New JOYTOY Imperial Fists Action Figures Spotted!

new-joytoy-imperial-fistsMore new JOYTOY Imperial Fists action figures are on the way as an Aggressor, Lieutenant, and more have been spotted!

We’ve already seen some Space Wolves, so it’s not a chock to see another chapter join the fold! We also just saw a bunch of stuff going on pre-order for people here in the States, so we’ll take a look at that first, then jump into all the new stuff!

40k JOYTOY Action Figures Hit Pre-Order in the USA!

JOYTOY Preorders


JOYTOY Preorders 2You can get all of the above from Entertainment Earth right now. The nice part is now you can even get some Chaos stuff this time around! You can click any of the links below to go grab yours now!

The majority will be shipping out in August, but a few are in September, so just keep that in mind when you’re ordering. If you want to see what the figures are like in person, check out Rob’s video on it below.

New JOYTOY Imperial Fists Action Figures Spotted!

Imperial Fists JOYTOYJust like with all the JOYTOY stuff, they are super detailed and have tons of articulation! Plus, if you play Imperial Fists, this is a super fun addition to your collection.

Imperial Fists JOYTOY 2


Imperial Fists JOYTOY 3It only makes sense to give you a Sergeant with a giant powerfist!

Imperial Fists JOYTOY 4


Imperial Fists JOYTOY 5Obviously, they couldn’t leave the staunch defenders without a proper Lieutenant!

Imperial Fists JOYTOY 6


Imperial Fists JOYTOY 7It’s also really nice they give multiple head options for some of them.

Imperial Fists JOYTOY 8Last but not least is another Aggressor. We’ll have to see if they come out with more, but getting something for your chapter is better than nothing!

Click Here To Get Your JOYTOY Action Figures!

Will be picking up any of these JOYTOY Space Marines Action Figures? 

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