New Lumineth Realm-lords Rules Revealed by GW!

lumineth-realm-lords-titleA ton of new Lumineth Realm-lords rules have been revealed ahead of the upcoming book- check out what they can do!

With the book coming soon, you knew it would only be a matter of time before we got some rules to pour over! The new rules focus on the Aelements of War and how each different unit or champion can harness the power!

Warhammer Community unveiled the new rules and a little bit more on the release details. Let’s check them out!

New Lumineth Realm-lords Rules Revealed by GW!

Phoenix Stone Lumineth Rules

This puissant artefact is far more reliable than before, allowing another friendly HERO within 12” to cheat death on a roll of 3+. Not only is the wound that would kill them negated – along with all other incoming wounds – but the searing flames of rejuvenation also restore D3 lost wounds.

This is a pretty tricky little rule, the enemy thinks they have your hero, then boom, not only do they stay alive (on a 3+), but they also regain D3 lost wounds.

Fortitude Lumineth Rules

The Alarith were always tough – especially for aelves – but this new ability makes them truly indomitable. Blessed with a ward of 4+ against mortal wounds while they’re holding objectives, they can shrug off magic and poisons that would bypass their finely-crafted armour.

If you can get them on objectives, they will get a 4+ Ward save, which is really nice for a whole unit to get!

Lumineth Realm Rules

As if being hard as stone wasn’t enough, the Alarith can also hit like an avalanche. Alarith Stonemages now have access to the Molten Talisman, a new artefact that adds 1 to wound rolls for friendly ALARITH units wholly within 12”.

Keep your Stonemage from charging into combat, and you’ll see your Stoneguard wounding on 2+ with their mighty mallets and deadly diamondpicks. That’s not a healthy prospect for anyone who wants to steal an objective out from under them!

Wounding on 2+ is no joke! They should be able to crush through most units with the buff. However, just make sure you’re not charging the bearer into combat if you want the buff.

Lumineth Realm Rules 2

These deadly weapons no longer ignore cover – after all, your treerunner mounts can just bound over any defences – but instead completely bypass ward rolls. Whether banishing the ethereal Nighthaunt or hunting down rune-warded duardin champions, these riders are a needle-sharp rapier carried on magical winds.

Against certain armies, this isn’t going to be too powerful, but against armies with tons of ward saves, this will be insanely strong! If all they have is a ward save, this will ignore it altogether.

Are you excited about the Lumineth Realmlords new battletome book? Will you be picking it up?

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