Best GW Deals To Order Before the March 7th Price Increase

GW-price-hikes-increasesPrice increases are coming from Games Workshop soon, so order your minis now before the March 7th price increase hits!

For the fourth year in a row, another wave of GW price increases are on the way for Warhammer and while not everything is going up the timing could not be worse.

Order Your GW Minis Before the March 7th Price Increase

Price increase GWLet’s get into the details as revealed by GW:

In most cases, this will be about 5%. So, as an example of what you can expect on most kits, a box of Space Marine Intercessors will go up just £1 from £35 to £36.*

A few things are going up about 10% (e.g. books, scenery, resin miniatures), and there are a couple of outliers (e.g. Blood Bowl teams and metal miniatures) which are going up around 20%. 

The price change will come into effect on the 7th of March.

So items GW makes “in-house” are getting the lowest increase while the items they traditionally farmed out to China for cheap production (books and scenery) are getting hit the hardest.

Forge World Resin is rumored to be the top-of-the-line Smooth-On brand imported from here in the states, which also may explain the higher increase as well. More than anything though, this is just a heads up to get your minis before the increase happens.

If you didn’t see what’s getting increased, we’ll check it out below.

The List of Over 3000 New GW Price Increases for Warhammer

A bit of good news too is that these countries (typically hammered on retail price conversions or arbitrage from GW) are not getting any increases:

  • Australia dollar
  • New Zealand dollar
  • Japan yen
  • China RMB

However, we should mention that there have been plenty of other “increases” in 2021 that you may have not noticed. Let’s take a closer look.

Here is the list of all 3145 price increases that go into effect on March 7th, 2022.

You can see the current price, new price, and percent increase in the last column.

Let’s take a look at some of the highlights:

Price increasesThe first thing is it looks like GW is raising codex prices again. This sucks because you can no longer just get the online version, so you pretty much have no choice in this one.

Price increases 2They are also raising prices on a lot of troop choices. As you can see both the Boyz from the Combat Patrol and Fire Warriors are going up. However, $50 for Boyz without all the options is liable to upset some players we imagine…

Price increases 3AoS battletomes are also going up by 5 bucks, so it looks like 40k isn’t the only system hit by rules price increases.

Price increases 4They are also raising the prices on a lot of boxed sets, so don’t be surprised if $195 is the new price moving forward for the two army sets, and makes Eldritch Omens (now $210) sorta make more sense.

Price increases 5Two things here, pretty much the entire Orks line is increasing, but also the Combat Patrol price. So again, expect this $150 price moving forward.

Price increases 6The boxed games are not safe either as a lot of them are going up in price as well.

Price increases 7As we said, pretty much all the product lines down to LoTR are getting hit…

To round it up, overall there is some bad, and there is some good to this round of price increases. However, with the way consumer confidence is as of late with GW, the optics on this announcement are terrible.

Click the links below and be sure to get those orders in now to save some hobby dollars!

Games Workshop: Best Alternatives & Pricing Values 


We had done this before, but now that not only the units inside have increased, but also the selection of Combat Patrol boxes themselves, we wanted to give you the real value and pricing now. If you want to see all the Games Workshop Warhammer price increases for yourself, click here to check that out.

Updated Warhammer 40k Combat Patrol boxes Pricing & Values

combat patrols

So we’ve seen quite a few of these Combat Patrol box sets value so far, but now the pricing is $150 with the increases (up from $140).  From that, we hope now that they will all stay at that price until the next increase of the full line happens.

Overall based on the pricing, they are trying to give about $50-$60 of value in their Combat Patrol boxes, however, some have more than that as we’ll show you below.

Deathwatch Combat Patrol Box Pricing & Value

Click to get your Deathwatch Combat Patrol for less on Amazon or eBay

deathwatch start collecting

The Combat Patrol kits are an entire army in a box. As the name implies, each one contains a complete Combat Patrol-sized force of 25 Power or 500 points. That makes them perfect for getting started with the smaller-sized games of Warhammer 40,000, which are full of fast-paced action and a great way to learn the rules for your new army.

Basically, each of the boxes comes with 500 points. Nothing too crazy, about a similar amount of points in the old style, start collecting boxes. This can help you get started on a new Deathwatch army or add to your existing forces. Let’s look at everything you get:

  • 10 Intercessors: $60
  • 3 Aggressors: $55
  • Primaris Lieutenant with Power Sword: $35
  • Primaris Apothecary: $38 
  • Deathwatch Upgrade Sprue $15 (at least one included)

    Total MSRP: $203

    Savings Versus Box Price: $53

    Not a terrible value, but if you don’t want or need the characters, it doesn’t really save you any money. $70 of the kit value comes in the way of two characters, so if you have them already, this probably isn’t worth the pickup.

    Space Wolves Combat Patrol

    Get your Space Wolves combat patrol for less on Amazon or eBay

    space wolves comabt patrolCombat Patrol sets are also ideal as a base for building a larger army. So, once you’ve played a few games at Combat Patrol level, you can easily expand to an Incursion-sized force and beyond.

    Just like the Deathwatch box, this one comes with 500 points. It also includes a 5 man unit that can right now only be bought in ten-man increments. Let’s see the value in this box.

    • 10 Intercessors: $60
    • 5 Reivers: $35 (Normally $60 for 10)
    • Invictor Warsuit: $65
    • Primaris Space Wolves Lieutenant: $35 
    • At least one Space Wolves Upgrade Sprue $15 (previous price when sold separately)

    Total MSRP: $210

    Savings Versus Box Price: $60

    With this kit only having one character, the value comes more in the units. For starting an army, this is a way better value than the Deathwatch one.

    Blood Angels Combat Patrol Box

    Get your Blood Angels combat patrol for less on Amazon or eBay

    Blood Angel Combat Patrol

    • Space Marines Impulsor: $80
    • Space Marines Primaris Aggressors: $55
    • Combat Patrol (pun intended) of Intercessors: $35
    • Combat Patrol (pun intended) of Infilitrators: $35
    • Primaris Librarian: $38
    • Two Blood Angels Upgrade Sprues: $30 ($15 previous price when sold separately)

    Total MSRP: $273

    Savings Versus Box Price: $123

    This has been the best value by far in terms of dollars. They just really put a ton of stuff into this one! Basically more than doubling the other Marine values. If you play Blood Angels this has a ton of value in it.

    Death Guard Combat Patrol

    Get your Death Guard combat patrol for less on Amazon or eBay

    dg combat patrolThe chosen of Nurgle arrive in force to spread the virulent plagues of their devoted grandfather with a brand new Combat Patrol boxed set packed with everything you need to begin your campaign of contagion in the 41st Millennium.

    The box comes with Typhus, Plague Marines, Poxwalkers, and a Biologus Putrifier. People were a little upset about the Poxwalkers getting such a big feature in this. Because most times people mainly only want one unit to sit on objectives. 

    • 30 Poxwalkers $105 ($35 for a box of ten this week)
    • 7 Plague Marines $50
    • Typhus $40
    • Biologus Putrifier $32

    Total MSRP: $227

    Savings Versus Box Price: $77

    50-off-Cropped-Short-scarlet-eldarClick Here For 50% Off & Free Shipping!

    So the value looks pretty good, but it basically all comes in the form of Poxwalkers. If you need them, get this box! But not many people play Death Guard for the Poxwalkers, so it is what it is on that front.

    Dark Angels Combat Patrol:

    Get your Dark Angels combat patrol for less on Amazon or eBay

    dark angels combat patrol

    The Primaris Chaplain, Redemptor Dreadnought, Inceptors, and Intercessors in this set provide you with a budding Dark Angels army with a Power Level of around 25 – perfect for Combat Patrol-sized battles. Whether you’re looking to start a new collection of the Unforgiven or you already have a Dark Angels army that you’re looking to expand, Combat Patrol: Dark Angels is a great way to pick up a handy selection of units while saving yourself a few pennies.

    Since this one doesn’t come with too many characters, the value is actually in the units. Let’s look at everything you get:

    • 5 Intercessors $35 ($60 for 10)
    • 3 Inceptors $55 
    • Primaris Chaplain $38
    • Redemptor Dreadnought $70 
    • At least One Dark Angels Upgrade Sprue $15

    Total: $213

    Savings Versus Box Price: $63

    The value of this box is a little below what we’ve seen before. But still, if you need all the minis in the set, it will save you some cash. If you’re just getting into the faction, it is a quick way to get 500 points in one buy.

    Drukhari Combat Patrol

    Get your Dark Eldar combat patrol for less on Amazon or eBay

    drukhari combat patrolThis boxed set contains 18 plastic models, making up a force that’s perfect as an army for Combat Patrol-sized games or the start of a Crusade force. Top tip: adding the Drukhari half of Piety and Pain would be an awesome move. Combat Patrol: Drukhari is themed around the Kabals, with an Archon leading 10 Kabalite Warriors and five Incubi into battle. Every raid needs speed and firepower, and that’s where the Raider and Ravager come in.

    The box comes with some actually useful units! Everything in the box is generally fielded in most games. So even if the value isn’t too giant, it’s still useful. While it doesn’t come with transports for everything, it’s a start. Also, when the book releases, we assume things like Ravagers and Incubi will be hard to find. Let’s check out the value.

    • 10 Kabalite Warriors $38
    • 1 Raider $55
    • 1 Ravager $55
    • 5 Incubi $60
    • Archon $32

    Total MSRP: $240

    Savings Versus Box Price: $90

    So, with the value and what’s in this, it’s hard to pass up. Overall, this is a pretty solid box and worth it for most new or seasoned DE players. This is definitely one of the most useful and desirable Combat Patrols they’ve come out with up to this point.

    Adeptus Mechanicus Combat Patrol

    Get your Adeptus Mechanicus combat patrol for less on Amazon or eBay

    ad mech combat patrol

    The good thing about this box, Rangers, Breachers, and a Dunecralwer can never be that bad. The only thing that’s a little unfortunate is it’s another box with an Enginseer, most people seem to have way too many of them laying around.

    • Dunecrawler $80
    • 10 Rangers $50
    • 3 Breachers $58
    • Tech-Priest Enginseer $35

    Total MSRP: $223

    Savings Versus Box Price: $73

    This doesn’t have quite as good of a value as some of the other boxes but is better than some of the marine boxes and has more useful units than the DG box. If you need the minis inside, it’s totally worthwhile, because it basically gives you the Dunecrawler for free.

    Space Marines Combat Patrol

    Get your Space Marines combat patrol for less on Amazon or eBay

    Combat Patrol sm

    Just going to say it, not really the best mixture of units we’ve seen, but the value in terms of dollars is really there. Just the fact that none of the units included really make great use of the Impulsor makes this a strange mix. We were hoping for something a little different than before, but hey, it ain’t happening! Anyway, let’s see how many hobby dollars it can save you.

    • Impulsor $80
    • Ten-man Infiltrator Squad $60 (Multi-part kit price)
    • Eliminators $55 (Multi-part kit price)
    • Phobos Lieutenant $35 
    • Suppressors $55? Does not have an individual kit yet…Following the price for Eliminators

    Total MSRP: $285ish…

    Savings Versus Box Price: $100 (same as old Start Collecting box) plus a discounted Impulsor

    Again, it’s the same value as the old box but with an Impulsor for $45. It’s also a little hard to figure because the Infiltrators aren’t multi-part and can’t be built into the Incursors either. So the $60 on them isn’t really what that kit would go for (maybe).

    But the value is really there when you just look at the numbers. So if you want or need the minis in this set, it’s really worth it dollar-wise. It’s actually one of the highest values we’ve seen so far, just again, a strange smattering of units. Still, the value is really there if you don’t have any of these yet!

    Necrons Combat Patrol 

    Get your Necrons combat patrol for less on Amazon or eBay

    Combat Patrol necronWe thought they would be getting Necrons Indomitus version #52 for a combat patrol as their codex suggested, but it looks like we’re getting something a little bit fresher that contains all these multi-part kits. Nothing wrong with more bits! Let’s look at everything inside:

    • 10 Immortals or Deathmarks $84 ($42 ea)
    • Night Scythe or Doom Scythe $65
    • Tomb Blades $55
    • Overlord $32

    Total MSRP: $236

    Savings Versus Box Price: $86

    This kit is a little underwhelming as it has such a random assortment of minis and doesn’t really help too much if you are just starting the army. But if you were able to get in on Indomitus, that was such a good deal it’s hard to complain.

    Still, if you need the minis, it’s basically like getting the Doom Scythe and overlord for free.

    Sisters of Battle Combat Patrol

    Get your Sisters combat patrol for less on Amazon or eBay

    Sisters of Battle Combat Patrol

    Before we go too much further though, this is basically exactly what was inside the old box, just with a Rhino added and the codex was taken out. Plus, there are some tiny units inside, which basically will do nothing for your collection, so just a little strange overall.

    Let’s get into the value!

    • Canoness $38 
    • Battle Sisters Squad $60
    • Repentia Squad $30 ($55 for 10)
    • 1x Penitent Engine $35 ($60 for 2)
    • 3x Arco Flagellants $17 ($55 for 10)
    • Rhino $60
    • Seraphim Squad $60 

    Total MSRP: $300

    Savings Versus Box Price: $150

    Normally the value on these is under $100, but this one is a bit better due to the split squads from the army box. Still, they aren’t super helpful. Because who wants to field one Penitent Engine or 3 Arco Flagellants? Again though, if you need the minis, it saves you a decent amount of cash.

    Orks Combat Patrol

    Get your Orks combat patrol for less on Amazon or eBay

    This is honestly a pretty fun box because you get Deffkoptas, a Dread, 20 of the new Boyz, and the new Warboss. So whether you’ve played for a while, or are just starting an army it is a good smattering of mostly new units. Plus the value though might be the highest yet, now that we’ve seen how much prices are going to be on similar unit kits that are sold separately.

    So if you do need the units inside, this is probably more than worth the pickup (yes even with the limited weapon options in our opinion). 

    Orks Combat Patrol

      • 20 Ork Boyz $100 ($50 each)
      • 3 Deffkoptas $60 
      • Deff Dread $60
      • Warboss in Mega Armor $38 

      Total MSRP: $258

      Savings Versus Box Price: $108

      Again this is one of the higher boxes we’ve seen in terms of value, so even though they are push-fit without all the weapon options, this is hard to beat. Most of the time combat patrol values are in the $70-$80 range, so this going up to $100 is pretty solid now that three of the four units inside have been released on their own even.

      That gives it some even more intrinsic early access value, plus in theory veterans can just mix in some of the new models into their existing squads too.

      Black Templars 40k Combat Patrol Box

      Get your Black Templars combat patrol for less on Amazon or eBay

      Don’t forget too, this box also comes with the upgrade sprues set as well- which we suspected based on the bits shown on the Impulsor and some of the regular intercessors.

      combat patrol black templars

      Let’s get into the value

      • 5 man Primaris Combat Squad $35 ($60 for 10)
      • 10 Man Crusader Squad $60 
      • Black Templars Marshal $35
      • Impulsor Kit $80 
      • Upgrade Sprue kit x1 $35

      Total MSRP: $245

      Savings Versus Box Price: $95

      From this, the value seems to be lining up with the values and pricing that we would normally expect to see from a Combat Patrol Box offering. However, it’s worth noting that it is not as “portable” over to use with generic Space Marine factions outside of Templars.

      Tau Combat Patrol:

      Get your Tau combat patrol for less on Amazon or eBay

      Tau Combat Patrol 2Just to note, we’re going to assume the new Tau Combat Patrol is a $140 price point as everyone else has been the same price so far. Let’s check out the value

      • Fire Warriors: $55
      • Fireblade: $32
      • Stealth Battlesuits: $35
      • Ghostkeel Battlesuit: $85
      • Ethereal: $33.50 (the Ethereal pictured is the one from the current Start Collecting box, so this is priced a little higher)

      Total MSRP: $240.50

      Savings Versus Box Price: $90.50

      This doesn’t have the highest value we’ve seen, but pretty close to a lot of the boxes and still decent for the price. If you need the models inside then it does save you a decent amount of cash and will get you a lot of minis for fairly cheap.

      Thousand Sons Combat Patrol:

      Thousand Sons Combat PatrolThe Thousand Sons one is pretty similar to the Hexfire box, so if you grabbed that one this might still have some value for you. It is a little strange just because it has so many Tzaangors and it’s basically the same as the Hexfire box but with 10 more Tzaangors added in.

      warhammer-merchandiseClick Here To Get your Warhammer 40k Gifts & Merchandise! 

      Let’s check out what this will save you:

      • 5x Scarab Occult Terminators $60
      • Infernal Master $35 (Based on recent characters)
      • 20X Tzaangors (with upgrade sprues) $130

      Total MSRP: $225

      Savings Versus Box Price: $75

      Grey Knights Combat Patrol:

      Grey Knights Combat PatrolThe Grey Knights one is pretty similar to the Hexfire box, so if you grabbed that one this might still have some value for you. Because who doesn’t need more minis and they switched out the Crowe for the Terminators. So some pretty decent stuff overall. 

      Let’s check out what this will save you:

      • Terminator Squad: $54
      • Dreadknight: $65
      • 5x Strike Squad: $40 ($65 for 10)
      • Librarian: $35

      Total Value: $194

      Savings Versus Box Price: $44

      Unfortunately, the Grey Knights one has low value… However for a very low model count army, this isn’t a bad pick-up overall.

      Adeptus Custodes Combat Patrol:

      Adeptus Custodes Combat Patrol

      Following on from the events of Shadow Throne, the perfidious Genestealer Cultists and the Talons of the Emperor are mustering Combat Patrols to continue their respective missions across the Imperium. You’ll be able to prepare for these campaigns with Codex: Adeptus Custodes and Codex: Genestealer Cults, which are both packed full of thematic rules like devastating crossfire, and peerless battle stances.

      If you’re in need of the Sisters models, this box is a good buy, but if not, it may be a pass.  Let’s check out what this will save you:

      • 10x Sisters of Silence: $110
      • Shield-Captain on Dawneagle Jetbike: $60
      • Vexilus Praetors: $60

      Total MSRP: $230

      Savings Versus Box Price: $80

      Genestealer Cults Combat Patrol:

      GSC Combat Patrol

      Following on from the events of Shadow Throne, the perfidious Genestealer Cultists and the Talons of the Emperor are mustering Combat Patrols to continue their respective missions across the Imperium. You’ll be able to prepare for these campaigns with Codex: Adeptus Custodes and Codex: Genestealer Cults, which are both packed full of thematic rules like devastating crossfire, and peerless battle stances.

      Overall of all the Combat Patrol Boxes, the new Genestealer Cults is a pretty good value in terms of both pricing and selection of models.

      Let’s check out what this will save you:

      • 20x Neophyte Hybrids: $100
      • Magus: $32
      • Goliath Rockgrinder: $60
      • Aberrants: $42
      • Acolyte Hybrids: $42

      Total Value: $276

      Savings Versus Box Price: $126

      Which of The Combat Patrol Boxes Has the Best Pricing & Value?

      combat patrol boxes 6

      If you look just at the numbers, the Sister and GSC Combat Patrol boxes come out as winners based on pricing and value. But if you look at the units involved, the Drukahri really come out the winner there, with everything in the box being useful and included in almost every Kabal list.

      The Death Guard box does have a ton of value, but it comes mainly in the form of Poxwalkers, so that is hard to gauge. If you want a lot of Poxwalkers, it is the box for you.

      The clear loser just on pricing and value along are the Deathwatch and Grey Knights Combat Patrol boxes. That’s because if you don’t need the characters, you basically get no real value. But either way, they all save you some cash and get you a bunch of minis in one buy.

      What do you think about the latest GW price increases for Warhammer? 

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