Next Week’s Stormcast Dragons & Necromunda Pricing CONFIRMED

Dragon-New-releases-aos-gwCheck out the confirmed pricing for the final Stormcasts Dragons, Blood Bowl, and Necromunda releases hitting the shelves soon! 

Get those hobby dollars ready if you want any of these pre-orders from Games Workshop on Saturday, November 26th, 2021.

Stormcast Dragons & Necromunda Pricing CONFIRMED

In the final wave of the Stormcast releases, you can finally get all the dragons! The boxed games are also getting a lot of love this week with Dungeon Bowl, LoTR, and lots of Necromunda releases!


aos banner age of sigmar logo

Krondys and Karazai $150

The almighty Sons of Dracothian have returned, and have made an alliance with Sigmar himself to fight on behalf of the Stormcast Eternals. The wise Krondys battles not only with tooth and tail, but with powerful Draconith magic, while Karazai is a little less refined, preferring to let his rage overtake him until he becomes unstoppable.


These massive miniatures are not only powerful on the tabletop, but they’re phenomenal painting projects for hobbyists of all levels.

Not to mention if you have noticed their similar poses, they look to be in the same box! This means you might have some extra options for how they look being able to mix bits from each dragon to create a more personalized one!

Stormdrake Guard $110


Stormdrake Guard

Following these two brothers are the Stormdrake Guard. Smaller than the Sons of Dracothian, these dragon-riding Stormcast still pack an almighty punch on the battlefield, especially when fielded in all-dragon armies.

Not to mention these look amazing as far as new models go! They also got a fast FAQ to increase the points a bit, since they were just stronger than intended.

BLood Bowl banner

Dungeon Bowl $160

Dungeon Bowl

From the mists of time returns Dungeon Bowl, the subterranean cousin of Blood Bowl. Secreted somewhere in a mysterious dungeon full of chests and portals is a ball, and the Colleges of Magic settle their scores by sending teams in to dodge treacherous traps, take that ball, beat each other up, and score a touchdown.

We Saw this during the previous preview, so if you want to check out more of what GW had to say, you can find it in our coverage here!

Necromunda banner

Underhive Outcasts Gang $42

Underhive Outcasts Gang

Down in the damp and gloomy nooks and crannies of Necromunda, a different rabble of down-and-outs is gathering. The Underhive Outcasts Gang are here to stake their claim in the eternal war between the official Houses. 

Book of the Outcast $47

new Book of the Outcast

This 136-page book is packed with rules for gang tactics, Hangers-on, Gang Strongholds, and Outcast scenarios, as well as a whole Outlander Campaign, and tons more. It’s the perfect tome for anyone with an affinity for the downtrodden, and it’s available in hardback and as an eBook.

New rules are always exciting, and the ever-expanding diversity of Necromunda gangs.

Zone Mortalis Underhive Market $50

Zone Mortalis Underhive Market

Part of life for every underhive denizen is going down the market to grab the essentials – corpse-starch, bullets, spiced rats, etc – which conveniently doubles as an almighty action movie set-piece when gangers and Palanite Enforcers face off.

This also can make for some decent world-building options in other games like Kill Team or smaller point 40k games.

Underhive Outcasts Gang Tactics $15

Underhive Outcasts Gang Tactics

Despite seeming like a disorganised rabble, Outcast gangs are still able to pull off rudimentary tactics, and often catch more experienced gangs unaware. This pack comes with handy reference cards for your Outcast gang fighters, plus 18 tricksy Outcast gang tactics.


Battle in Balin’s Tomb $75

Balin's tomb

Battle in Balin’s Tomb recreates the iconic scene, and the first battle for the full Fellowship of the Ring, with 22 plastic miniatures including the Fellowship itself, 12 Moria Goblins and, of course, a mighty Cave Troll. It’s a complete game in a box that’s perfect for fans of the Lord of the Rings.

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Are you more excited about the new AoS Dragons or the Dungeon Bowl pre-orders this week? 

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