How To Clean Old, Dirty & “Ruined” Paint Brushes for Miniatures

painting-tutorial-how-to-clean-miniature-paint-brushesHere is how to clean your old, dirty, and “ruined” paint brushes for miniatures, with these two secret weapons that you may already own!

Rob faces all the same issues we do with our hobbying and one problem we all face after some time is dirty paint brushes for miniatures. Today, he offers a quick and easy way to clean them up and actually keep them clean with basically no effort (idea inspired by KeyLimePrime on Twitch). Let’s see how to do it!

2 Secret Weapons For Cleaning Dirty Miniature Paint Brushes

Clean Your Paintbrushes 2


Clean Your Paintbrushes 3These are the brushes we’ll be cleaning and restoring today, and you can see they are in pretty rough condition! With this method, you might never have to buy new brushes again if you don’t want to!

brush cleaner & restorerFor our cleaning process, we will need a glass cup and this bottle of  Winsor & Newton Brush Cleaner. Pour in a decent amount and add more for each extra brush you want to clean. It’s not an exact science, so you sort of have to do it a couple of times to get the exact amount you need.

One big thing to note, be sure to keep this away from pets and children as drinking it would not be good, to say the least.

Clean Your Paintbrushes 4After the cup is full, he then sets the brushes in the solution, it’s important to notice that he tacks the brushes to the side of the glass with some poster tac. If you let the handle of the brushes sit in the solution, it will actually damage the handles.

Allow your brushes to rest in the solution for about 5-10 min.

Step 2

After we take them out, wash them off in water. Then take some Jentastic Drunken Brush Goop Conditioner and put some in your palm with the brush like the picture above. Next, run the bristles through it in the folds of your palm until it looks smooth, then wash it off again.

After they have been cleaned and conditioned, these brushes are looking great! You can also apply the conditioner regularly to your brushes to extend their life!

And that’s it! Your miniatures paint brushes are good as new in just a few minutes, be sure to watch the how to clean video above for Rob’s full breakdown.

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