All The AMG Ministravaganza New Models & Reveals!

ministravganza-amgThe AMG Ministravaganza revealed a ton of new Star Wars: Legion and Marvel Crisis Protocol miniatures and rules for upcoming releases.

If you haven’t heard of it, the Ministravaganza event showcases all the big games from AMG from Star Wars Legion to Marvel Crisis Protocol and even X-wing!

Atomic Mass Games Updated Ministravaganza Schedule!

The good thing is that minis aren’t the only thing the event focuses on. They often reveal new rules, have many painting classes, and so much more! The event ran from July 14-16, so there are plenty of days for new previews to go back and watch if you missed them!

Let’s check out the schedule.

Ministravaganza updated

New Star Wars: Legion Rules & Model Previews From Ministravaganza!

Mandalorian Star Wars Minis 2


Mandalorian Star Wars Minis 3One of the coolest parts about these is that in the video reveal they said these were actually all based on the concept art that wasn’t used in the show but were all essentially designed by Lucas films. They will also have two weapon slots each and three weapon options overall.

So pretty strong with some heavy weapons and obviously are hard to kill.

Mandalorian Star Wars MinisThe new Boba Fett Old and Wise is a cool mini with a dynamic pose and a full-on tactical rock!

New Star Wars Legion Character & Command Cards

boba fett character cards

Boba can now be taken in Rebel lists, which is pretty cool, and he has some interesting looking abilities as well.

boba fett command cards

Adding a black dice to anyone within Range 1 seems pretty solid, and his two pip command card may also be pretty spicy if he either closes or gets surrounded by enemies.

Latent Power is really cool fluff-wise as his powers aren’t fully formed; however you have to roll a d6 for them.

Obviously, Mando is quite strong, but it’s cool that depending on whether you play Grogu or not, you can take him in different forces.


This is just really cool, if you take them both, you get extra abilities!

This is something totally new where you can spend two actions for this. While this doesn’t make him the best-ranged fighter but is still quite strong.

imperial dark troopersThem being able to take two orders and adding an order dice is just super strong!

imperial dark troopers

New Ewoks

star wars ewoksWhile they didn’t show any cards for them, having the Ewoks in Star Wars Legion will be awesome! Plus, we expect them to flesh the line out more with new minis soon because we have already seen the Logray Medicine Man and Chief Chripa miniatures.

New Star Wars Legion: Asajj & Ashoka Models

asoka-tano-legionIn closing, AMG revealed Ashoka Tano and Asajj Ventress models for Star Wars Legion during that last day of Ministravaganza!

In case you missed it, Atomic Mass Games had another set of reveals for a bunch of their games in their latest Ministravaganza! If you wanted to see them paint up and talk about these new Operatives, you can here or by clicking the video below.

Asajj Ventress Separatist Operative

asajj unpainted

First up, we glanced at the new Asajj, who was almost exclusively inside the Clone Wars cartoon as Count Dooku’s failed apprentice.

Some fans might not know about her due to her appearance being tied to the show, but those who do know her are probably excited as she is a unique character with a long development arc in the show.

She is supposedly going to release in Q2 2023!

Star Wars Legion Ashoka Tano Operative Model

Ashoka unpainted

Ashoka easily dwarfs Asajj in popularity, which is no part due to her appearing in so many different materials and eras! She was in Clone Wars, just like Asajj, and had a similarly long character arc, but it didn’t stop there for her.

Fans also got to see her as an adult in Rebels and Mandolarian Season 2, which is the version of her that her model image depicts above.  Because of her extensive appearances and extremely detailed journey as a character, fans love her and her story.

In the stream, we only saw her Resistance model; however, they also let us know that the younger Ashoka was also getting a model as an Operative for the Galactic Republic (eventually).

Rebel Ashoka is supposedly going to release in Q2 2023With Republic Ashoka confirmed but not given a date yet.

New Marvel Crisis Protocol Models, Cards, Tanks & Sentinels!



New MCP 2


New MCP 4We saw some of these previewed already, but it’s cool to see the models unpainted and by themselves! Plus, who doesn’t want to throw these three down on the field at the same time? Plus, it looks like there will be a ton of synergies between all three.

New MCP 5It’s cool that he will be grabbing some grunts and has plenty of powers on his own!

New MCP 3Baron Strucker looks like a super fun character with things like his arrogance rule and just really captures the feel of the character. Plus, if you want to take over the world, you really should run the Baron!

Look out Avengers, AMG revealed in the stream that Hydra would be its own playable faction now with this release!

New MCP 6


New MCP 7This iteration of Cap seems to play much faster and a little less controlled than the current version, but still a super cool addition!

New MCP 8Are you seeing a tank? Yes, yes you are! While they didn’t say much about the rules, we’re pretty pumped to see this!

New MCP 9This is possibly the coolest reveal out of the whole bunch! Plus, they said there will be other head variations for when it’s damaged, and they may or may not have Wolverine claw marks all over them! They also mentioned there will be multiple bodies and more with the kit.

New MCP 1Brand new Pyro and the Blob minaitures! Again, no cards for these guys, but they did mention they will be low-threat characters , so you can flesh out your brotherhood without paying a ton for them.

New MCP 10Last but not least, we have an iconic battle! While they didn’t show it, they also mention Wolverine will have a motorcycle, so… that’s just awesome! We can’t wait to see how that works and what it looks like.

Plus, AMG also revealed new affiliation packs for the Brotherhood, and X-men that are next up as well.

Are you excited about the upcoming Atomic Mass Games Ministravaganza event? Do you like the new miniatures and cards for Marvel Crisis Protocol and Star Wars Legion so far?

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