RUMORS: Orks 40k Points Changes in Chapter Approved 2022

40k-orks-wal-hor-title40k Orks points changes have been spotted on the interwebs for the upcoming Chapter Approved 2022- check out what’s changing!

Obviously, since these are rumors take them with as much salt as you need. Overall they aren’t the worst as some key units are going up in points, but there are also plenty of reductions as well. If you want to see all the pricing for the new Kill Team Orks and Chapter Approved 2022 release, you can here.

Chapter Approved 2022

Chapter Approved War Zone Nachmund Grand Tournament Pack and Munitorum Field Manual 2022

Get ready for a new season of competitive and matched play in the first instalment of Chapter Approved 2022, which contains the current Grand Tournament Mission Pack. 

Plus, make sure you’re building valid army lists with the up-to-date points found in the Munitorum Field Manual 2022.

Chapter Approved comes with 18 missions – nine each for Incursion- and Strike Force-sized games – as well as new and updated secondary objectives, letting you flex your tactical skill against worthy opponents on an equal footing.

Chapter Approved is always an exciting release as it can help shake up the 40k meta and help move multiple factions up and down in the meta while also changing how people play the game.  Plus Orks look to be getting some big changes by the looks of these rumors.

RUMORS: Orks 40k Points Changes in Chapter Approved 2022

These were spotted over on Reddit and generally make sense as the overperforming units are getting NERFs and some of the underperforming ones are grabbing buffs. There are a couple that sting, but that’s just how it goes sometimes. Let’s check out the rumored Orks Points changes.

Also, it looks like these are confirmed at this point as being true, read on for more on that below.

  • Beastboss on Squigosaur +30 (+21%)
  • Kommandos + 2 (+20%)
  • Meganobs -5 (-14%)
  • Scrapjets +10 (+11%)
  • Squigbuggy +20 (+22%)
  • Battlewagon -15 (-13%)
  • Bonebreaka (-9%)
  • Gunwagon (-9%)
  • Kannonwagon (FW) -20 (-12%)
  • Kill rig +20 (+11%)
  • Killa Kans -5 (-13%)
  • Lootas -2 (-12%)
  • Mek gunz -5 for all versions except mega kannon (-11%)

The Kill Rig was performing pretty well, so that makes sense to get an increase. The Beastboss on Squigosuar was also super powerful, but a 21% increase is pretty big honestly if true. We’ll have to see how that really affects lists in the long run.

Kommandos going up two points a model might be the one that hurts the most honestly. They are good at a lot of things and this just makes the unit so much more expensive.

Then for reductions, the Mek Gunz and Meganobs going down is a bit of a surprise, but not an unwanted one! If you play a Kill Kan heavy list, you probably are loving that change. There are a lot of reductions overall, so hopefully, it gives more variety to Orks Army lists moving forward!

UPDATE: From the looks of it these Orks Points changes rumors were right on the money according to the previews from Games Workshop:

Points Changes points changes 2

Here’s all the latest on the upcoming rules updates and points changes for Warhammer 40k.

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What do you think about these points changes for Orks? 

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