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star wars legion battle force starter setAtomic Mass Games revealed a ton of new Star Wars: Legion Miniatures from bundled Battle Force boxes to smaller expansions!

We saw the schedule of events but now we get to see the first minis that would have been revealed at the Ministravaganza and they are quite awesome! There are some classics with both the defenders and attackers of Hoth, but that’s not enough, then there are assassin droids, swoop bike riders, and more!

Let’s check out the upcoming schedule for when Ministravaganza gets rescheduled, (due to COVID) then jump into the minis!

Previous Atomic Mass Games Ministravaganza Schedule!

MinistravaganzaThe event would have taken place from June 9-11th. If they keep the same schedule when it returns, the first day will focus on Star Wars but have a nice little painting class in the middle for the new Nick Fury mini, so even if you’re just into MCP, even the first day will have something for you.

Here are all the new miniature releases, including battle force boxes that offer bundled savings for both Star Wars Legion, and The Clone Wars!

Echo Base Defenders Battle Force: $150 Sept. 16th, 2022

new Star Wars Legion ministravaganza

 The Rebels at Echo Base used their ingenuity and courage to make a stand against an overwhelming Imperial force and this pack captures their rebel spirit with units that form the cornerstone of players’ armies. Featuring four units of Rebel Veterans, two units of Tauntaun Riders, and a 1.4 FD Laser Cannon Team all led by Rebel hero Leia Organa accompanied by Chewbacca, R2-D2 and C-3PO, this pack gives players a stout force to hold off any opponent. Players will also find the Command Cards for Leia Organa, R2-D2, and Chewbacca alongside copies of the four generic Command Cards and three new Command Cards designed for the exclusive use of the Echo Base Defenders Battle Force.

new Star Wars Legion ministravaganza 2There are so many cool minis in this set and so many nostalgic ones! If you’ve ever wanted to play out the iconic battle, you can very soon!

Blizzard Force Battle Force: $150 Sept. 16th, 2022

new Star Wars Legion ministravaganza 3

 Carrying out the orders of Darth Vader himself, the renowned Blizzard Force crushed the Rebel resistance on Hoth and this Battle Force puts everything players need to construct and play their own Galactic Empire armies at their fingertips, including the commander version of Darth Vader from the Star Wars: Legion Core Set, three units of Imperial Snowtroopers, an AT-ST, a unit of 74-Z Speeder Bikes, and a new Stormtrooper Heavy Response Unit. In addition to these units, players will also find a complete set of basic command cards, reprints of Darth Vader’s three command cards from the Star Wars: Legion Core Set, and three new command cards representing the tactics used by the Imperial forces on Hoth for use exclusively by Blizzard Force.

new Star Wars Legion ministravaganza 4If you want to play the battle out, then you need the bad guys! This is just another insane box with plenty of cool troops, the AT-ST, and of course Vader!

Swoop Bike Riders Unit Expansion: $34.99 August 19th, 2022

new Star Wars Legion ministravaganza 5

The support unit of two Swoop Bike Riders found in this expansion helps players get their forces into the thick of the fight quickly where they can cause the most chaos and destruction before zooming out before the might of planetary authorities can be brought against them. Able to be fielded by either the Rebel Alliance or gangs of mercenaries, these riders add a fast and furious new element to any army.

new Star Wars Legion ministravaganza 6While this is a smaller box, the minis inside make up for it as they are just really cool and who doesn’t want to zoom around the battlefield?

501st Legion Battle Force: $150  Sept. 16th, 2022

new Star Wars Legion ministravaganza 7

The 501st is one of the most renowned units in the Grand Army of the Republic and this set puts an impressive fighting force at players’ command. In addition to Skywalker, players will find two units of Phase II Clone Troopers, a Republic AT-RT, and three units of ARC Troopers to build their Republic Battle Force. To ensure these units are operating at peak efficiency, this set also contains three new Command Cards for use by the 501st Legion as well as all of Anakin Skywalker’s Command Cards and copies of the four generic Command Cards.

new Star Wars Legion ministravaganza 8They are not messing around with the sets this time! This is just another great addition to the line.

Separatist Invasion Force: $150  Sept. 16th, 2022


IG-Series Assassin Droids: $29.95 October 21, 2022

new Star Wars Legion ministravaganza 9

IG-11 is known for his ability to take down multiple targets in a whirlwind of blaster fire. Meanwhile, IG-88 is a rogue assassin droid with a reputation for ruthlessly bringing in his targets no matter the cost. This expansion puts both of these droids at players’ disposal as mercenaries who will also side with Imperials or Rebels without any more qualms about their assignments. In addition to their built in functionality, five Command Cards give them even more tactical options in battle while two upgrade cards give players the freedom to explore two distinct forms of programming with IG-11.

If you need to pack that extra punch in your force, you really can’t go wrong with assassin droids!

Also revealed was a new OP kit dubbed “Dynamic Exit” that will be coming to stores that run events soon as well

Dynamic exit organized play kit Star wars legion

No word on a release date yet for all these reveals, but fingers crossed it is just in time for the holidays!

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Which new set are you the most excited about? Will you be picking any of them up?

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