RUMORS: Huge List of New ‘Christmas’ Eldar Models & Rules

eldar-aeldari-rumors-and-new-relaseseA huge list of new Eldar models and rules rumors in a Christmas ‘Advent Engine’ format- supposedly from the new codex are here.

With the actual GW Advent Engine all being obviously for Eldar so far, the internet has exploded with tons of new rumors. We’ve seen rumors for months now, but with the new rumor engines, things are really picking up. These new rumors come from this Eldar Discord but were also spotted on Valrik’s YouTube.

Let’s first check out the Eldar rumors for all things Aeldari we’ve seen so far, then jump into all the new ones from around Christmas!

RUMORS: Huge List of New ‘Christmas’ Eldar Models & Rules

It has been written in the scrolls that Eldar will eventually get more than one new model at a time. When will that time be now? Soon! There have been rumblings pointing towards multiple models and a new book. If this is true, we could see some of all of this hopefully in 2022…

First up, we saw a bloody hand rumor engine, that looked an awful lot like an Avatar, then more recently there has been artwork from recent Kill Team releases with new-looking models, and of course all the official previews.

9th edition Aeldari eldar codex

So what’s waiting for you in the pages of this massive new 200-page codex? Let’s start with new ways to build the mixed-faction Aeldari armies of your dreams. Their race may be in decline, but they’re full of vibrant factions who can be called on for aid.

As well as rules for Asuryani Aeldari (that’s craftworlds to me and you), this new codex also has rules for fielding Harlequins – we’ll have more info on adding these deadly clowns to your armies later in the week. We saw the first Corsairs miniature at LVO, and you can also include them in an army. You can even dedicate yourself to the Aeldari god of death and take a Ynnari army – all using the same codex!

Even by looking at the spine of the book, we can tell that this codex is going to be a big one! Plus it looks like the Eldar sub-factions won’t get separate books/supplements? Honestly, that might not be a bad thing having all the rules in one place!

What The New Plastic Eldar Avatar Was Thought To Look Like

Mark gibbons Eldar AvatarHere’s Mark Gibbons’s artwork for the Avatar and honestly it’s pretty awesome. Since GW has been loving to put minis on the base (like primaris lieutenants) this makes even more sense. There have been rumors floating around for a while now about a new Eldar Avatar miniature, and while we like the old one, we would love for it to look more like the picture above.

avatar of Khaine EldarMuch like with the other minis updated from his art, they keep true to the old model, but just make them way cooler.

New Eldar Avatar Model Teasers

new eldar models 2These rumors (and composite image above) come from Aeldari Warhammer 40k Discord, which you can sign up for here.

When you look at these two pictures side by side, it really looks like this could easily be the model. The blood effects on the old one are, shall we say, old. When compared to his artwork, the Rumor Engine looks so much more like his piece.

Speaking of a reveal, here is what may be the star of the Games Workshop New Years Day 2022 Preview, the New Eldar Avatar looks absolutely stunning!

New Plastic 40k Eldar Avatar Model

Glorgious (misspelled on purpose), this new model looks like GW replicated the 80s with today’s technology and it is stunning!

Eldar avatar revealed

Next up spotted on Reddit and promptly removed, were these images from the LVO 2022 preview:

new-eldar-avata plastic reveal

So it looks like the Avatar will not only have a helmeted head but also a bare one that has some serious Night Elves vibes. Also, note the axe version of the Wailing Doom as well as a sword.

new-eldar-avata plastic reveal

Not only does the new kit come with three head options, it also has three weapons; in addition, the new Avatar is adorned with the runes from a number of different Craftworld Aspects, creating a truly customizable monster to add to your Craftworlds army

The flames seem to also be separate bits that can be placed on the base. As far as price goes, the Forge World version currently goes for $110, so this one may be priced similarly…

new eldar avatar options (4)

new eldar avatar options (4)

It still looks like we have seen all the options for the new Eldar Avatar though, however, his base is for sure the biggest yet, perhaps 110mm round.

eldar avatar whole army base size

It looks to be at least 3 guardians wide, which appear to be in 32mm and not 27mm bases when you compare them to the Space Marine Bladeguard in the lower right frame. All that of course is just speculation on the sizes from the images we have currently.


RUMORS: New Eldar Avatar Rules & Stat Line Are Hot

As seen in the Christmas Leaks on discord, these new rules rumors for the Eldar Avatar are definitely exciting to read.

Eldar rumorsKeeping the 4++ is nice plus the halving of damage and other Eldar rules will let him stay alive longer. Then, getting two types of attacks will make it more versatile, overall. Plus, d6+2 damage is nothing to overlook! He can kill tanks and other big guys super easily with 14 S and 7 attacks!

Again, his points will be depending on the rest of the rules in the book, so hard to judge that but he is expensive.

With the artwork and teaser looked at, we had a pretty good idea it would be similar. With rumored rules, we also had an idea of how hed function, but now let’s check out the actual spotted model and datasheet!

New Avatar of Khaine Datasheet & Model Spotted

Originally seen on Reddit, this blurry datasheet features the model and the full rules page! So let’s dive in and see what we can get from it.

blurry new avatar of khaineStarting out with the model image in the top left, we can match up all the teaser video screen caps to more or less confirm this as legit! The fire/armor image looks like it was his knee, with everything else being pretty obvious.

As for matching the artwork, it also looks pretty dang close, making the fifth model match up to old-school MG art! The only real difference is a slight posture change with his arms being slightly canted, instead of parallel. The glowing fire effect was also reimagined to the burning on his knees.

We cant see the base, but we might be able to expect some sort of (tactical)corpse, we’ll just have to wait and see, but the track record supports that conclusion!

Additionally, all of the rumored rules from the Christmas Eldar leaks above for the new Eldar Avatar also look 100% correct, which means it was a pretty reliable source after all!

If you aren’t familiar with the old rules, We’ve also got that for you right here:

avatar of khaine oldJust by comparing the sheer size of the sheet, we can see that the Avatar of Khaine re-work/update is a big one, getting a ton of added power!

For an extra 70 points (rumored to be 270 from above), he sees upgrades across his entire statline, with everything getting better (except the WS and BS which were already at 2+)

His ranged attack gets a huge power boost and gains a very similar effect to Mortarion’s pistol getting a “shoot over” effect damaging models to passes over. Which thanks to the upgraded stats of the attack, make it much, much better overall.

As for melee, he gets a two-profile option for focused and multi-target attacks. The focused hit has a base of 7 attacks at 14S, -5 AP, and averages 5 damage, making it ridiculously strong. While the sweep has 14 attacks at 7S, -2 AP, 2 damage, making for an easy space marine squad wiper with each wound removing a full model.

His old 5+ invulnerable save has been upgraded to a 4+, but now ALSO reduces damage by half! His auras were also slightly changed, now “moral tests” just ignore modifiers instead of auto-passing, which is fine. While his re-roll charge aura was reduced to 6″ range. Both auras of course also only affect CORE units, as with every other updated factions’ auras. He also gained an explosion on 6s when destroyed which is fine, and on the theme for the violent departure of the Avatar.

Lastly, there is a new downside, which restricts him to not being able to take a Warlord Trait or Relic, which seems completely fair seeing as this guy just got upgraded all the way up to a mini-Mortarion for a fraction of the cost!

New Kill Team Box Teasers?

new eldar modelsNext up, there is new artwork on some of the Kill Team Octarius freebies featuring Eldar. These look very much like new Rangers and that makes sense with what some industry insiders have told us: a new kill Team box with redesigned Eldar models inside.

Turns out they are new Corsair models after the LVO 2022 reveal. Plus, we’ve heard some rumblings of new Harlequin models as well that may also be coming in some sort of Kill Team offering as well.

The newest addition to the Warhammer 40k: Kill Team line is a classic faction of miniatures, the Corsairs.

We only have images of a single model so far, but what we can see is fantastic. The Corsair featured here is absolutely dripping in both Drukhari and Eldar flavor, and we highly anticipate his crew’s entry to the Kill Team scene.

3dartguy ruler cropGet The New Sci-Fi Ruler Miniature!

We had heard the rumors of new corsair models for Eldar coming in a Kill Team box, and this looks to be the start of it at least!


  • War walkers still in codex – datasheet later
  • Wraithlords Elites
  • At least three brand new units will be released in 2023, not aspects (corsairs, and quin unit hint)
  • Warlock Skyrunners don’t gain additional powers from more models in the unit

The rumor also went on to say the reveal was imminent, so perhaps we’ll see them as a separate kit (outside of a Kill Team expansion) for purchase in 2023?

RUMORS: Big Eldar Update Coming in 2022

Eldar Feature r Here’s a bit of an older Eldar rumors list that includes some of the more recent ones as well:

1) New Avatar of Khaine is a lot bigger
2) Shining Spear & Warp Spider phoenix lords plus plastic Baharroth 
3) Plastic Warp Spiders and Swooping Hawk kits
4) Plastic shining spears/ranger bike dual kit
5) Battle Focus will now be a d6 jump shoot jump ability
6) New Harlequin mechanic, Quins can fit multiple squads in one transport
7) A system very similar to miracle dice
8) -1D on all wraith units

New Eldar Army Rules

eldar walWe’re not exactly sure where the rules are coming from but they do seem like some fun mechanics. A change to Battle Focus could be a big deal, but we’re not exactly sure what a D6 jump ability actually turns into. Maybe you get to advance and get D6 shots from the unit?

The minus damage on Wraiths would be very nice because Eldar has been struggling so far in this edition. We’ll have to see if they can get them somewhere near the competitive nature of their more sinister kin. With everything getting tougher and at the same time hitting harder, the Eldar needs something for the average player to really feel strong again. Maybe the miracle dice system along with some army-wide buffs will be enough.

We’ll just have to wait and see on that.

RUMORS: Huge List of New ‘Christmas’ Eldar Rules & Models

With the actual GW Advent Engine all being obviously for Eldar so far, the internet has exploded with tons of new rumors. We’ve seen rumors for months now, but with the new rumor engines, things are really picking up. These new rumors come from this Eldar Discord but were also spotted on Valrik’s YouTube.

Eldar leaksSo first up is the Christmas Advent calendar-style Eldar rumors leak itself. If you’re hankering to know what each day will bring, keep this list in mind! We’re not exactly sure how they will show something like stratagems, but we’ll see soon enough. We’re probably the most excited about day 23 and seeing anything for that new Avatar model.

Still, if this is all true, there are going to be a lot of new units and the army will be seeing a ton of changes.

Eldar leaks 2As with any rumor, take it with as much salt as you need. This disclaimer states that the book isn’t done yet and everything is coming from the playtest.

It’s also interesting to think about the fact that they may have had an Eldar model release ready for years…

Eldar leaks 3We’ve been seeing rumors for new models (especially Aspect Warriors), so we don’t see any reason they couldn’t see an update this big. If you’ve been dreaming of an Eldar update, this is basically as good as it’s going to get. It would be a little sad to not see an Asurmen update because that model needs one seriously badly.

Eldar vs Chaos Battle Box Set Rumors

eldar christmas leaks

If this is true, it means the Eldar will most likely see a release sort of like the Black Templars or Orks, with a full month plus of staggered releases. Either way, with Eldar getting 3 new units in the rumored battle box set and Chaos grabbing 2, this will be one of the most anticipated boxes of the year.

Lastly, the timeframe for everything has been sketchy as of late, so who knows when it will actually hit in 2022.

Eldar Ranger Jetbikes Shroud Runners

eldar leaks day 4If this is true, these new Eldar Rander Shourd Runner Jetbikes seem very strong. A mix of unique rules, buffed weapons, and of course signature mobility, mean this new tool might be able to help push the faction back into competitive relevance. Reliable ballistic skill, unique cover rules, and a relatively low cost all seem too good to be true! We just have to wait and see.

New Eldar Yriel & Full Corsair Pirate Army Rules

yriel corsair leaks eldar

If you ever wanted to make a full corsair pirate list led by the prodigal Prince Yriel (who may have a bit of a shadow looming over him) these new 40k rules rumors are for you!

It also seems like there will also be changes in how farseers and warlocks are fielded overall now in Eldar lists. Plus with the new Ranger kits look for them to be hot now too.

New Eldar Battle Focus & Psychic Powers Rules for 40k

eldar rumor day 6

Well if this rumored rule for Battle focus doesn’t change then it looks like it will become useful once again for sure. Hopefully, there is clarity about what kind of move it will be so that players will know if they can do it after deepstriking or not.

No other big changes are rumored to the rest of the powers from the looks of it either.

RUMORS: New Eldar Reserve & Surviviabilty 40k Rules for 9th Edition

eldar rumors day 7

Honestly, some of this may sound a little too good to be true. Exploding 6’s is always good and may make shoving sub-par units through the webway better, as opposed to other things. That being said when you look at all these rules together, seems like it may make for a lot of similar gameplay if true…

jetbike feature rPre-Order Your Jetbike Three Pack Now!

Buyer beware on these rumors 100%

New Ynnari Army Wide 40k Rules & Composition

advent rumors day 8Always fighting first is sure to kick up some opinions with players, but at the end of the day, it may only matter if you can stack buffs on them to make them death blenders.

New ‘Miracle Dice’ 40k Rules For Craftworlds Eldar

Day 9 of the Eldar X-Mas Leak Calendar

Well, this one may be a little ‘too much’ even for a rumor, but it is a mechanic that at least two 40k armies out there have. In the case of Tzeentch, they cast a lot of spells, so it’s possible Eldar could get it too we suppose. Eldar Miracle Dice? Add salt to this one for sure.

Eldar Harlequins New Rules & Model Teasers For 2022

eldar advent engine day 10Previous rumors have spoken of a new Harlequins unit that possibly would come in a Kill Team box. These rumors if true may give the Harlequins a bit more on the survivability side, that they have previously been lacking.

New Eldar 40k Secondaries For Scoring Objectives

eldar advent engine day 11

Interesting that this rumor indicates an increase in Warp Charge psychic action each time you do it. If that is the case it seems like perhaps other similar ones may get NERFed when the Chapter Approved GT book comes out for 2022.

The board positions one is perhaps poorly worded, however by the looks of it they already may have figured that whatever the new rules for Rangers are, it may have been easy to score.

Eldar Craftworlds 40k Faction Rules Ulthwe & More

eldar advent engine day 12

Unfortunately, some Eldar Craftworlds haven’t really seen a lot of play in 8th and 9th editions! perhaps these new Eldar Craftworlds rules will make taking them more viable!

We really love seeing Iyanden on the tabletop, as the colors contrast each other so well!  Saim-hann may just be a very easy choice for a lot of players as well with all these Jetbike rumors out there too.

3dartguy ruler cropGet The New Sci-Fi Ruler Miniature!

New Eldar Wraithguard & Wraithblades 40k Rules Slap

eldar advent engine day 13Speaking of Iyanden, these rumors seem to suggest a few improvements to these shadowy undead automontons. First is more attack opportunities with about the same damage overall. Shooting seems to be a tad bit better and perhaps even allowed in combat as well, which is just bananas if that Wraithguard rules weapon profile is true.

The big question is will they still be -1 to hit for moving their heavy weapons around?

Eldar Wave Serpent Buffed With New 40k Rules

eldar advent engine day 14Well, these rumored Eldar Wave Serpent 40k rules while seeming a bit on the wish list side makes a lot of sense. Currently, it reduces damage by one to one, so it’s possible they could change its rules to wound on a 4+. Getting a 5++ and making the Eldar Wave Serpent still reduce damage is bold but not unheard of rules wise.

New Eldar Autarch 40k Rules Not That Tight

eldar advent engine day 15Okay so in theory there is a good baseline for improvement here over the current Eldar Autarch rules. However, these rumored rules just are not that tight. Now they do seem to indicate that additional rules will make the Eldar Autarch a ‘melee monster’ but of course that remains to be seen right now.

Maybe we’re missing something. You can have all the attacks in the world, but unless Eldar gets more strength buff rules, and have more protection from attack backs their fey frames will never be “melee monsters’. Eldar Autarch models especially need these sorts of new rules as they tend to want to lead from the front, but can’t.

Eldar Guardians & Dire Avengers 40k Rules Buffs

eldar advent engine day 16If these new rules are true looks like Eldar Guardians gained an extra 6″ of range which probably is better overall honestly.  We had seen glimpses of what looked like new fusion and chainblade bits too so perhaps Storm Guardians may rise up to see some play soon with new ‘assault’ buffs. Also, a change in save of 5+ to 4+ may also end up making a huge difference against non-MEQ armies as well.

New Eldar Vehicle Weapon 40k Rules Are  More Deadly

eldar advent engine day 17

Well, the Falcon pulse lance surely slaps if these rumored Eldar vehicle weapon rules are true- d3+3 damage is more than respectable. The question is what will the profile be for the Eldar Hornet whose Pulse Laser is currently S7 -2AP D2, which is about average these days.

Shuriken stays in line with day 16’s rumors, and the Scatter laser can put out 12 total shots when taken in tandem which is more than enough to clear out chaff given Eldar’s current ability to modify dice rolls.

Finally, the Eldar Bright Lance may shine (get it?) once again as well with these vehicle weapon rules rumors if the points keep it fieldable en masse.

Eldar Aspect Warrior, Phoenix Lord & Exarch 40k Rules

eldar advent engine day 18Interesting rumors for sure which may have more implications for Asurman, and perhaps how he may or may not continue to buff other aspect warriors now.  Phoenix Lords always seemed to be underpowered in the invul department too, so if they are getting a blanket save now we may see a lot more of them hit the tables in the near future.

Aspect warriors as well always needed “a little bit more” to make them worth taking outside of rangers for the most part in lists. So here’s hoping for the accuracy of these rumors.

New Eldar Warp Spiders & Swooping Hawk 40k Rules

eldar advent engine day 19

For those of you out there clamoring for some better hitting power for the Aspect Warriors, these new 40k rules rumors offer a glimmer of hope! While abusive in the past, there look to be some changes coming for the Swooping Hawk Grenade packs- plus an exceptional S4 on their swords. All Eldar ever seemed to want was some strength 4 in combat, so this could mean things like Striking Scorpions may be even better soon as well!

Warp Spiders may see some changes coming to their shooting weapons, and also get a bit more cagey perhaps doing similar work on the table as Eldar Rangers in the future. Both of these units look even better if Day 18’s rumors also come true as well.

New Eldar Battlefield Roles 40k Rules

eldar advent engine day 20

Welp, who had money on all of this? If even one of these turns out to be true it can have pretty big ramifications for how Eldar Army lists are constructed in the future. There are a couple of precedents too for the swap in Ranger spots with the new Shroud Runners units if you compare them to the Space Marine codex.

Warlocks getting full smite too is pretty interesting. They could be a mini-mortal wound machine now, and free up Farseers to do the heave casting living for the rest of the army.

New Eldar Howling Banshees & Striking Scorpion 40k Rules

eldar advent engine day 21Maybe these are the new aspect warrior rumors you have been waiting for? So for real strength 4 base really ups the power level of all the aspects 100% plus with a rumored blanket save, as extra bonuses like exploding 6’s to hit and striking last for their opponents both these aspects are looking very well positioned in 9th!

These new 4ok rules rumors for Striking Scorpions and Howling banshees are some of the spiciest we’ve seen so far, and we hope they are true!

New Eldar Heavy Support 40k Weapon Rules & NERFS

eldar advent engine day 22So some pluses and some minuses if this pans out. First of all the Night Spinnerhaving a bigger punch in the AP department may be huge and see them in a lot of lists going forward. Fire Prisms are in a similar place, but maybe not auto-include as much due to the points, and the fact that the opponents will have to dedicate resources to dealing with them.

New Eldar Avatar Rules & Stat Line Are Hot so Far!

Eldar rumorsTaking away the 4++ seems pretty annoying but hopefully, the halving of damage and other Eldar rules will let him stay alive longer. Then, getting two types of attacks will make it more versatile, overall. Plus, d6+2 damage is nothing to overlook! He can kill tanks and other big guys super easily with 14 S and 7 attacks!

Again, his points will be depending on the rest of the rules in the book, so hard to judge that but he is expensive.

Eldar Corsairs, Harlequins & Squats Coming to Kill Team!

Eldar rumors 2We’ve seen plenty of armies getting new models first in Kill Team, so this wouldn’t surprise us to see some of the releases go that way. A little unfortunate here for Harlequins that the new unit mentioned is this and not also something separate. Still, new stuff is always good!

We’ve been hearing Squats rumors for a while now, so this doesn’t surprise us too much! If you want to see what the previous rumors are, check them out here!

New Eldar Aeldari Craftworlds Plastic Miniatures: Eldritch Omens

Eldar vs Chaos Space Marines Eldritch Omens Battle Box Set

A few of the latest rumor engines and some of these leaks were just revealed with the new Eldritch Omens box set preview for Chaos and Eldar.

The Asuryani get nine all-new miniatures comprising Autarch Ghaelyn’s Saim-Hann force, including the Autarch herself.

Eldar vs Chaos Space Marines Eldritch Omens Battle Box Set eldar half

Perhaps the more highly anticipated half of this box set are all the new Eldar Aeldari Craftworlds miniatures, but that Warpsmith for Chaos is looking hot too!

Eldar Autarch Plastic Miniature: Eldritch Omens

This kit has plenty of options, allowing you to build the Autarch of your dreams, with three head options, two torso variants, and certain other still-secret options! In terms of weapons, you get a star glaive or a scorpion chainsword in one hand, and your pick of four ranged weapons in the other. Not only that, the weapons and upgrades are cross-compatible with the existing Autarch model.

These were the options we saw when they first announced the model in the Eldritch Omens box (they also confirmed you will get all the options in that box for this model).

Autarch Kit


Autarch Kit 3

The new miniature comes with options to equip your Autarch with a Howling Banshee mask, a regular helmet, or a bare head, as well as a choice of male and female torsos. 

You can also take a Warp Spider jump generator along with either a star glaive or a Scorpion chainsword. For those who prefer to slay their enemies from a distance, you also have options to take a shuriken pistol, Reaper launcher, Dragon fusion gun, or death spinner

This is a really cool idea it all just comes down to how easy you can magnetize or interchange the parts. Still, it is nice to have more options than fewer! With how many options this and the Guardians kit have, it bodes well for all the releases to have a lot of options and bits.

Autarch Kit 2

Phew! That’s a lot of options. Plus, this new model is fully compatible with the existing Autarch kit, giving you even more modelling choices.

If you have a few unbuilt Autarch kits lying around, then at this point it would probably be worth it to wait on building them. Or if you have already built yours, hopefully, you saved the bits somewhere!

Eldar Rangers Plastic Miniatures: Eldritch Omens

Eldar vs Chaos Space Marines Eldritch Omens Battle Box Set rangers video

Equipped with long rifles and cameleoline cloaks which let them obscure themselves from enemy units, Rangers are the Craftworlds’ forward scouts.

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Eldar vs Chaos Space Marines Eldritch Omens Battle Box Set rangers

Another Eldar staple has gotten new miniatures, this time the Rangers! Also included in the kit is a little icon of Kurnous, the god of the hunt. We would expect to see these models to be on the same 28mm bases that were included with the Howling Banshees when they were released in the fall of 2019.

Eldar Plastic Shroud Runners Miniatures: Eldritch Omens

Eldar vs Chaos Space Marines Eldritch Omens Battle Box Set shorud runners

Some of them prefer to zoom around the battlefield on Shroud Runners, which are Raptor jetbikes with a two-man crew – a Ranger pilot with a partner riding pillion.

Wow, what a cool concept!

We had seen these rumored recently in day 4 of the Eldar Leaks on Discord, but wow the miniatures do not disappoint either! Let’s start with the rumors:

Eldar Ranger Jetbikes Shroud Runners Rumors:

eldar leaks day 4

If this is true, these new Eldar Ranger Shourd Runner Jetbikes seem very strong. A mix of unique rules, buffed weapons, and of course signature mobility, mean this new tool might be able to help push the faction back into competitive relevance.

Eldar vs Chaos Space Marines Eldritch Omens Battle Box Set shroud runners

Reliable ballistic skill, unique cover rules, and a relatively low cost all seem too good to be true! We just have to wait and see as we know the models themselves are coming for sure now!

New 40k Plastic Eldar & Storm Guardians Kit Revealed

A mainstay kit for the Eldar is finally being reworked and you’ll actually be able to build either Eldar Guardian Defenders or Storm Guardians. They even previewed a new type of platform for your Storm Guardians that will keep them protected from enemy fire. 

Path of the PreviewWarhammer Community unveiled the new models with some insight into all the options. The article is also called the Path of the Preview, so with a name like that, we expect many more reveals before we see the Eldar codex.

New Plastic Eldar Guardians Kit Revealed by GW!

The last time we saw a new Guardian, it was dead on the base of Lelith, so this is a serious step in the right direction!

New Eldar Guardians

The old Guardian squad has given us many years of faithful service, but this new kit improves upon these veteran miniatures, providing more dynamic poses and more choices of weapons, heads, and bodies.

Finally, new models with plenty of options!

New Eldar Guardians 2

New Eldar Guardians 3

New Eldar Guardians 4


New Eldar Guardians 5The new models look really sweet and they kept the older style but gave them a new feel. The poses are much more dynamic, they have way more options, and actually, look like something from this decade. Let’s just hope the legs aren’t two parts, as that is so frustrating to build. Still, even if they are two parts, we don’t care because Eldar needs these models so badly!

They can also be made as Storm Guardians, so there will probably be tons and tons of bits in this kit.

Storm Guardians

New Eldar Guardians 6

The new kit includes options to make either a squad of Guardian Defenders (including a heavy weapon platform) or a squad of Storm Guardians, with a new addition for the latter – a Serpent’s Scale Platform. The latter deflects incoming fire, allowing your squad to stroll nonchalantly across the battlefield before slicing their way through the younger races of the galaxy.

These are super dynamic and obviously have a lot of options with power swords, chainswords, grenades, and weapons. Plus they are grabbing a new platform that will keep them protected from incoming fire. They didn’t give any rules yet, but maybe something like a minus to hit or an invulnerable save, heck maybe both?

New 40k Eldar Dark Reapers Kit Revealed!

Dark Reapers


Dark Reapers 2

Continuing our stroll along the Path of the Preview ahead of a massive wave of upcoming Aeldari releases, we see some updated Aspect Warriors in beautiful, crisp, clean, plastic glory. Witness the grimmest, creepiest heavy hitters of them all.  

It’s awesome to see just how many kits they are revamping for Eldar, considering most are decades old, it only makes sense!

Dark Reapers 3


Dark Reapers 4


Dark Reapers 5

The kit comes with four warriors and an Exarch, as well as a Dark Reaper shrine – a representation of the god Khaine as he is perceived by these grim Aspect Warriors. 

The new figures look pretty sweet and they really kept the feel of the old ones but updated them to the current game. Considering so many people have used these over the years, we’ll have to see what kind of rules they get.

Dark Reaper Kit Bits Options

Dark Reapers 6

The Exarch has a choice of heads and a massive four weapon options, including the classic Reaper launcher, a three-tipped tempest missile launcher, an Aeldari missile launcher and a shuriken cannon.

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Dark Reapers 7

For the first time, you’ll also find unhelmeted options for each warrior for use in Ynnari armies. They still retain their iconic range-finder fins, so they’re just as good at taking down their marks. 

We’re always for more bits and options! We’ll have to see if you can magnetize the parts easily as well so you can get the most out of each kit! Lastly, they mention next Monday will have more previews, so keep your eyes peeled for even more Eldar!

New Plastic 40k Eldar Warlocks

Eldar Warlock


Eldar Warlock 2

Warlocks are Aeldari seers who have previously walked the Path of the Warrior and so find it easier to develop psychic powers suited to battle. These versatile psykers can join your army as individual Characters or form a full conclave to assist your Farseers, bolster your warhost, and wreak havoc on the foe.

The new plastic models look pretty sweet, but like with all the kits, they have really kept the Eldar feel but updated the minis to the new times.

Eldar Warlock 3

These Warlocks come as a pair and can each be assembled with or without helmets, just like the new Guardian kit – great news if you don’t want your warriors to end up with helmet hair.

It’s always nice to get more minis in a set, let’s just hope the price doesn’t get too high for the pair. If they stay at the normal price for a single character, then we’d be all about it.

Multi-Part Kit

Eldar Warlock 4

You can build each Warlock with the choice of a shuriken pistol or an open hand, ready to unleash a mystic curse – or perhaps ask the craftworld’s barkeep to produce two drinks. The kit also contains one witchblade and one singing spear, allowing you to assemble a veritable Seer Council of distinct models.

It looks like with most of the new Eldar kits, they will be making the new plastic Warlock a multi-part kit with hand, head, and weapon options.

New Plastic Maugan Ra & Shining Spears Jetbikes

magun ra


magun ra 1

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Maugan Ra, the Harvester of Souls also makes an appearance with a brand new model. Like many of the newer Aeldari characters, he steadies himself on ruins, ready to spread death from afar.

new magun ra

As you can see, the progenitor of the Dark Reapers is packed with skeletal detail in his first-ever plastic incarnation.

New Plastic Eldar Shining Spears Jetbikes

Like the other upcoming Aspect Warriors, these Shining Spears are packed with options and can be assembled with or without helmets for an army of Ynnari. One can be built as an Exarch with a powerful star lance or paragon sabre, and a shuriken cannon slung below his ride.

new shining spears eldar jetbikes


shining spears new plastic

The last addition to the new Eldar lineup in the preview is a set of Shining Spears. The new kit is entirely plastic, and the riders come equipped with never-before-seen helmets.


The Preview Team made a specific note to say that this is NOT all of the new Eldar miniatures to be released, so keep an eye out for more in the future.

More New Eldar Codex Rules & Pictures Spotted!

More new pictures from the upcoming Eldar codex, and rules datasheets have been spotted for key units, like the Wave Serpent and Banshees.

Before we get into these new Eldar Codex rules rumors, again, some of these could be fake, but since they are rumors we can’t know for sure 100% either way. however, a lot of them are starting to match up with rumors from the holidays.

eldar leaks 2

eldar leaks 3We heard rumors for a while of a “miracle dice” type mechanic, so this is an interesting take on it. Instead of being able to keep the number rolled on the dice, you actually get them for specific phases and they seem to always count as 6’s.

New Objectives

eldar leaks 6This one is worded very strangely, so there is a chance this is fake, but we can’t know for sure. However, getting points for getting off psychic powers is never a bad thing!

eldar leaks 4This is an interesting secondary objective for the Eldar because you want to be destroying enemy units anyway! Then it goes with the theme of both melee and shooting-focused Aspect Warriors. If you get all three you’ll get 4 points which aren’t too bad but might be hard to do both in one turn.

Wraithknight Rules

eldar leaks 7These are pretty hard to read as it almost looks like someone blew up a tiny screenshot for the Eldar Wraithknight rules (or purposefully blurred one). To us, that looks like 22 Wounds, and a 3+ save. The Heavy Wraithcannon looks to be Heavy D3 with d3+6 Damage and the ability to deal Mortals and a 6+ Invulnerable save (maybe, hard to see the number).

The good news is this image seems to match the previous Wraithknight Eldar datasheet rules already spotted for 9th Edition here.

Warlock 40k Rule Datasheets

eldar leaks 11If this is right it looks like the new Eldar Warlocks rules datasheets will be 2 wounds and be able to have a single power. Then it looks like for every Farseer in your army you can take one of these without taking up an army slot. Lastly, we see a 4+ Invuln save here as well.

Yncarne 40k Eldar Rule Datasheets

eldar leaksThis one is the hardest to read, so we’re not going to take too many guesses. However, the Harlequins all look like they will have a 4+ invuln, can do a similar thing with ignoring cover, and will be reducing the enemy’s hit roll in combat.

Visarch 40k Rule Datasheets

eldar leaks 5First, it looks like you can return a model destroyed within 6 inches of this to life with one wound on a 4+. That could be super insane when you think about it says just Aeldari, not core models. Then, if it’s a character, they get an extra attack for the rest of the game. Then, you won’t be able to shoot Yvraine as long as a model is within 3 inches.

eldar leaks 10The D-Cannon can target units that are not in LoS, then on top of that, the weapon does a mortal on every wound roll of a 6. Plus, the strength and damage overall are super high.

40k Eldar Rumors Howling Banshees

Howling BansheeThey got some decent buffs here with enough damage and Ap to hopefully take out some models in cc, especially with the addition to the wound roll and Strength 4 on the charge.

So should be hitting and wounding on 3’s against most units. Then, with the advance and charge rule, you should be able to get them in combat quickly.

eldar advent engine day 21These new Eldar rules datasheets seem to confirm the rumored -1 to hit rule rumors along with a fight last mechanic, and there even seems to be something in there about turning off overwatch as well.

Wraithguard & Wraithblades

WraithguardWraithcannons are definitely better now with S10 and D3+3, they should be able to mow down units when they get close. Then, you can even shoot into melee with those cannons!

Now though, they do have some downsides, no fallback and shoot for free, no Wraith Fists, and from the looks of it, D-Scythes have to roll to hit. Plus the D-scythes cannot be shot in combat as you can never shoot a blast weapon in combat unless they change that somehow.

WraithbladesThey will be getting 5 (maybe 10?) attacks each. That number is hard to read, but man, if they get 10 attacks each, they will be truly insane combat monsters.

eldar advent engine day 13We’ll have to wait for better pics to tell for sure, but once again it looks like the Eldar rumors were true for their abilities.

40k Eldar Rules Corsairs & Wave Serpent Weapons

Wave Serpent RulesCrystal Matrix is getting a pretty sizeable buff and Serpent Shield is also getting better with a 5++ and no wounds on 1-3. Then Spirit stones are also updated.

Spicy New 40k Eldar Fire Dragons Rules

New Eldar Fire Dragon RulesLet’s look at the transcription:

Burning Heat

With the benefit of centuries of experience, there is no foe this Exarch cannot identify the weakness of, coordinating the fire of their warriors into overwhelming surges of targeted heat.

While this unit contains a Fire Dragon Exarch model, each time a model in this unit makes a ranged attack that targets a unit within 9″, if a hit is scored, that attack automatically wounds the target.

Dragon’s Bite

Those familiar with the Dragon of Aeldari myth know that while its fire was deadly, those who drew close exposed themselves to its equally dangerous bite.

Each time this unit’s Fire Dragon Exarch model makes a ranged attack that targets a Vehicle or Monster unit that is within half range when this unit is selected to shoot:

    • If that attack is made with a Dragon fusion gun or firepike, add 2 to the Damage characteristic of that attack.
    • If that attack is made with a Dragon’s breath flamer, add 1 to the Damage characteristic of that attack, and when resolving that attack, you can re-roll the wound roll.

Fire DragonsThey will be about as glass cannon as you can get with just a 5++ and 1 wound. Still, with these rules, if you can get them into range, they will burn through pretty much anything. Wounding with everything within 9″ is insane. Especially if you have the flamers as all you have to do is roll how many shots you get and bam, you’re done.

Then, adding 2 to the damage is also pretty crazy as this will basically guarantee that they kill anything. As the Fusion Guns will most likely be D6+4 Damage! Each could do 10 wounds.

RUMORS: 40k Eldar Corsairs Rules

Since we know Harlequins will be in the book for sure, let’s check out the rumors and rules we’ve seen so far for them and the Corsairs!

Wave SerpentThe corsairs can take their version of a DE blaster (same profile) a DE Shredder and a ton of weapons. However, it looks like they removed Brace of Pistols, but they may be able to take and shoot two pistols? We don’t know quite yet. Other than that it looks like a 4+ Invuln and just a lot of cool weapon options.

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Harlequins Troupe & Master

eldar harlequin troupe master

  • Troupe Master eldar datasheets revealed showing huge amounts of weapon info (see above)
  • Choreographer of war gives reroll 1 on wound aura
  • Different harlequin weapons now give special keywords to the model/unit
  • Three abilities with info on another page (core abilities?) Harlequins Panoply, Luck of the Laughing God, Rising
  • Crescendo
  • Luck gives free rerolls


  • Still 4++
  • Fusion pistol new D6+2, no limit on taking them
  • All melee +1S AP2 D2
  • Each of their weapons have a related stratagem
  • One will give mortal wounds on 6s (likely kiss)
  • One of the other two will ignore invulns
  • New Masque system complete with WL trait, relic and Strat
  • Can give advance and shoot, as well as attack before removing model in melee
  • Shuriken Cannon shown on starweaver datasheet (only shown weapon profile)

GW Previews New Mixed Eldar & Harlequin Faction Rules

eldar travelling Players

Neatly sidestepping the constraints of mission packs, this rule allows you to add a Detachment of Harlequins to any Aeldari army, as if a poised Patrol of perilous pierrots had put in an unexpected appearance on the battlefield.

Importantly, including a band of Harlequins in a Travelling Players Detachment will not prevent you from using Battle-forged rules, such as Power From Pain for Drukhari, special secondary objectives, or the new army-wide Asuryani special rules.

GW may have put the squash on mixed-faction lists, however, Eldar is a clear example of a faction where the lore really does support mixed lists. This new rule helps to make the faction a ridiculously diverse and fine-tuned roster that anyone can play with a huge variety in play style. It will be interesting if there’s still an incentive for running old-fashioned “mono-faction” lists or if Eldar soup is the future, picking and choosing the best parts of each sub-faction to make one Voltron super-list.

Other than that though, we think Eldar players will be happy so far with this tidal wave of news and rumors for all things Aeldari. Use the links below to check out our other coverage:

All the Newest GW Model & Rules Previews

Do you think these rumors could be true? What do you want to happen with the faction?

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