HOAX ALERT: Hobbyists Faking GW Rules Emails Now…

hoax-alertAs the balance dataslate attempts to regulate 40k again and the Tyranids emerge, some hobbyists are creating hoax rumors and leaks just to troll everyone…

Some tournaments actually disallowed Crusher Stampede over the weekend because with the new codex out hobbyists are considering those rules a pre-codex patch. Now we’re seeing a “GW rules email” going around that some folks are saying proves GW did not intend these supplements to be used with the new codex.

Problem is, it looks a little fishy…

Before we get too far, these have neither been confirmed nor denied by GW but they seem awfully strange. Some in the community actually called this out, and some say its “real”. But we’re wondering about not only the email itself but how soon will GW recall holdover rules such as the Crusher Stampede if at all…

HOAX ALERT: Hobbyists Faking GW Rules Emails For Tyranids Now…

Fake Emails

This is part of the allegedly fake email floating around. So, why is this such a big deal? Well, it says the rules for Crusher Stampede are no longer viable with the new Tyranids codex!

Seemingly that would mean big things for the game in general. As GW loves to make these little rule sets for armies that need their new book, or often at the exact same time or just before their new codex book hits. Then, if this were real, it means GW could just decide to kill your favorite army after you spent cash to get the rules and build your faction up around something fun.

However, this wouldn’t be the first fake rules we’ve seen by a long shot, and it’s becoming more prevalent as hobbyists continue to get frustrated with what may be the incessant rules bloat from Warhammer 40k…

Knight castellan DatasheetRecently, we also saw these Knight rules, which were quickly disproven by playtesters as a hoax.

So we all know there are people out there willing to take some serious time out of their day to troll everyone. These had weapon profiles in there that were just totally wrong when compared with what GW put out, so it’s not out of the question for someone to make all this up about the Tyranids supplements too.

We’ll let you decide whether this is real or not, but it does raise a great question about rules bloat in general.

When Should Games Workshop Retire Old 40k Rules?

40k-Tyranid-Crusher-Stampede-RulesHow long do you feel GW should actually keep rules around? Is the entire length of 9th way too long to have something like the Crusher Stampede? If they make something for an edition, should it be there the whole time no matter what? Especially when you consider they are trying to make editions shorter.

We honestly don’t know what GW will do, but when do you think we should cut rules off, especially when you consider a new codex is out and the supplement book with the rules is being discontinued.

Do you think this Tyranids email was a hoax to mess with the community? Even so, when do you think GW should retire rules in general?

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