give the Horus Heresy game a giant boost! $300 may just be a bridge too far for Games Workshop as the $200 Dominion box sales so far seem to have been a flop.

RUMORS: New Horus Heresy Starter Set Date Moved

Spartan tank forge world

According to Chapter Master Valrak:

  • The new Plastic Spartan is going to be a dual-kit that makes two tanks.
  • The second tank will not be a spartan variant and will not be a lord of war
  • The box set release date has been “moved” to October

You can listen to all the details below:

All of this seems pretty interesting because we know there is a “missing” 40k release for October already, and this may just be another ready why.

To be fair though, we would expect to see more Ork releases spread out, and there is always the potential for the Black Templars Army box to come out late September to early October as well, ahead of a potential big codex release around Black Friday in November.

sisters of battle army boxOr all of this could just be a red herring and GW could be following the release pattern of the Sisters of Battle army box/wave one in November 2019 and February 2020 respectively.

All the Latest on New Horus Heresy!

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