All the New 40k Points Changes In Chapter Approved LATEST

Chapter-Approved-40k-wal-horBig changes are here as Games Workshop dropped the new Balance Dataslate and points updates for Warhammer 40k.

Normally, the dataslate changes around a few things to keep the factions balanced, but this time, there’s a huge amount of change. Not only are there point changes, but the new Chapter Approved was released on January 14th, 2023, so all sorts of changes are now in effect for the first part of the year.

GW Drops New Warhammer 40k Balance Dataslate & Points Changes!

Here is the latest from Warhammer Community. We’ll start off with the new 40k balance dataslate, then jump into the points changes!

Warhammer 40k Balance Datalsate

ADEPTUS ASTARTES armies can now choose whether to change their Combat Doctrines to the next step, rather than having to follow the instructions set out in Codex: Space Marines – a fair reflection of their tactical flexibility! 

In addition, once objectives have been claimed by Space Marine Troops such as Intercessors or Infiltrators, they remain claimed until an enemy unit takes them back. This change highlights the mobile, rapid response nature of Space Marine assaults, as their Troops move from objective to objective without needing to hold their ground every turn just to keep scoring VPs.

Space Marines get some interesting changes, including the rumored “sticky objectives”. Being able to keep objectives is actually really strong, especially for more backfield objectives, as if your opponent can’t get near, they just get to keep scoring the points while no longer being there.

Then, being able to choose whether or not you change the doctrine should really give a big boost to all Space Marine armies.

Also, we’re not doing a section on them as they are son new, but Imperial Guard lost Armour of Contempt on all their tanks.

Chaos Daemons Changes

Warhammer 40k Balance Datalsate 2

Flamers were seeing a great deal of play in daemonic legions and alongside the Sons of Magnus alike, in no small part because of their great mobility coupled with their ranged firepower. Their flickering flames will no longer hit automatically, instead needing to roll using their BS of 3+. With D6+3 attacks, they’re still likely to land plenty of Strength 5 hits – but without unleashing the outright devastation that units of auto-hitting Flamers used to cause, especially in Overwatch.

This is an expected change as Flamers were destroying everything. Now, you can actually charge them and not get totally burnt up on the way in!

Harlequins Changes

Warhammer 40k Balance Datalsate 3

The Harlequins have received several tweaks over the course of the Balance Dataslates so far, but the final Metawatch article of 2022 revealed that they were still one of the most effective armies over the course of the year. Worsening the invulnerable saves of every HARLEQUINS unit – while not altering their points values much in the accompanying Warhamemr 40k Balance Dataslate – is our latest effort to bring them in line with the other armies in the game. 

Harlequins have been near the top for a while now (as you can see by how big their sheet of changes is), so it was expected to see even more NERFs.

However, changing the save to everything should make a big difference.

Tyranids Changes

Tyranids changes

The armies of the Hive Mind have also been the target of a few different amendments in order to stop them consuming everything arrayed before them. All the previous Warhammer 40k Balance Dataslate modifications are still in effect, and in addition, the Overrun Stratagem can now only be played on CORE units. 

Furthermore, Biovores, Harpies and Sporocysts can no longer create Spore Mines or Mucolid Spores without costing any Reinforcement points – keeping Tyranid armies from absolutely littering the battlefield with organic bio-bombs.

Overrun going to Core should make a decent change by itself. Then, if you want to create spore mines or Mucolid Spores, you will have to spend a lot of reinforcement points. Hopefully, this will bring them closer to that 50% win rate!

Chaos Space Marines Changes

Warhammer 40k Balance Datalsate 4

A change here to the Creations of Bile subfaction, which has been driving up the reported win rates of the entire codex due to its popularity on the competitive scene, means that slain units will have to roll a 4 or more in order to fight before they are removed in the Fight phase. 

Just one change here, but it’s a pretty big one. It mainly affects the competitive scene, but you only get to make the “bonus” attack on a 4+ now.

Adeptus Custodes Changes

Adeptus Custodes changes

The limitation on using the Esteemed Amalgam, Emperor’s Auspice and Martial Discretion Stratagems has been removed. In addition, the previous change to grant Objective Secured to ADEPTUS CUSTODES Troops units has now been extended to all CORE INFANTRY units – good news for Allarus Custodians. 

These buffs should help them build the win rate back up and makes your core infantry much better now that they can all score objectives again!

Necrons Changes

Necrons changes

A small change to the rules regarding custom Dynasties means a Dynastic Code created with Eternal Conquerors – which grants Objective Secured – cannot also take an additional code from the Circumstances of Awakening. Among other combinations, this precludes a Necron army having both Objective Secured and a pre-game Normal Move from the Relentlessly Expansionist code.

This isn’t huge but it does make sense to limit some combinations for the Necrons.

Adeptus Mechanicus Changes

Warhammer 40k Balance Datalsate 5

The Adeptus Mechanicus is another faction that has received a suitable amount of tinkering as we try to improve their win-rate relative to the other armies in the game. Kataphon Breachers and Destroyers now receive the CORE keyword, and every unit with Bionics improves its invulnerable save to 5+. That includes Skitarii Rangers and Vanguard, Kataphron Breachers and Destroyers, smaller Servitors, and both flavours of Ironstrider Engine. 

They have had a terrible win rate since their initial NERF, so hopefully, this, along with removing all the previous changes, should make them decent again! Giving core to units and better saves for tons of units might do the trick.

Download the Warhammer 40k Balance Dataslate here!

New Warhammer 40k Points Changes

Warhammer 40k points changes

  • Space Marines are seeing large points changes across the entire range – for example, wargear and weapon options are now largely free to choose from. There are also notable changes to a variety of base model costs, ranging from Reivers to Repulsors.
  • Adeptus Mechanicus have benefited from an army-wide points review, with wargear costs dropping amongst Troop choices and many VEHICLES getting a price dip, with the aim of improving their overall win-rate and list diversity.
  • Chaos Space Marines are receiving lots of free or discounted wargear options for VEHICLES and Legionaries, with the intention of making these less-frequently taken units more appealing to players.
  • Chaos Daemons get a wave of cost reductions. These focus heavily on less commonly-chosen units like Bloodcrushers and Plaguebearers – regular daemonhunters will be pleased to learn that the cost of Flamers remains unchanged.
  • Tyranids should see their meta reshaped by a complete points overhaul. Cost bumps for beasts like the Carnifex and Zoanthropes are aimed at encouraging more focus on their horde playstyle, while keeping an army of elite monsters as a viable option.
  • Genestealer Cults have undergone a thorough review of wargear and weapon option costs, to shake up viable builds. Neophyte Hybrid and Acolyte Hybrid squads will find themselves with more points to play with, while speedy Atalan Jackals grab free wargear in exchange for a nudge upwards in base price.

Maybe the biggest change, they finally put the points changes in red! Huzzah! It looks like Space Marines get the biggest points drop (almost every unit), along with AdMech and CSM.

Daemons are close behind on drops, and with Flamers getting nerfed, we might see more diversity in lists. Then, Tyranids get another NERF in terms of points.

Download All the Points Changes Here!

Listen to the latest from the head of the 40k Studion Stu Black on these changes below:

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