GW Promises Free Rules Updates for Horus Heresy

Marine-Space-free-horus-heresyGW promised some free rules updates for the new Horus Heresy game and when we can expect rules for other factions to pop up!

Obviously, with the big reveals over the weekend, you know GW would give some more teasers and previews on what to expect in the near future.

Let’s first check out the big starter reveal, then jump into the updates for how they are releasing these free rules updates for the latest edition of Horus Heresy!

Horus Heresy Starter Boxset Has Been Revealed!

It’s time to get excited! Even though we don’t have an exact release date, it’s a good time to be playing Horus Heresy for sure!

Horus Heresy Starter 2

This is a complete game for two players in a box that’s packed with incredible new miniatures. If you don’t feel like sharing, it’s a fantastic way to start or expand a new Warhammer: The Horus Heresy army! The miniatures are all plastic and much easier to build, making the game more accessible than ever before. (Who are we kidding, you’re not going to share it…)

Horus Heresy StarterWe’ve been waiting on this new Horus Heresy box for so long now, and seeing it finally confirmed by Games Workshop at Warhammer Fest is quite nice.

Horus Heresy Starter 3Getting this bad boy in plastic is going to be super awesome!


What else could you possibly need? A tank? A transport? Why not both? The Spartan is bristling with lascannon arrays and can transport up to 26 Space Marines in power armour. This is the first time this mighty tank has been available in a plastic kit.

Horus Heresy Starter

You also get templates, measuring sticks, dice, and the new rulebook for Warhammer: The Horus Heresy – which you’ll be able to buy separately soon after the boxed set is released. The rules have been updated and improved, perfect for a time of Titans, Primarchs, and Legions of superhuman warriors.

It wouldn’t be a proper starter without all this stuff! Plus, getting the templates is nice if you haven’t played before or haven’t played 40k since the age of templates.

You won’t have long to wait to get your hands on this unbelievably packed boxed set, and while we can’t reveal full details of pricing, we can confirm that the set will cost less than £200 or $300 (US) when it launches. That’s a lot of Beakies for your bucks…

While they don’t give us an exact release date, we can start guessing at the value! Check it out below.

Rumored Horus Heresy Starter Value

There are two big things to note first. We don’t know the prices of the individual kits 100%, so this is as close as we can get for now. Also just to note, these are all going to be priced in plastic, with estimated pricing compared to the latest price increases.

  • 40 Mark VI Space Marines $220 ($55 for 10)
  • 10 Cataphractii Terminators $140 ($70 for 5)
  • Contemptor Dreadnought $70 (based on the Redemptor kit)
  • Characters $55 (based on the Space Marine Characters pack)
  • Spartan $110 (drop from resin based on the Repulsor Executioner price)
  • Rulebook and other potential accessories $50

Total MSRP: $645 not counting  accessories  Confirmed Box Price: <$300

Total Values versus box price: at least $345 in value

So while the initial price is a little higher than we had hoped (but expected), this has some great value, and you get more than 100% of the box price in value. Plus, you just get so many minis!

This will be a great pickup if you want to get into the game.

GW Promises Some Free Rules Updates for Horus Heresy

Horus Heresy Free rules Updates

While the Liber Astartes and Liber Hereticus allow Space Marines players to use their full collections right away, factions like the Mechanicum, the Solar Auxilia, and the Talons of the Emperor will be joining them very soon. Including, amongst other things, full Knight armies for the Age of Darkness.

If you play already and have a big force built up for something other than Space Marines Legionaries, this is great news!

Horus Heresy Free rules Updates 2

Each of the major factions waging war in the Horus Heresy will feature in their own books. For the really esoteric things – including discontinued models – rules will be made available for free in the forthcoming Legacies of the Age of Darkness PDF. In any case, we want you to be able to join in all the fun with the new edition as soon as possible – no matter what you collect.

There’s a reason we said “some” free updates, as it looks like there will be plenty of stuff moving to Horus Heresy Legends? Perhaps some of the last chances to buy items won’t make the cut.

Regardless, grabbing any rules for free is always a plus, and it will let you play with some more of the obscure models in the game. We would have also liked to see some timeframe for the other books though, to be honest.

We hope their release is faster than 40k books have been coming out, or at least a PDF for all of them, so they will all be playable at launch.

Click Gallery below for full-size images.

Here’s the most up-to-date list of new Horus Heresy Rules & Product Leaks. Click on the gallery above to see new Horus Heresy models and rules rumors!

Are you excited about other factions getting rules soon? 

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