New Horus Heresy Plastic Praetor Revealed By GW!

Horus-Heresy-praetors-miniature-previewGW has revealed a new Horus Heresy all-Plastic Praetor as well as some details on how you can equip yours- check it out!

During AdeptiCon, GW revealed the first Mark VI Armor Marine, now, they are giving us some more insight into what the Praetors will look like, what you can equip them with, and other options. This all but also confirms what’s coming in the starter box as they show off the exact two armies in the rumor pictures. We’ll also take a look at the first Praetor they revealed as well for the Sons of Horus.

Heresy ThursdayWarhammer Community unveiled the new model and another pretty sweet video for the game. Plus, this is the second edition of Heresy Thursday, where they will reveal new HH minis every Thursday in April, so expect more reveals every week! Let’s first check out the mini, and the video, then check out the rumored starter set, as they basically show it’s on the way.

Horus Heresy All-Plastic Legion Tactical Squad Revealed!

Let’s hope they release some of the beakies just on their own because so many people love to build their marines with them, as you should!

horus heresy plastic legion


horus heresy plastic legion 2

Long-time Warhammer fans will notice echoes of the original plastic Space Marine kit, the legendary RTB01 box. Released in 1987, that set was similarly full of posable Mark VI Corvus Armour. The Legionaries in the new kit are larger, more imposing, and less bow-legged, but they have that same versatility – and the same option to strap a great big chainblade to the barrel of their gun for an extra dose of marine-on-marine ultraviolence.

Form the looks of it, you’ll get a lot of options in the kit and be able to build them for either side.

horus heresy plastic legion 3


horus heresy plastic legion 4

This is an incredibly versatile kit, with plenty of options for posing and gear. This is a Legion Tactical Squad, so it’s (old-style) bolters and bayonets for everyone, though the Sergeant gets a plasma pistol and a choice of power sword, power fist, or lightning claw.

They are honestly, just so cool! Plus, we just haven’t seen a really big release for HH in a while now, so that alone makes this exciting.

Horus Heresy Beaks 4

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Horus Heresy Beaks 3


Horus Heresy Beaks 2

The Tactical Squad has more than weapons to play with – the kit also includes optional wargear such as a Legion vexilla (the fancy back banner you spotted in the trailer), a nuncio-vox (for keeping in touch with command), and an augury scanner (to help intercept sneakier foes), as well as packs of meltabombs, frag grenades, and krak grenades.

With them all being plastic, it really opens the possibilities for great conversions as well. Plus, with all this revealed, they have more or less just confirmed the rumored starter set below is exactly what we thought.

Possible Horus Heresy Starter Set Box

Thanks to the following exclusive image submitted by a Spikey Bits reader from last summer, we now have more to go off and a better idea of everything in the set. If these are right, this could be a gigantic starter. They kept saying it was huge, so this could be totally correct.

Hi Guys.
I did this on ppt it gives a better idea of what might be the content of the future box
Thank you for what you do for the hobby 

30k rumor (compressed)Also just to note, these are all going to be priced in plastic.

  • 40 Mark III Space Marines $200 ($50 for 10)
  • 10 Cataphractii Terminators $130 ($65 for 5)
  • Contemptor Dreadnought $60 (based on the existing kit)
  • Characters $50 (based on the Space Marine Characters pack)
  • Spartan $100 (drop from resin based on the Repulsor Executioner price)
  • Rulebook and other potential accessories (note the absence of any templates…)

Total MSRP: $540

Total Values: if it’s priced in box at $200: $340 / at $300: $240

Whatever the price comes out to be, even at $300 this could really have the value-packed in there. Especially if the price of the Spartan doesn’t drop as we would expect.

If they do price this at the $200 mark, it could really bring new players into the game, especially if the rules are coming updated along with it.

New Horus Heresy Plastic Praetor Revealed By GW!

Did you catch the gripping Praetor-on-Praetor battle royale in the cinematic trailer for Warhammer: The Horus Heresy? Well, we saw the glorious miniature for one of these Astartes officers at AdeptiCon, and now we’re ready to meet a second new plastic Praetor – this time in Mark VI Artificer Armour.

Praetor Horus Heresy

Praetors were the mightiest warriors and battle-leaders of the Space Marine Legions. They commanded the war hosts of the Great Crusade and held the power of life and death in their hands. Such inspiring heroism requires a suitably imposing miniature…

…and this new plastic Praetor perfectly captures the majesty of these legendary commanders.

This is a pretty cool mini! It captures that old-school feel with a ton of great detail, even though it might be a little static.

Praetor Horus Heresy 2

The Praetor is armed with a master-crafted volkite charger to burn through massed infantry and a potent power weapon (which can alternately be used as a paragon blade) to slice through any enemy warriors. Meanwhile, his artificer armour and forcefield-projecting iron halo keep him safe from incoming fire. His cape offers no such battlefield benefits, but it is both fashionable and practical, should he ever find himself needing to look cool on a windswept rocky outcrop.

It looks like you’ll get an extra head, but we’re not sure how many other options you’ll get. If you look close at the center of the start set image above it seems like that version of the model has a different head as well!

Sons of Horus Praetor

Horus Heresy New Minis 2

The Praetors are some of the first kits moving to plastic, making the game more approachable than ever before. If you’re a fan of the lore or the Horus Heresy series from Black Library, but you’re not so familiar with advanced resin kits, this is the edition of the game you’ve been waiting for. Both miniatures will be in the launch set for the new edition, on which we’ll have more details coming very soon…

Next up is the Praetor, who is pretty badass honestly. However, it looks a lot like the mini in the rumored starter pics too from the side, fighting the Imperial fists painted one!

Click Gallery below for full-size images.

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