Preview Copies of GW Miniatures Stolen at LVO

angron-horus-stolen-lvo-2023Apparently, preview copies of Horus Ascended and Angron were stolen from Caleb Wissenback of CK Studios while at the GW store booth at LVO 2023…

We like to assume the best of fellow hobbyists, and you know, maybe, it was an accident, but unfortunately, at such a massive event, bad apples can always be in the sea of people.

lvo featureHere is what Caleb of CK Studios (who also runs GW’s titan painting classes and laser tag events) had to say about his newly painted Horus, Angron, and Vulkan, which were allegedly stolen from the Games Workshop store booth at LVO.

Well unfortunately my Tablewar case with Horus Asended , Vulkan and the new Angron was stolen last night from the GW store area at LVO.
So no new Angron on display.
So bummed.
Here’s pics of Vulkan and Horus.
Next week I’ll show the pictures I took of Angron before the trip.

From the sounds of it, someone with venue access after hours took it. But it’s possible that it was done by mistake… too! With a little luck, he’ll get his hard work on those models back yet.

If you’re in the LVO area, keep an eye out for those expertly painted models…

No one should be robbed of their hobby efforts, especially one that puts together such great work for the rest of us to enjoy.  If you know something, be sure to say something!

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