Last Call To Pledge Artel W Magnetic Heroes Project!

By Travis Pasch | February 3rd, 2022 | Categories: Artel W Miniatures, Game & Hobby Products, News / Rumors, RPG

Artel W Magnetic Heroes KS

The Artel W Magnetic Heroes Kickstarter might revolutionize how you play RPGs, but there’s not much time left for late pledges!

The hobby maniacs at Artel W are not stopping on their quest to make some of the coolest minis out there! Basically, any game you play, Artel has something for you. This time around though, they are making RPGs way easier and way better. This project focuses on fully magnetic models with insane numbers of options, so you can actually change your wargear, heads, weapons, and so much in just seconds. However, if you missed out on the KS, you don’t want to miss the window for late pledges. 

magnetic heroes rThey will pre-drill everything for you, so all you have to do is pop everything off and on with some magnets. Not to mention the minis look awesome and each one will have hundreds of options.

The project has hit so many stretch goals which just means more stuff for everyone, but there is only one day left to back the project before they start production!

So if you want in on these figures and haven’t supported it yet, don’t wait any longer! 

Late Backing Available for the Artel W Magnetic Heroes Project!

magnetic heroes 7With magnetic joints, 12 heroes, and over 120 options, you’ll have so many options with this Kickstarter! Since Artel W has so many incredible minis, why not go check out what else they have listed for sale right now?

magnetic heroes 4


magnetic heroes 5These are the 12 heroes included, but with the hundreds of options, they can look basically any way you want. Plus, with them having magnetic joints, changing them around will be so easy!

magnetic heroes 3They will be high-quality resin and if they are anything like their normal minis, we know the quality will be insane.

magnetic heroes 2Can’t complain about over 1,000 variations!

How the Project Will Work

magnetic heroes 6Let’s hear from Artel about how the whole thing will work:

The set offers over a hundred and twenty options, including heads of different races, weapons, equipment, spells, even household items! With tiny neodymium magnets, you will be able to customize characters in a flash, literally on the fly. You will get to create heroes of various races, arm and equip them as you like and change gear at any time! Your characters will perfectly match the moment and your vision on the battlefield, at the royal ball, in the tavern brawl, or… you name it.


Artel w MagneticThe pledges are a little different than the initial project. Now, instead, you just pick which kit you want and grab one! Or you can go for the big combos and get a ton of stuff.

Artel w Magnetic 2You can also just grab the individual models, but it does look like they come with all the options so that’s really sweet!

That does it for this one, just an amazing project to make your RPGs better!

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