Titan of Body New Miniature From Creature Caster Available Now!

Titan of Body featureThe new Titan of Body Mini from Creature Caster is an awesome collaboration and ready to order right now- check out how to score it!

Creature Caster is known for its over-the-top designs and particularly for demons, which just so happen to make pretty great alternative models for Warhammer if you play Chaos. This time around they are going back to their roots and giant minis. Considering these are Titans, they are huge! This project is a collaboration with Vince Venturella and it’s just awesome. 

These have recently hit shelves, so no need to wait around anymore! Since they have so many amazing minis, check out what else they’ve been releasing lately!

New Titan of Body Mini: $130

Titan of BodyJust like with all of Creature Caster’s stuff, the detail on this is just wild, and we can wait to see some of them painted up! It is just super cool and could be used as many different alternatives or just having it on the shelf! Plus, this thing is 280mm tall on a 100mm base so, you know it will dominate the tabletop. 

Titan of Body 2

Let’s hear a little from them about the new model:

About 2 years ago I sat down with Vince Venturella and had a conversation about giants. He had been longing for a giant humanoid that was different from those commonly offered in the industry. Rather than monstrous, primitive, and distorted creatures he was envisioning something elegant and refined – a giant that would be more akin to the Greek gods and titans of ancient mythology. Not only was the discussion incredibly inspiring, but it aligned very much with what I was hoping to move towards with the Creature Caster universe.

Titan of Body 3

We at Creature Caster had always planned to create three major factions that would stand in opposition to our Demons. The first planned faction was the Drakyann – near-immortal half-dragon creatures. The second faction we were intending to introduce was the Angels, the natural antithesis of the demonic hordes (and perhaps an even bigger danger to the universe than the demons themselves).

Titan of Body 5

The third faction was to be human civilizations that had survived demonic incursions thanks to their own ingenuity, and/or the aid of demi-gods. After this discussion, we decided that Creature Caster would accelerate the timeline for our demi-god creatures and align them with some of the concepts and vision that Vince had.

Titan of Body 4That does it for this one! Now go get this awesome mini.

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