All The New 40k Miniatures Hitting Last Chance to Buy Till May

last-chance-to-buy-cames-workshop-warhammer-40kIf you want any of these Warhammer 40k models that just hit the Last Chance to Buy list, order them before they disappear on May 1st!

Recently, we’ve pretty much-seen nothing but Space Marines hit this list (well, minus the War Zone books) and the Terrain last week, but now it looks like GW is trying to thin out their Xenos line. Generally, stuff doesn’t last too long once it goes to this section of the store, so don’t sit around too long if you really want anything on here.

Some of these we’re not too sad about their departure, but a couple of these are actually really cool. Let’s check out everything that has hit the Last Chance to buy list, but if you want to get any of it yourself, you can right here

40k Terrain Still on Last Chance to Buy List

Last chance to buy terrainThe Skyshield might be our favorite piece on here just because it’s been around for so long. Other than that, they are getting rid of a bunch of walls, which are pretty easy to find other places, so not too much to worry about there.

Last chance to buy terrain 2They are also getting rid of the hero bases and the large base detail kit, so that stinks. We’re not really sure why they are getting rid of all this terrain unless they are planning on a bigger rework of the line. Or, they might just have too much that doesn’t really sell, it’s really hard to say…

Now onto the new batch.

Tons of 40k Xenos Hits GW’s Last Chance to Buy List

may 17 last chance to buy 1It’s sad to see Xenos staff rotated out because they are some of the most unique models around. In particular, on this first page, Kaptin Badrukk is a Pirate Ork, who doesn’t love that? Or the Sslyth, which might be a perfect game piece for any Sci-Fi RPGs.

may 17 last chance to buy 2

The second page has two more Ork Bosses, a Necron Cryptek, and a bunch of Drukhari beasts. I for one have seen some sweet conversions with Grotesque parts, but the Khymerae are also some sweet models. Unfortunately they just didn’t get the love they needed, like many of these models, hence the rotating out.

may 17 last chance to buy 3

This last set has a few from last time, but also a Tau and Drukahri character. Not to mention Mandrakes aswell, which have always been a favorite model of mine. Unfortunately if its a favorite for you too, you’ll have to grab them before they are gone!

On top of these, there are also a few Forge World models rotating out

may 17 fw last chance to buy

On Forge World we see the Necron Pylon, Necron guns, and two Ork Stompa options getting rotated out. These are definitely more corner cases, but if you wanted to build a particular Stompa, this might be your last chance with these weapons!

Grab These Kits Here if You Need Them!

Will you be picking up any of these kits before they are gone? 

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