AMG Reveals IG-Series Assassin Droids Star Wars: Legion Rules

The new IG-Series Assassin Droids miniatures are joining Star Wars: Legion and AMG just revealed their rules!

The expansion is currently on pre-order (will be shipped on 10/21/2022), so it’s good to know what they can do before you buy! The cards come from AMG’s latest transmission. First, check out the new pack we saw, then jump into the rules!

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IG-11 is known for his ability to take down multiple targets in a whirlwind of blaster fire. Meanwhile, IG-88 is a rogue assassin droid with a reputation for ruthlessly bringing in his targets no matter the cost. This expansion puts both of these droids at players’ disposal as mercenaries who will also side with Imperials or Rebels without any more qualms about their assignments. In addition to their built in functionality, five Command Cards give them even more tactical options in battle while two upgrade cards give players the freedom to explore two distinct forms of programming with IG-11.

If you need to pack that extra punch in your force, you really can’t go wrong with assassin droids!

AMG Reveals IG-Series Assassin Droids Star Wars: Legion Rules

IG Assassin Droids Rules

The Empire can hire this notorious assassin droid and make use of his Bounty keyword to hunt down Operatives and Commanders alike—which IG-88 can reliably do with his aggressive programming. He brings an impressive array of offensive keywords, such as Arsenal 2, Sharpshooter 1, and Surge: Critical. Defensively, Armor 1, Impervious, and a red defense die represents IG-88’s sturdy construction. IG-88’s Vibro-Cleaver, Modified E-11 Blaster, and Modified DLT-20A rifle provide excellent options no matter the situation. Finally, a training, comms, and gear icons give IG-88 diverse upgrade options to kit this robot assassin out for any need. 

As you would expect, the droid is quite good at eliminating targets and has plenty of ways to deflect enemy attacks! Basically, it hits hard and is just as hard to kill!

IG Assassin Droids Rules 2

This slew of weapons is further complemented by the addition of two new command cards. Focused on the Kill prevents units targeted by the Bounty keyword from spending tokens. Additionally, it reflects IG-88’s fierce dedication to finishing off his target, as he cannot be removed until the end phase even if he meets or exceeds his wound threshold. Independent Programming allows for maximum flexibility, giving IG-88 an aim token if he receives an order, or a dodge token if he does not. Both cards are Permanent, which means they will stay in play once used. These additional keywords, combined with his excellent unit card make IG-88 a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

Focused on the Kill makes him so much better against bounty targets, and isn’t killed right away, which is just cool. Then, he gets extra tokens for both dodging and aiming.

IG-11 Rules

IG Assassin Droids Rules 3

With the ability to be fielded by Rebels or the Empire, IG-11 brings new and familiar tools to your games of Star Wars: Legion. To represent his customized nature, IG-11 has different features than other IG series assassin droids. His unit card is very similar to that of IG-88, retaining most of the same keywords, but utilizing Gunslinger instead of Arsenal. He has a strong melee attack, complemented by the same weapons as IG-88 (minus the Versatile keyword on the Modified E- 11 Blaster).

It’s cool to see them do something a little different to show the programming but keep the majority the same as IG-88.

IG Assassin Droids Rules 4

The addition of a Programming slot is what really sets IG-11 apart, allowing him to fill multiple roles depending on which upgrade he equips. The first option is “Bounty” Programming, which can be equipped no matter which army IG-11 is supporting. He gains Bounty and AI: Aim, Attack. It additionally gives him a conditional bonus for choosing a commander or operative as the target of Bounty. Choosing a commander gives all of his weapons Pierce 1, while choosing an operative gives Suppressive instead. Alternatively, IG-11 can be upgraded with “Nanny” Programming. This is only available to him when he’s included in a Rebel army and gives IG-11 AI: Dodge, Move, and Grogu Counterpart: IG-11.

We love that they put Nanny in there because now you can take Grogu with it and get some good benefits. Then, when you’re in bounty programming, you get much better at picking up those bounties.

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