6 New 40k Faction Specific Secondary Objectives Spotted

new-seconday-objectives-40k-gt-2022-mission-pack changesSix new 40k Faction-specific Secondary Objectives have been spotted in the new White Dwarf, check out how you can score those points!

With the changes to how points scoring will work, GW said they would give out a bunch of new faction-specific secondaries. It looks like we get a first look at how they will structure them for a few factions including Chaos Space Marines, Astra Militarum, Imperial/Chaos Knights, Tyranids, and Daemons.

First, check out the changes coming then get into the leaks!

Accidental Reveals: 40k Chapter Approved GT 2022 Changes

warzone nachmund Chapter approved

Let’s check out the changes coming for the 40k Chapter Approved GT 2022 mission book.

  • Primary objective scoring is now 4, 8, or 12 points for holding one/two/more or two/three/more objectives in a player’s Command Phase.
  • Mission secondary objectives – such as Raze or Data Intercept – are gone. Instead, missions now have new additional primary objectives that reward players for accomplishing certain actions, such as destroying three enemy units in a battle round or holding the priority target objective their opponent picks.
  • At least two of the secondary objectives have undergone major changes and there are more major changes to secondary objectives in the works (but we don’t know any more about those “major” changes).

This is the first big change is to primary objectives. This actually changes the points you can score “easily”. The reductions change the points the primaries give you from 40 to 32 (as shown by the new mission). Meaning you’ll have to focus more on other ways of scoring if you want those extra points.

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We’re not sure, but this could also change the total number of points unless they are made up somewhere else.

New 40k Faction Secondaries Spotted in White Dwarf

Issue 472 of White Dwarf magazine

Six new faction secondary objective cards either from or in addition to the new Chapter Approved 2022 Warzone Nachmund book were spotted on Reddit. These were spotted over on Reddit, and we’re hoping there will be something for more armies in White Dwarf 472. too!

Faction SecondariesThe Daemon one is interesting because if you can destroy units, or get big mobs to flee, you’ll be getting those 4 points without too much trouble. But against small units with high leadership, this will be basically impossible to score a lot. The CSM one lines up with what you want to do anyway, get the objectives!

The Tyranid one shouldn’t be too bad because your big bad units can just run up and kill the enemy, but not being able to score this against transports is strange and makes this much harder to score. Since you can’t use it on anything with less than 3 wounds, it might be hard, but against certain armies, you’ll rack the point up.

Lastly, the Astra Militarum one is not bad but very boring. You just get points for killing units.

Also supposedly the will be additional charges as well according to these rumors

As per the changes coming in CA2022, WD have revealed some early.

Space marines will now only be able to select 1 faction secondary – no more double dipping.

Here’s all the latest on the upcoming rules updates and points changes for Warhammer 40k.

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How do you feel about these new Warhammer 40k Faction Secondary Objectives? 

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