Horus Heresy Leviathan Siege Dreadnought: Unboxing & Magnetization

leviathan unboxing horus heresy magentizeDon’t miss our unboxing, build, and how-to magnetize the new Horus Heresy Leviathan Siege Dreadnought kit from Games Workshop.

Rob is back with an unboxing and build for the Leviathan Siege Dreadnought to show you everything you need to know, including how to magnetize the kit as well  That way, you can decide if these are worth your hard-earned hobby dollars.

Horus Heresy Leviathan Siege Dreadnought: Unboxing & Magnetization

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Leviathan Dread unboxing 2At least this is cheaper than the resin one, but they are doing the thing they normally do: they put out the kit without the options, then slowly add in the other options over time.

Which just makes you buy more kits, and then somewhere down the rod, they will have a kit with all the options, which will most likely run around $100. Either way, let’s see how this builds up!


Leviathon Dread unboxing 3They’ve been doing all the instructions for HH like they do with Necromunda and the starter. Some sections look a little tough as there are many parts in small areas. However, nothing looks too crazy.

Leviathon Dread unboxing 4When looking at the weapons and arms, they give you enough bits to make 1 of each. However, if you want two of each, it looks like you will have to buy that upgrade sprue. The dedicated power couplings make magnetizing and posing hard, so Rob isn’t too big a fan of it.


Leviathan Dread unboxing


Leviathan Dread unboxingThe set comes with four sprues; overall, the detail looks like what we’ve expected from GW.

Leviathan Dread unboxingThis is the separate sprue that will be $27 and is available via direct order from Games Workshop.

Leviathan Assembly & Magnetizing

Leviathan Dread unboxingThis was an interesting build, and Rob got a little fired up about the magnetization part. Before we get into some of the issues with the build, here is the list of magnets Rob did end up using:

  • Eight 1/16 x 1/32 (Chest Weapons)
  • Four 1/4 x 1/16 (Upper Arms)
  • Two 1/4 x 1/32 (Lower Arms)
  • Two 5/16 x 1/16 (Phosphex Launcher)

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Leviathan Dread unboxingRob always grabs his magnets from the Magnet Baron, which are perfect for hobbying, and come divided up into convenient packs of 50.

Leviathan Dread unboxingThe kit actually has pre-drilled magnet holes for the torso weapons! This will take 8 of the 1/16 x 1/32 magnets. So, that’s a serious plus.

Leviathan Dread unboxingHowever, nothing else has anything pre-drilled… It just makes no sense; when they do it for the torso to give us value, they don’t go all the way. They obviously have the technology to do it, so why not go the extra step when we know the other kit is on the way?

Leviathan Dread unboxingAnyway, we did get the arms magnetized. First, Rob double stacks in the upper arm slot with the 1/4 magnets, and then you only need one 1/4 in the actual weapon.

Leviathan Dread unboxing 2Last but not least, put a 5/16 magnet on both sides of the weapon and armor for the top. With the 5/16, you will have enough power to attract through the plastic.

Is the Plastic Leviathan Model Worth It?

Leviathan Dread unboxing 2Overall, Rob is impressed with how well the kit went together, it’s cheaper than the Forge World one, and magnetizing wasn’t too hard. However, it feels strange not to give more weapon options and that they went halfway with the pre-drilled holes.

It just leaves a bad taste in your mouth regarding the value, but the kit itself is a dream!

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What do you think of this unboxing, build, and how to magnetize the new Levithan Seige Dreadnought? 

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