5 Mostly Okay-ish Reasons to Play The New Horus Heresy

By Rob Baer | May 10th, 2022 | Categories: Chaos, Horus Heresy, News / Rumors, Space Marines

5-reasons-to-play-now horus heresyWith the new edition on the horizon and all kinds of hype, here are 5 good reasons to play Horus Heresy now!

If you’re hesitant about the new edition or are just looking for reasons you should spend more of those hobby dollars on the sweet new plastics out there, we have plenty of excuses for you!

Seriously though, with the game moving to plastic and part of GW’s mainline, we hope that means tons of support for the game. Perhaps best of all we’ll have people to play with, more consistent rules, and tons of minis. But that’s just the beginning; let’s jump into what we think are 5 good reasons to play Horus Heresy

Why Should I Play The New Edition of Horus Heresy: 5 Good Reasons

Deimos Pattern Rhino 2For all you well-seasoned gamers out there, not old, just of a certain vintage- the game brings back the nostalgia feels of the old editions. Therefore you will probably remember way more rules than you would think!

This just makes getting into the game way easier because it is only so complex, but since you have a good baseline and idea of how to play, actually getting into games and enjoying them should prove to be much easier!

The Rules Probably Won’t Change Much, It’s Space Marines, Mostly…

Horus Heresy StarterEven with this new edition, the rules aren’t changing that much. This means once you get the rules down and have an army that you like, it will probably be valid for a long time. This also helps from rules creep taking you out of the meta. Since the game is different from 8th and 9th Edition 40k, there is more to learn up-front, but once you do, you’re more or less good to go for a long time.

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W could see where there may be more rule changes than the previous editions simply because it’s moving to the mainline. Still, we don’t expect the rules to change too often to upset the folks that have been playing for the last 10 years.

New Models & Tanks

Kratos Heavy tankThis edition has already brought about a ton of new minis and even some new tanks that weren’t in the game previously. We’ve seen the Kratos, which is just really sweet, and who knows what all else will be revealed by the end of it!

Rumors of More Moving to Plastic

Horus Heresy ThursdayDo you like hobbying? Well, new minis in plastic means you’ll be able to get your hobby on way more often, and everything being in plastic just makes it that much easier. Obviously, you can keep your old stuff, but it’s always fun to have new plastic minis to hobby on. Plus, new stuff, lol, everyone loves the new shiny!

You Mostly Know Your Opponent’s Rules

This one is nice because you don’t have to learn what a million factions do. The only ones you might be a little fuzzy on are the Mechanicum, Custodes, or the Solar auxiliary, but for the most part, the rules are easy to know. Meaning you shouldn’t be taken by crazy surprise too often!

If you play 40k now, you know how frustrating it can be to play against an army you have no idea what they can do, and bam! Surprise, you’re dead. That doesn’t happen nearly as often in Horus Heresy.

If you missed the latest few previews from GW, you can get all caught up on those from our coverage below:

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What do you think so far of the new edition of Horus Heresy- why would you, or do you play? 

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