Alternative Impulsor Upgrade Kits Turn Your Tanks into Gladiators!

murmilloIf you want to turn your Impulsors into Gladiators, the great alternative Impulsor upgrade kits will do just that and give you all the weapon options!

With the points drop, the Gladiator is looking better and better! Instead of buying a whole new kit, why not just turn your Impulsor tanks into Gladiator tanks?

This kit comes with all the weapon options and have room for magnetization, which means one kit gives you three variants. The Murmillo also comes with both sponson options, so you can either go more anti-tank or anti-infantry.

It is made to fit perfectly on the current Impulsor kit, so there is no need for crazy conversions either!

Murmillo Tank Upgrade Kit: $34.99

Murmillo Tank Upgrade


Murmillo Tank Upgrade piecesThe multipart kit of the Murmillo Tank Upgrade For Hover Tank is made on a high-quality resin printer. It fits perfectly with the original Impulsor Tank by Games Workshop. Just an easy and fast way to get access to the new tank!

Here’s everything that the kit comes with:

  • back part (back, door, back vents)
  • top part
  • turret (bottom, top, back, two antennas, antenna holder)
  • all three turret weapon variants (Valiant, Lancer, Reaper)
  • 2 side weapon variants (quad bolter and melta)
  • hatch and hatch door (the hatch is possible to break into two parts for an open-top.)
  • turret grenade launchers
  • turret Weapons come pre-drilled for magnets so that you can swap them out!

Bitshapers officially license this product. If you are after just the .STL files are available on Bitshapers Page Here

All the Variants:

Murmillo Tank Upgrade 4

Murmillo Tank Upgrade 3

Tank variantThe kit has all the necessary parts to make any variants. We recommend magnetizing them (with the holes pre-drilled), so you can take advantage of whatever you need for a game.

Alternative Impulsor Upgrade KitsImpulsor upgrade kits

As you can see, there are tons of options available! You can even grab the four-pack just to get them all. However, the Melta might be the most interesting for Space Marine players out there!


Impulsor upgrade kits 2These Hatch Turrets are designed to fit into the hatches of a standard troop tank or similar size personal access point. Our customers have found they are a much easier substitute for pintle-mounter weapons. By replacing these for the standard hatches, you quickly swap your troop carrier weapon load outs by simply “Popping” them in and out as needed. This product gives your model more versatility.

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