Sindari Voidfarers Coming Soon From Kromlech!

Sindari Void featureThe new Sindari Voidfarers Eldar Alternatives will be arriving soon from Kromlech- check out the minis and discounts!

Kromlech is always putting out some of the coolest alternative minis, terrain, and bits on the market! If you haven’t checked them out before, they are definitely worth looking into. This time though, we’ll be focusing on a bunch of new models that will make the perfect Eldar alternatives. They released what most of the units will look like, so plenty to get excited about! 

These will be here in just a few days and you can even save some cash when you buy any of the three large sets! If you need a mini fix right now, you should check out their most recent releases here!

Sindari Voidfarers Coming Soon From Kromlech!

Sindari Void


Sindari Void 2


Sindari Void 3While this isn’t their usual line of models, we’re super happy they are throwing their hats into the ring when it comes to Eldar alternatives as their minis are always awesome!

Sindari Void 9


Sindari Void 5


Sindari Void 6Here’s a little more about the discount and models: 

Coming from the void, the ancient race hungers for vengeance. Join the Sindari Voidfarers on their path to premiere – all 12 sets (with the largest three at a 15% discount!)

Sindari Void 4With so much going on for the faction, we hope we’ll get all kinds of minis! And maybe even more than we see here. 

Sindari Void 8With the deal on this set, and how expensive the new set from a certain company is, this might be the best way to grab a bunch of Warlocks in one go without spending as much cash! Plus, your army would be a lot different from those around you.

Sindari Void 7With another big discount, this isn’t a bad way to get a bunch of heavy firepower onto the field quickly.

That does it for this one, now go get some awesome minis!

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