New Limited Edition Spider Demon Miniature Incoming

Spider DemonThe new Creature Caster Reborn Spider Demon is already looking amazing, and we expect the pre-order soon; check it out!

Creature Caster is known for its over-the-top designs, particularly for demons, which just so happen to make great alternative models for Warhammer if you play Chaos. This time around, the new mini might just make the list of the alternative models you’ve got your eye on, especially if you like Slaanesh, as it might just work perfectly for a new Daemons army! 

While this hasn’t hit shelves quite yet, when it does, be sure to hop on the pre-order, as it will be a limited release!  The last time they did one of these, they sold out in a couple of days, so keep your eyes peeled and those buying fingers ready.

Let’s take a closer look at the new set!

Creature Caster Reborn Spider Demon Coming Soon!

Reborn SpiderLet’s hear what they have to say about this remade mini:

You are the first to see a fully assembled and reimagined Spider Demon. She’s not even on the website yet. We can’t say much about her at the moment except that we are very excited. Keep your eyes open for further details and more images, coming to the website in the near future!

Considering this hasn’t hit shelves yet, check out the latest kit you can order right now!

Atriarchs of Malifica: $59

Atriarchs of Malifica 5As we said, these will be a limited release, so they usually sell out quickly, especially with the new Daemons codex released. Since they have so many amazing minis, check out what else they’ve been releasing lately!

Atriarchs of Malifica 2Let’s hear what they have to say about the new minis:

As the Children of Malifica explore the world, they become sentient. Starting as nothing more than a primitive tendril they rapidly evolve, gaining form and function. These monstrosities are in their evolved state. These will be sold in a set of three. 

Atriarchs of Malifica 3

There are few creatures that can contend with the power of an evolved Atriarch of Malifica. Commanding strange and esoteric abilities, they are by far the most strange and alien beings within the demon realm. The Enchantress wields incredible powers over flesh and metal – transmutation is her realm of expertise.

Atriarchs of Malifica

The Djinn is a consummate warrior, using their speed and strength to overwhelm their enemies. The Possessed is by far the strangest of these creatures, sacrificing their own bodies to puppeteer their victims as a parasite.

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