New Fyreslayers AoS Rules For the Auric Flamemaster

fury-of-the-deep-new-box-setWith the new book coming out soon it was only a matter of time before we saw some new Fyreslayers AoS rules.

With the box hitting shelves very soon and hopefully the new battletomes close behind, it’s time for some rules. So even though not a ton of rules were revealed today, keep an eye out for more on the way soon!

Warhammer Community revealed the new rules but we’ll also be taking a look at the rules they posted for Idoneth. Let’s get into it!

These could be a  little disappointing to some, but as we said, don’t get too worried yet. None of this may make sense until we get the full picture of everything that may be getting updated with each faction for AoS 3.0

Let’s first look at the value for the Fury of the Deep Box, then get into the rules!

Fury of the Deep Box: What’s the Value?

fury of the deep

Yet another ancient animosity reaches boiling point as bald heads meet long beards in Fury of the Deep, the next battlebox to rock the Mortal Realms.

The Auric Flamekeeper is joined by five Auric Hearthguard and five Hearthguard Berzerkers – 10 models in total who can be built either way – as well as 10 Vulkite Berzerkers. Against them is an Idoneth raiding party consisting of 10 Namarti Thralls, 10 Namarti Reavers, and a blood-thirsty Akhelian Allopex.

With 43 minis (and 2 new ones) there is a decent amount of miniatures inside the box!  They say it will be released in “early 2022”, and now we know it will hit store shelves on January 22nd, 2022. Let’s get into the value!

Fury of the Deep Box Set Pricing Breakdown:

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fury of the deep 4The price of the box is $170 the same as the previous Shadow and Pain box went for.

  • 10x Auric Hearthguard/Auric Berzerkers $90 ($45 for a box of 5)
  • Auric Flamekeeper $35 (based on most recent characters)
  • Vulkite Berzerkers $60 (existing kit)

Total Fyreslayers MSRP: $185

  • Akhelian Thrallmaster $35 (based on most recent characters)
  • Akhelian Allopex $45
  • 10 Namarti Thralls $50
  • 10 Namarti Reavers $50

Total Idoneth Deepkin MSRP: $180

Total Retail Value of Fury of the Deep: $365

Value in the box: $195

So, if you break it down with a friend, you’ll be paying right around $85 a person and getting about $100 extra in value each. We are also not including the booklet inside because that should just be an added value bonus for players. So, honestly, there is solid value inside (basically the same as Shadow and Pain) and much more than the recent Shadow Throne box for 40k. 

New Fyreslayers AoS Rules For the Auric Flamemaster

Fyreslayers rules

Grimnir’s Grit blesses your forces with a ward – perfect for keeping near-naked duardin alive long enough to slay some aelves. If you’ve accepted the inevitability of death, Grimnir’s Wrath will instead guarantee they can furiously hit back before they die in combat. 

On the smiting hand, Grimnir’s Resolve lets you throw units into melee in the combat phase – neatly avoiding the Unleash Hell command ability – and Grimnir’s Vengeance improves the Damage characteristic of your weapons, to help your little lads carve through their fishy foes. 

Fyreslayers rules and points 5


fury of the deep 3A 6+ ward save isn’t the craziest thing ever but it can save you. The other three are all offensive and quite strong whether you want to get off a sneaky charge or just add more damage. However, no matter which one you’re going for, this will be hard to pull off. Each time you use it 6 more models have to die within 12″ of this model. So not impossible, just not the most reliable.

All the New Fyreslayers Points Changes & Rules

Fury of the Deep PointsThe biggest NERFs here are for Berzerkers as they are going up ten points for five models. Then Vulkites with shields have also gone up 10 points as well. The only deduction is the Auric Hearthguard going down by 5 points. Not that big of a deal overall honestly.

The Idoneth Deepkin also suffered a few points increases as well on their units which isn’t that much in the way of NERFs really…

Fyreslayers Warscrolls & Rules Changes

Fyreslayers rules and pointsNow they have +1 bravery, and a rend added to their weapons, however, the bodyguard rule is taken out. We hope this is because their heroes will all grab a 4+ Ward save. Then on top of that, Molten Rockbolts kind of got a big hit. Now it just reduces the enemy’s move on 6’s. Before it did all kinds of stuff like extra damage, the movement went to half, and even more. So this looks to be a huge change at face value.

Fyreslayers rules and points 2Pretty simple, but they cost more and have an inch smaller range on the Ward save aura.

Fyreslayers rules and points 4While they got a little better on the charge, they lost their re-roll. With a smaller movement, it can be hard to always get them in range to charge, either way, it’s not giant.

Fyreslayers rules and points 3This unit got hit pretty hard, with higher cost, worse attacks, and their range attack also got worse. So, while they will be getting a 6+ ward save, that doesn’t make up for all of this so far.

Let’s just hope the new Fyreslayers overall rules and Warscrolls in thier battletome book help them out!

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Are you excited about the new Fury of the Deep box set for AoS? Do you like the new Fyreslayers warscrolls rules? 

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