Wyrd Games Shipping Issues for March & April Releases

By Travis Pasch | May 3rd, 2022 | Categories: Game & Hobby Products, Malifaux, News / Rumors, Wyrd

Wyrd ShippingWyrd Games is having some shipping issues (as are so many companies) check out their new release announcement!

It’s nice when a company actually updates customers on what’s happening instead of just letting people hang in the air. This is obviously a bit of a downer, but hey, with the state of the world, some things are just bound to happen.

If you want to check out the releases that are getting pushed to next month,you can check that out here. But we’ll also highlight them for you below.

Wyrd Games Shipping Issues for March & April Releases

april Wyrd Releases

Since this is their announcement, we’ll let them tell you what’s happening.


This feels like a bad spoof of the movie Groundhog Day. Love the movie, just don’t like being part of the joke.

If you’ve been wondering where March releases are, well, you’re not alone! Wait, we sent that to you last month, didn’t we? Well in that case… If you’ve been wondering where April releases are, well, you’re not alone!

Shipping has been and continues to be, a complete and utter <insert your favorite expletives> show. Consequently, shipping containers that should have arrived in February are now supposedly showing up in early April … wait … what they really meant was, most likely the end of April, we think, maybe … most likely? which of course doesn’t help us very much, and this was after more than a bit of tooth-pulling just to get that information.

Have you ever had someone tell you something you want to hear, just so that they don’t have to admit to doing something you don’t want to hear about? Yeah, that’s where we’re at right now.

We apologize for the frustration this has likely caused you – it’s causing us the same level of frustration, if not more.

Updated May Schedule:

april Wyrd Releases 3

The releases previously announced for March will be moved to… May.

May Releases
WYR23433 Neverborn Starter Box $ 45.00
WYR23924 Self-Made $ 35.00
WYR23925 All the World’s a Stage $ 50.00
WYR23915 Protected Domain $ 55.00
WYR23923 They All Fall Down $ 35.00

That does it for this one, now go grab some of the May releases!

Learn More About the Announcement Here!

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