BattleTech Humble Bundle Gets You into the Game for Cheap!

humble-bundleTime is ticking on this deal; get over $300 in BattleTech books and the miniatures game starter set for just $35 in the latest Humble Bundle!

The new BattleTech Humble Bundle can get you into the miniatures game on the cheap and is the perfect introduction for new players!

Don’t sit around and miss out on this Humble Bundle, as you won’t find this kind of value again soon! Especially considering it’s the perfect way to get into the BattleTech miniatures game from Catalyst!

On that note, at the time of writing this, there are about 19 days left before it ends!

BattleTech Humble Bundle Introduces You to the Game for Cheap!

battletech humble bundle

Aspiring MechWarriors, are you looking to jump into the BattleTech tabletop armored combat game? Equip yourself with this bundle of over 20 resources and get started on your journey!

This colossal collection features digital rulebooks, field manuals, campaign books, and more—and when you pay $30 or more, you’ll get a physical BattleTech: Beginner Box containing two high-quality miniatures, quick-start rules, a mapsheet, cards, dice, and more from Catalyst Game Labs (US customers only; shipping & handling not included). Plus, your purchase helps support Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society!

Just keep in mind the Beginner box won’t be available until January 2023 via a redeemable code in the Catalyst’s games webstore.

*BattleTech: Beginner Box Update – Due to the popularity of this bundle, the Beginner Box is currently out of stock at Catalyst Game Labs’ online store, and is expected to be available again January 2023. Bundle buyers will be notified via email when the item is back in stock, at which point they will be able to redeem their code and claim their Beginner Box at Catalyst’s store.

The last bundles we covered were for Warhammer 40k, but BattleTech is a favorite for all generations! Here is everything available in the last bundle we featured on the Black Library 

Now let’s check out the contents of the current 28-item bundle that gets you a $343 total value for just $35!

Pay Just $1

BattleTech Humble Bundle 2Getting four books for just a buck is always sweet, especially with how cool some of these are!

Pay $10+ to Unlock

BattleTech Humble Bundle 3This starts getting you some serious value, as this gets you 12 books for just $10, which is nearly impossible to beat!

Pay $18+ to Unlock

BattleTech Humble Bundle 4At this level, you get 27 different books, and for only $18, you can’t really go wrong!

Pay $30+ to Unlock

BattleTech Humble Bundle 5This is the highest level and will get you $343 worth of value, so getting ten times plus on your investment is never a bad thing! Plus, you even get the Battletech miniatures game beginner’s box along with this level.

Lock Yours In Here

If the Humble Bundle isn’t your thing, there is always Audible Premium Plus that gives you free Black Library books with your monthly sub.

black library on sale

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Will you be picking up this BattleTech Humble Bundle?

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