Adeptus Custodes Codex Points Changes

adeptus-custodes-rumorsIt’s been confirmed, the Adeptus Custodes are getting new points changes for their 9th Edition codex in Chapter Approved 2022!

With the Adeptus Custodes Codex in hobbyists’ hands and rules previews aplenty from Games Workshop, we can get a better picture of what all the new rules are looking like for defenders of the Emporer.  

These unique faction rules are collected from all the following reviews on YouTube, and Warhammer Community alike, so be sure to watch your favorite presenters talk about their take on the book at the links below!

Codex Adeptus Custodes

If you are curious about the recent Custodes vs GSC Army box itself, you can check the contents and values here.

RUMORS: Adeptus Custodes Getting Day 1 Points Update

So it looks like the Adeptus Custdoes Forge World units, and some of the codex book entries may be getting a day one points update. These are reportedly from the Grand Tournament 2022 Chapter approved book that releases on January 29th 2021.

Adeptus Custodes Codex Points Changes

Custodes Points

Is It Still Worth Playing Adeptus Custodes?

Yeah absolutely, the new Blade Champion looks like a fantastic option for his points and his raw melee power. He’s basically only 5 points more than a Shield-Captain once you give them a shield. Trajann going down 10 points is huge, considering he lost a large chunk of his survivability. Still, we’ll have to see if he is worth the points while losing some of his perks.

Additionally, while a lot of popular units didn’t go up or down by much, Custodes getting access to super cheap Sister of Silence models without breaking battle forged is huge, since it lets you spam more of the best units, and have to waste less point on filling obligatory detachment slots with expensive Custodes. Plus it makes performing actions a tad more efficient.

Custodes Points 2They also grabbed a screencap of the Forge World minis. We were hoping they would put the Agamatus points down, but at least they didn’t go up. The Orion and Ares both went down 50 points each, so we might see more of them on the tabletop.  Lastly, it also looks like the Telemon went down 20 points, so pretty surprising and decent there. There are some increases and drops, but nothing too insane overall for Forge World stuff.

These are all the points changes as best as well can tell from the screenshots above.

Adeptus Custodes Codex Points Changes

  • Blade Champion +10

  • Shield Captain -5

  • Allarus Captain -10

  • Valerian -10

  • Allarus Terminators -5 per model

  • Vertus Bikes -5 per model

  • Land Raider -20

  • Trajann -10

  • Bike Captain -10

Forge World Adeptus Custodes Points Changes

  • Telemon -20
  • Aquilon Terminators -5 ppm

  • Orion & Ares -50
  • Coronus Grav-carrier -30

Misericordia’s for free on everyone except Sagittarum Guard.

Now while some folks will be upset by the immediate “invalidation” of yet another in print Games Workshop book, it’s worth mentioning that this Codex, in theory, is being released way later than originally intended. So it is “butting up” so to speak against the new twice-yearly GT updates.

Updates in general for any game are just good business. That being said it also seems like in 2022 GW will have their hands full trying to monetize these updates while getting hobbyists to adopt their new DLC style pay-to-play path to market.

Here’s all the latest on the Adeptus Custodes 9th Edition rules updates and points changes for Warhammer 40k

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What do you think about the rumored points updates for the Adeptus Custodes? Are you looking forward to all the rules updates with the new Grand Tournament Mission packets for Warhammer 40k? 

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