Hot New 40k Eldar Avatar Rules Teasers Are Here

eldar-avatar-model-spottedWe saw rumors for months about this rework, but today GW revealed new 40k Eldar Avatar rules for the plastic miniature.

Obviously, it’s been a little while since this model had its day in the sun in terms of rules. So we hope the new rules make plenty more people take it, as the new mini is pretty sweet!

Warhammer Community just unveiled the rules, but we’ll also take a look at the model reveal and compare the new rules to the old rumors we saw. Let’s check it out!

9th edition Aeldari eldar codex

So what’s waiting for you in the pages of this massive new 200-page codex? Let’s start with new ways to build the mixed-faction Aeldari armies of your dreams. Their race may be in decline, but they’re full of vibrant factions who can be called on for aid.

As well as rules for Asuryani Aeldari (that’s craftworlds to me and you), this new codex also has rules for fielding Harlequins – we’ll have more info on adding these deadly clowns to your armies later in the week. We saw the first Corsairs miniature at LVO, and you can also include them in an army. You can even dedicate yourself to the Aeldari god of death and take a Ynnari army – all using the same codex!

New Plastic 40k Eldar Avatar Model

Glorgious (misspelled on purpose), this new model looks like GW replicated the 80s with today’s technology and it is stunning!

Eldar avatar revealed

Next up spotted on Reddit and promptly removed, were these images from the LVO 2022 preview:

new-eldar-avata plastic reveal

So it looks like the Avatar will not only have a helmeted head but also a bare one that has some serious Night Elves vibes. Also, note the axe version of the Wailing Doom as well as a sword.

new-eldar-avata plastic reveal

Not only does the new kit come with three head options, it also has three weapons; in addition, the new Avatar is adorned with the runes from a number of different Craftworld Aspects, creating a truly customizable monster to add to your Craftworlds army

The flames seem to also be separate bits that can be placed on the base. As far as price goes, the Forge World version currently goes for $110, so this one may be priced similarly…

new eldar avatar options (4)

new eldar avatar options (4)

It still looks like we have seen all the options for the new Eldar Avatar though, however, his base is for sure the biggest yet, perhaps 110mm round.

Rumored Datasheet

Originally seen on Reddit, this blurry datasheet features the model and the full rules page! So let’s dive in and see what we can get from it.

blurry new avatar of khaineStarting out with the model image in the top left, we can match up all the teaser video screen caps to more or less confirm this as legit!

Additionally, all of the rumored rules from the Christmas Eldar leaks above for the new Eldar Avatar also look 100% correct, which means it was a pretty reliable source after all!

If you aren’t familiar with the old rules, We’ve also got that for you right here:

avatar of khaine oldJust by comparing the sheer size of the sheet, we can see that the Avatar of Khaine re-work/update is a big one, getting a ton of added power!

For an extra 70 points (rumored to be 270 from above), he sees upgrades across his entire statline, with everything getting better (except the WS and BS which were already at 2+)

His ranged attack gets a huge power boost and gains a very similar effect to Mortarion’s pistol getting a “shoot over” effect damaging models to passes over. Which thanks to the upgraded stats of the attack, make it much, much better overall.

As for melee, he gets a two-profile option for focused and multi-target attacks. The focused hit has a base of 7 attacks at 14S, -5 AP, and averages 5 damage, making it ridiculously strong. While the sweep has 14 attacks at 7S, -2 AP, 2 damage, making for an easy space marine squad wiper with each wound removing a full model.

His old 5+ invulnerable save has been upgraded to a 4+, but now ALSO reduces damage by half! His auras were also slightly changed, now “moral tests” just ignore modifiers instead of auto-passing, which is fine. While his re-roll charge aura was reduced to 6″ range. Both auras of course also only affect CORE units, as with every other updated factions’ auras.

He also gained an explosion on 6s when destroyed which is fine, and on the theme for the violent departure of the Avatar.

Lastly, there is a new downside, which restricts him to not being able to take a Warlord Trait or Relic, which seems completely fair seeing as this guy just got upgraded all the way up to a mini-Mortarion for a fraction of the cost!

Now, let’s check out the GW rules reveal.

GW Reveals New 40k Eldar Avatar Rules

Avatar RulesThe new stat line is pretty sweet and it looks like the spotted datasheet above got it exactly. So that means the decaying wounds profiles are probably also pretty close to correct.  With better stats all around, the new model is bound to make some lists and do some damage!

Avatar Rules 2

Sweating already? That’s not just the heat emanating from his blistering body. The Wailing Doom – or Suin Daellae, for the Aeldari amongst you – is the Avatar’s signature weapon. With its edge honed by Vaul and its balance tested by Asuryan, all three forms of this divine weapon are thirsty for blood.

At strength 7, even the sweeping blow will smash through some high armor units, not to mention it will get it double attacks! Then the Piercing Strike will get it so much strength AP and an insane amount of damage. Enough to tear through pretty much anything.

Shooting Attack

Avatar Rules 3

Of course, nothing in combat is guaranteed, so why not soften up your opponents with a bit of cheeky pre-combat shooting? The Wailing Doom isn’t limited to hacking and slashing – it can fire a 12” column of searing flame that hits any unit it touches.

If you can get this across 2-3 tanks or big models, this will do some insane damage. Especially considering you don’t have to make additional hit rolls, just make the one and you’re good to go.

Molten Form

Avatar Rules 4

None of this would be worth much if the Avatar crumpled before withering firepower. Unfortunately for his opponents, this molten metal embodiment of war has a 2+ save, a 4+ invulnerable save, and halves all incoming damage.

With the good saves and halving damage, let’s hope you’ll be able to get this monster close before it takes too much damage!

Other than that though, we think Eldar players will be happy so far with this tidal wave of news and rumors for all things Aeldari. Use the links below to check out our other coverage:

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Are you excited about all the new Eldar 40k rules so far, especially the avatar?

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