Games Workshop’s Top 5 Combos for Leagues of Votann

new leagues of votann rules warhammer 40kIn a recent battle report, GW released their top five combos for the Leagues of Votann- check out what the new faction can do!

Thanks to the internet, we’ve seen pretty much all the rules for the Leagues, but it’s nice to see some combos put together, as it will give you an idea of how to build your own army possibly.


The list of combos comes from Warhammer Community. Let’s check them out!

GW’s Top 5 Combos for Leagues of Votann: #5

Top 5 combos for Leagues of Votann


Top 5 combos for Leagues of Votann 2

With their 2+ Save, simply sticking your Hearthguard in Light Cover means your opponent will have to hit them with AP -3 or better to even scratch the paint. If it looks like even that might not be enough to keep them alive, you can always drop a command point on Overcharged Shield Crest to take the edge off any high-Strength attacks.

Obviously, they are super tough! If you are looking for an army that’s not going to die, then this might be the army for you.

Leagues of Votann Datasheets 8

When you look at their full profile, they have plenty of toughness and ways to make it across the battlefield! Plus, they hit hard the whole time, whether in melee or shooting.

#4: Stay in Touch

Top 5 combos for Leagues of Votann 3

Top 5 combos for Leagues of Votann 4

Crucially, the aura’s 6″ range can be hugely extended with the wonders of Kin science. Your units of Hearthkyn Warriors and Hernkyn Pioneers can all be upgraded with Multiwave Comms Arrays, enabling your Kâhl to guide them from up to 24″ away.

This is actually a really cool upgrade that is pretty cheap getting re-rolls to ones is always going to be strong.

Leagues of Votann Datasheets 7

As you can see, the Warriors can have all kinds of upgrades, so even if you don’t care about the re-roll, they have plenty of other options.

#3: There’s No Substitute for Experience

Top 5 combos for Leagues of Votann 5

In order to field a High Kâhl, you’ll have to promote your Kâhl to the Votannic Council – or in the case of the Greater Thurian League, you can include Ûthar the Destined in your army instead.

Top 5 combos for Leagues of Votann 6

Whatever your League of choice, the upgrade’s totally worth it. Not only will you be able to dish out two Judgement tokens each turn using Grim Efficiency, but you can include both a High Kâhl and a Kâhl in the same Detachment, thereby avoiding the Hero of the Oathband limit of one. Why include both? Because the only thing better than using Grim Efficiency twice per turn is using it THREE times!

Gaining extra Judgement tokens will really increase the efficiency of your entire army and just get you all the auto-wounds.

Votann Council


Votann Council 2

If you want to see what each character upgrades will get you, each one is actually pretty cool and can really change the way your army plays.

#2: Go Beserk

Top 5 combos for Leagues of Votann 7

With this penalty, your Beserks will usually be hitting on a 4+. It’s no biggie, though – simply drop one Command point on Cyberstimm Infusion and you’ll have re-rolls aplenty.

Top 5 combos for Leagues of Votann 8

Of course, if your target just so happens to have been cunningly prepared for this onslaught with three Judgement tokens, every hit your Beserks land will automatically wound. With 3 Attacks apiece as standard, that’s enough outgoing damage to threaten a mighty Imperial Knight!

This is pretty crazy, but when you combine this with the Kronus Hegemony League, you will be hitting even harder in combat!

Leagues of Votann Leagues 5This is the League to go with if you want a melee-focused army (which works great with the Berzerks)! Especially with the +1 to attacks and the strength any time they charge were charged or made a heroic intervention. Then, the stratagem can give your entire army additional hits on 6’s.

#1: Deliver Judgement, Magna-rail Style

Top 5 combos for Leagues of Votann 9


The key here is that, when a hit roll against a unit with any Judgement tokens activates the Eye of the Ancestors, it also counts as an unmodified wound roll of 6 – exactly what you need to turn your magna-rail weapon from an anti-tank gun into an anti-EVERYTHING gun! 

With how much damage this has, you can take out basically anything with it! Just be sure to save Eye of the Ancestors for it, so everything carries over.

Top 5 combos for Leagues of Votann 10

And for context, check out the murderous profile of the heavy magna-rail cannon that can be mounted on the mighty Hekaton Land Fortress.

This has a minimum of 8 Damage, but generally, you should score ten damage with this, which ignores invulnerable saves and has -4 AP!

Top 5 combos for Leagues of Votann 11

As a final gift of wisdom from the Votann, I’ll leave you with a sneak peek at the unique ability of Ûthar the Destined…

Leagues of Votann DatasheetsLuckily, we’ve seen his full rules, so you can decide if you want him to lead your forces!

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