New 40k Points Changes In Chapter Approved 2022

Chapter-Approved-40k-wal-horNew Warhammer 40k points changes are here, and we also have also seen the missions and secondary objectives for Chapter Approved 2022…

We originally saw some of the new changes to Warhammer 40k missions and secondary objectives updates at the US Open Finals in Jan of 2022. Since then we’ve seen rules and points leaks, a new Chapter Approved GT 2022 book, changes to secondaries, and the introduction of seasons for Warhammer 40k.

So that will be a big change to how new and existing Warhammer 40k rules are balanced and how many updates you will have to keep up with as a player.

Now Chapter Approved WarZone Nephilim is here for the second season of 2022 along with Free points changes via downloadable PDFs from Games Workshop here.

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Inside this 136-page softback book, you’ll find:

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– Dynamic new rules for allocating and generating Command points, as well as changes to choosing Relics and Warlord Traits
– Guidelines for setting up and playing a matched play or Grand Tournament-level competitive game, including suggested battlefield size, time limit, and how best to determine secondary objectives
– A blank tournament scoring sheet for you to photocopy and use, with an annotated example of how to fill it out
– The full core rules needed for matched play games of Warhammer 40,000, including a glossary and explanation of rare rules, as well as an introduction to the Battle Ready standard of painting for your miniatures

Take your matched play games to new heights with a wide range of secondary objectives for every faction, new rules for Command points, and a range of balanced and competitive missions. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the exciting world of matched play, Chapter Approved: War Zone Nephilim has something for you.

Chapter Approved Grand Tournament 2022 Points Changes

It looks like all the new Chapter Approved Points changes have leaked in the 40k app already, but dont forget there will be a free PDF download accessible for everyone upon release of the book on June 25th, 2022.

Long-time competitive players will notice that the Munitorum Field Manual is absent – fear not! This season brings with it our first free points update. The entire points update document will be available to download in a digital format from this very website, so players who want the latest points changes for their matched play games will have free and easy access. 

There are a ton of threads going with everyone chiming in about various faction updates. The first one below for Space Marines comes from Reddit.

However keep in mind these have not been verified, and the complete list of Chapter Approved 2022 Warzone Nephilim points changes are available for download now.

 SM Codex 

Land Speeder Storm -5 = 50 needs 40pt Voidsmen or 70pt Scout Squad to use now

Razorback -10 = 100

Reivers -0 = 18 Grapnel or Grav-chute both down to 1ppm, were 2ppm

Land Speeder Typhoon -10 = 100

Land Speeder Tornadoes -5 = 70

Assault Squad -0 = 18 Jump Packs now free instead of +2, most melee/pistol/special weapons down 5pts or free now

Outriders -5 = 45

Centurion Devastator Squad -0 = 55 all weapons are -5, so 65 with 1x Grav, 75 with 2x HB, 85 with 2x Las

Eliminators -0 = 75 Las-Fusils now free instead of +5

Firestrike Servo Turret -10 = 80 Twin Las-talon also down 10 to 30

Gladiator Lancer -15 = 150

Gladiator Reaper -15 = 180

Gladiator Valiant -15 = 200

Land Raider -20 = 245

Land Raider Crusader -20 = 245

Land Raider Redeemer -20 = 245

Predator Annihilator -15 = 115

Predator Destructor -10 = 130

Repulsor -25 = 270

Repulsor Executioner -35 = 300

Vindicator -10 = 120

Stormraven Gunship -30 = 260

 Forge World 

Javelin Attack Speeder -10 = 115 Still never seeing play, costs 1CP to take each

Land Speeder Tempest -5 = 110

Land Raider Achilles -30 = 270

Land Raider Proteus -15 = 220

Astraeus -50 = 550

Cerberus -30 = 370

Falchion -50 = 550

Mastodon -50 = 750

Spartan -40 = 420

Typhon -30 = 320

 Dark Angels 

Azrael -10 = 160 Absolute steal with his +2CP

Ezekiel -10 = 115

Deathwing Knights -4 = 43 Same as a Hammer/Shield Termie now, lose ObSec but hit on 2’s vs 4’s

Ravenwing Black Knights -0 = 35 Corvus Hammers now 0pts instead of +5

Darkshroud -10 = 120

Land Speeder Vengeance -10 = 110

Blood Angels

Astorath -10 = 140

Baal Predator -10 = 110

Death Company Intercessors -2 = 20 ** Corrected

Death Company Marines -2 = 21 inc Jump Pack, 36 with Hammer

Sanguinary Guard -2 = 30

Tycho the Lost -5 = 95

Space Wolves 

Arjac Rockfist -10 = 110

Canis Wolfborn -10 = 110

Harald Deathwolf -10 = 130

Ragnar Blackmane -10 = 120

Hounds of Morkai -2 = 20

Skyclaws -2 = 18 and Pistols/Special Weapons on the regular guys all -5pts (so some now free and others 5pts), Pack Leader stuff all the same except maybe the Power Fist which has conflicting pts costs of 5pts and 10pts

Stormfang Gunship -30 = 250

Stormwolf -30 = 250


Marneus Calgar -30 = 180

Sergeant Telion -20 = 50

Victrix Honour Guard -10 = 60 for 2 models

Roboute Guilliman -80 = 300


Adrax Agaton -15 = 130

Vulkan He’stan -15 = 120

 Imperial Fists 

Captain Lysander -10 = 130

Tor Garadon -10 = 135

Iron Hands 

Iron Father Feirros -15 = 145


Kill Team Cassius -20 = 260 for the unit

All Kill Team Specialisms are down 5pts

Haven’t checked all the Vets wargear options etc so may be some changes there

Black Templars 

Primaris Crusader Squad -0 = 16 (Scout) / 19 (Intercessor) Wargear changed as below:

Auto Bolt Rifles now free instead of 1ppm

Pyre Pistol free instead of 5pts

Pyreblaster 5pts instead of 10pts

Power Axe or Power Sword on Sword Brother now free instead of 5pts

2 models per 10 can take a Power Fist for free instead of 10pts each

Raven Guard 


White Scars 


Here are the latest roundups from Reddit that we could find as of this writing.

Death Guard:

Malignant Plaguecaster -5ppm.
Deathshroud -5ppm.

Morty -40 Points
MBH -10(!!!)ppm.
FBD -15(!!!)ppm, mower +5 (was free).
Chaos land raider -20.
Chaos predator annihilator -15.
Destructor -10.
Achilles -30.
Proteus -15. PBC -15(!!!).

Black Templars:

Crusader squad, -1ppm initiate, 0 cost power sword??
Landspeeders tempest -5.
Land speeders tornadoes +5??
Typhoons -10.
Outriders -5ppm.
Centurions downgrav cannon -5ea, Las cannon -25 ea. I think.
Firestrikes down 20?
Tanks seem to be down 10-15, cbf checking all wargear etc to make sure.

Blood Angels:

Astorath down to 140

Tycho the Lost down 5 to 95

Lemartes staying the same

Mephiston staying the same

Dante staying the same

Sanguinary Guard down 2 to 30

Death Company down 2 to 18 each

Death Company intercessors down 2 to 20 each

Gabriel Seth down 15 to 145 (let’s go boys)

No change to any dread

Baal Predator down 20 to 110

Adeptus Mechanicus

All units come with “F”s in chat for free.

Seriously though

14ppm for the electro priests.

18 for Rust Stalkers

Fulgurites -1ppm
Corpuscarii -1ppm
Ruststalkers -1ppm
Raiders -2ppm

Adeptus Custodes

Custodes points


Achilles up 10 to 170

Galatus up 10 to 180

Venetari did not change in points. leaks wrong

Bikes didn’t change in points. Salvo didn’t go up. Leaks wrong


Sisters of Battle

Sacrosancts back down to 14 points from 16pts

Triumph down 20pts to 200pts per

Celestians down 1pt to 12pts per

Seraphim down 2pts to 12 pts per

Zephyrim down 2 pts to 15 pts per

Castigator down 15pts to 135pts per

Exorcist down 10pts to 150pts per

Penitent Engine down 5pts to 50pts per

Immolator down 10pts to 110pts per

Space Wolves

Arjac 110 (-10)

Canis 110 (-10)

Harald 130 (-10)

Hounds of Morkai 20 (-2)

Skyclaws 18 (-2)

Stormfang 250 (-30)

Stormwolf 250 (-30)


Lord psycomancer and other cryptek went down 5

Nightbring is down 50 pts to 320

Void dragon is 300 pts now from 350

Lychgaurd went down 3ppm

Immortals went down 1 ppm


Tomb blades went down 5ppm

Praetorians down 3ppm

Both destroyers down 5 ppm

Nightscythe down 10 120

Doom scythe down 15 to 165

Gauss pylon down 25 to 450

Monolith down to 300pts down 30

Silent king down 20 to 400

Seph heavy construct down 50pts to 600

Tesseract vault down 50pts to 400

points changes warhammer 40k pdf free

You can download all the changes for yourself and comb through the changes or wait and get the printout that will be inside the next White Dwarf magazine.

Don’t worry if you still prefer having a physical copy around to flick through – there will be a printed edition of the Munitorum Field Manual 2022 MkII included inside White Dwarf 479. 

Download the free PDF with all the points changes for Warhammer 40k here.

New 40k Orks Points Changes

Orks Points Changes


Orks Points Changes 2You’ll notice they actually gave points for Kustom Jobs, it looks like GW never meant to take away their points and simply forgot to put them in the last update. Unfortunately, now they went from free to original points, meaning they go back to being pretty bad. However, it makes sense upgrades cost points, so nothing too crazy.

You can download the full thing here and check out all the changes!

Click Gallery below for full-size images.

Here’s the most up-to-date review of the new Chapter Approved 2022 Rules. Click on the gallery above to see the new Battleforged and Seconadries rules plus Missions!

    All the Newest GW Models & Rules Previews 

    What do you think about all of these Warhammer 40k Chapter Approved 2022  points changes?

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