New Malifaux October Releases on the Way!

Malifaux feature 1 (2)A bunch of new Malifaux October releases are coming from Wyrd Games; check out what you can score next month!

Wyrd Games has been pumping out releases lately, and we love it! It’s been a while since M3E kicked off, and it’s always nice to see a company keep the releases coming as the game grows. If you haven’t played before, now is the best time to get into it. New products for the game mean options and ways to play just keep expanding.

There are three big new releases this time around, so there is plenty to look forward to for everyone! Let’s check out the releases.

Madness of Malifaux: $28

Malifaux october releasesLet’s hear what they have to say about the new book:

The Burning Man’s arrival brought chaos to Malifaux and shook the world to its core, but his sudden disappearance worried its people even more. Was he gone forever? Would he return? Those questions all pointed toward the same answer: assume that the worst has yet to come. The faint of heart barricade themselves inside their homes, hiding in fear. The foolhardy shoot toward the sky, believing they can bring down a burning star that isn’t even there.

Madness of Malifaux is the newest expansion to Maliaux Third Edition; bringing with it 6 new masters across the eight factions of the game, an exhilarating and explosive new story, and a host of over 50 other new and exciting characters to join you on the battlefield.

Ravencroft Core Box: $50

Malifaux october releases 2Here’s everything in this box:

  • Damian Ravencroft, Aspirant
  • Puzzle Box
  • Bellaventine Thrope
  • 3x Dabbler

Untold Tales: $35

Malifaux october releases 3Here’s everything in the box:

  • Damian Ravencroft, Unbound
  • Linh Ly, Storyteller
  • Miya Murakami

That does it for this one; just some awesome releases to look forward to next month!

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