New Commissioner Gordon & Catwoman From Knight Models!

By Travis Pasch | April 17th, 2022 | Categories: Game & Hobby Products, Knight Models, News / Rumors

Catwoman featureKnight Models has new Commissioner Gordon and Catwoman models in the works for the Batman game- check it out!

Whether you’re looking for heroes or villains, Knight Models always has something for you! Their line of DC minis is starting to get insane, so basically, any character that’s your favorite, they have it. This release is based on the new movie, so you know the models are going to be really cool! Plus, these will be in the new starter set, so you can just get them all in one buy!

Even if you don’t play the game, they are really cool models and just so iconic. It’s Always fun to play and hobby on some of your favorite characters. Let’s stop talking and jump into the minis!

New Catwoman From Knight Models!

CatwomanWith this coming in the starter, it’s really starting to look like an awesome box! If you love what Knight Models are up to, check out what else they have going on. Let’s hear what they have to say about this new release:

As you can see she is incredible and is faithful to the character of Selina Kyle in the new The Batman movie.
The miniature comes with an optional head so you can assemble it however you like, and although all cats are gray in the dark, this new Selina Kyle will shine out with her own light in the game.

Catwoman 2

Here are the game rules for the new Catwoman, included in the upcoming Batman MIniature Game two-player starter box. She will also get perks if our new Batman (The Batman) is in play. Both will benefit from each other’s presence, as we just saw with the new Bat-Lenses trait. Even if she has Batman by her side, she doesn’t need him to defend herself! This Catwoman is designed to not be easy to remove from the game. She has a set of traits that make her deadly in melee attacks!

Commissioner Gordon

Today we continue to show you the fantastic miniature content from the new starter box for the Batman Miniature Game 3rd edition.
Today is Commissioner Gordon’s turn, and Gotham’s cleanest cop has rules designed to accompany the new Batman in his crusade of vengeance!
This new version of Gordon reaches his full potential alongside the new Batman (also included in this new starter box, as shown earlier) but he doesn’t lack his usual police tricks either!

Commissioner Gordon 2

The new ability of Support (designed to accompany the new Batman), will allow you to make unexpected plays by being able to immediately make an action with The Batman, raising the possibilities of your strategies.. or just dishing out some much-needed vengeance!

That does it for this one, just some more amazing minis to look forward to!

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