GW Reveals New Black Library Pre-Orders For May 7th

Black-Library-New-releases-primaris-gargantsGW revealed even more new releases for next week with another wave of Black Library books hitting pre-orders on May 7th!

Games Workshop just let us in on more new releases that will be going up for pre-order this coming Saturday at 1PM eastern here in the states.

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Now let’s look at next week’s Pre-Order line-up from Warhammer Community.

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Khârn: Eater of Worlds Special Edition

Khârn Eater of Worlds Special Edition

The World Eaters are leaderless – their Primarch is missing, and Khârn lies in a coma. Will the Eighth Captain awaken in time to stop his Legion from tearing itself apart, or will he be the one to doom them? This novel is now available in a special edition, strictly limited to 1,500 copies worldwide. It features a faux leather cover, an introduction by author Anthony Reynolds, and the short story Chosen of Khorne.

Khârn Eater of Worlds Special Edition details

The Limited edition is pretty amazing, but it is limited, and he is a very popular character, so pick it up fast if you want it!

Khârn: Eater of Worlds

Khârn Eater of Worlds

Eater of Worlds will also be available in audiobook format in case you’re simply too berzerk to hold a novel.

If you prefer audiobooks or miss out on the limited edition, this is your way to go to learn about Kharn.

The Triumph of Saint Katherine

The Triumph of Saint Katherine

Staying in the 41st Millennium, Danie Ware’s The Triumph of Saint Katherine gets a hardback, ebook, and audiobook release. On the world of Kiros, a young Battle Sister fights alongside the Ecclesiarchy’s most sacred procession, but the God-Emperor has bigger plans for her…


Hardback, Digital, and Audiobook versions of the book are all also going to be available, so save a few bucks!

The Helwinter Gate

The Helwinter Gate

The Helwinter Gate sees Jarnhammer Pack alone and on a stolen spaceship. Can they restore their honour, and will they ever be allowed to return home to Fenris? Chris Wraight’s Space Wolves novel comes to paperback for the first time.

If you’ve been holding out on Helwinter Gate, you can now get it in paperback to still get a physical copy while saving a few bucks.

Covens of Blood

Covens of Blood

In the Mortal Realms, the Daughters of Khaine dominate the Realm of Shadow. This novel weaves three stories together, telling the tales of three witch-aelves trying to achieve impossible tasks to prove their devotion to Khaine. Covens of Blood will be available as an audiobook.

Audiobooks are always a great pick-up, especially for people who can listen to something while at work or hey, even just while driving in the car!

The Chronicles of Malus Darkblade: Volume Two

The Chronicles of Malus Darkblade Volume Two

Follow the legendary druchii warrior Malus Darkblade on his adventures in the World-that-Was with this anthology, available in paperback and ebook. The dark elven anti-hero searches for the Warpsword of Khaine and Amulet of Vaurog in the stories Warpsword, Lord of Ruin, Deathblade, and Bloodwalker, as he strives to save his twisted soul from the daemon within.

Malus Darkblade is an awesome character, especially within Warhammer Fantasy, so if you wanted to learn about him, this chronicle is your chance.

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Are you excited about the new Black Library books hitting pre-orders on May 7th?

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