How to Paint Saim-Hann Eldar: Hellfire Hobbies Tutorial

Saim Hann How to paintLearn how to paint that Saim-Hann Eldar red armor with confidence because it doesn’t have to be hard- check it out!

With the new book out, it’s time to get painting up your forces! If you’re planning on going with this Craftworld, you need to get good at painting red and this tutorial will help you tackle the steps without much hassle!

Let’s see how to do it.

How to Paint Saim-Hann Eldar: Hellfire Hobbies Tutorial

Saim Hann How to paint 2We are going to use the natural transparency of red to our advantage here, so instead of being afraid of the color, we’ll go right at it! Plus, you can see all the colors at the top he will be using. He obviously, also starts with a black primer.

Step 1:

Saim Hann How to paint 3He starts with Mephiston Red through the airbrush and just sprays from the top down to keep some of the natural shadows from the black. He does this in a few layers and just keeps them nice thin smooth layers.

Next, he adds Evil Sun Scarlett but this time he doesn’t tilt the model almost at all and does this again from the top-down angle. To finish this step, he does a single coat of Carroburg Crimson wash over all the red.

Step 2:

Saim Hann How to paint 4Now he switches to black with the brush and paints all the insides of the helmet and gun. You don’t have to be too worried about the paint from the inside of the helmet spilling over to the rest of the helmet because we’ll paint over that later. He just does one good coat over everything he wants black.

Then he breaks out the Stegadon Scale Green and does a quick highlight of the black areas and the eyes. Next he does all the gems with Ahriman blue and does another highlight of the eyes. To finish this step, he breaks out Celestial Grey and covers the rest of the helmet with it. Then does a final highlight of the white with Ulthuan Grey.

Step 3:

Saim Hann How to paint 6The final step is to either paint your base or take it off the red base and throw it on a new one! He had this pre-painted but does make sure to go back and redo the outer rim of the base with black.

Finished Model:

Saim Hann How to paint 5There you have it! A model that will look great on the table and only takes minutes to paint, hard to beat that!

That does it for this one! If you want to see more, check out Hellfire Hobbies’ own tutorial by clicking this link here.

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