New Boom Gnaws Models Incoming From Kromlech!

By Travis Pasch | January 24th, 2022 | Categories: Game & Hobby Products, Kromlech, News / Rumors, Orks, Warhammer 40k

boom Gnaws feature rStrike fear into the hearts of your enemies with the new amazing Boom Gnaws from the hobby maniacs at Kromlech- check it out!

Kromlech is always putting out some of the coolest alternative minis and bits on the market! If you haven’t checked them out before, they are definitely worth looking into. This time though, we’ll be focusing on what new minis Kromlech will be adding to their Orc line! 

These just hit the webstore so if you want this, don’t sit around and miss out. They already have a huge line of Orcs, so these are a perfect little addition! Let’s jump into the newest releases. 

Boom Gnaws: $17.39

boom gnawsEverything in this release is just so Orky and amazing! Even if you don’t play the faction, these would be super fun to just paint up and have around the house or on the shelf. If you love what Kromlech is up to, check out what else they have going on here.

boom gnaws 2They have a ton of different options for the bombs, so no matter how you want to destroy your enemy, they have you covered!

boom gnaws 3Here’s everything that comes in the set:

This set contains three high-quality resin Boom Gnaws miniatures. Models supplied unpainted and require assembly. Three plastic 25mm bases included.

boom gnaws 4

  • Gnaws are often used as an extreme form of delivering highly explosive materials closer to the enemy lines. Their small size combined with high speed, agility, and no brain makes them perfect candidates for those suicidal missions.
  • Our products are intended for experienced modelers and may require trimming, bending, and fitting.
  • All parts are cast from the highest quality resin. Supplied unpainted. May require assembly.

That does it for this one, now go get yourself some amazing new models from a cool company.

Click Here to Get Your Boom Gnaws! 

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