Huge 10th Edition 40k Rumors, New Releases & Cheap Deals LATEST

rumors chapter approved space marinesDon’t miss the scoop on the dataslate changes for 40k, new 3rd party releases, and the latest on 10th edition 40k.

These were the biggest announcements from the wargaming hobby and our expert commentary from late February.  Let’s look at the latest news for Warhammer and tabletop wargaming!

GW Shoots Themselves in the Foot Over 10th Edition 40k

10th-Edition-40k-warhammer-rumors-1GW may be setting itself up for failure with 10th Edition 40k with a huge backlash, just like they got from Age of Sigmar. Read More

Turn Your Tanks into Gladiators With These Alternatives

murmilloTurn your Impulsor tanks into Gladiators, the great alternative upgrade kits that will give you all the weapon options! Read More

It’s Wild What All the 10th Edition 40k Rules Changes Actually Mean

warhammer-40k-10th-EditionIt’s kinda wild what all the humungous rumored rules changes to Warhammer 40k for 10th edition may actually mean! Read More

Profit Off GW By Using Their Sales Tactics Against Them For FREE!

profit-from-games-workshop-miniaturesHere’s how to profit off Games Workshop by using their own sales tactics against them without spending more money. Read More

GW Confirms the Best & Worst 40k Armies in the Meta Right Now

warhammer-40k-rules-update-balance-dataslate-walAccording to the data from Games Workshop, these are the best (top winning) and worst Warhammer 40k armies in the meta right now! Read More

Top Storage Cases & Bags for Transporting Your Miniatures

store-and-transport-miniatures-new-wal-hor-display-safe-army-caseHere is our list of the top storage cases for transporting and displaying your miniatures so you can keep them safe and show off your models. Read More

HeroQuest Board Game Going for Cheap Now!

cheap-heroquestTime is ticking on this deal as you can score the HeroQuest core game and almost all the expansions for cheap over on Amazon right now! Read More

RUMORS: More Big 10th Edition 40k Rules Changes On The Way

warhammer-40k-10th-EditionHere are more huge rumors for upcoming “simplified” rules changes we could see in 10th edition Warhammer 40k this summer… Read More

Age of Sigmar Gets New Regiments of Renown Boxes & Rules

regiments-of-renown-box-sets-age-of-sigmar1GW just announced a new set of AoS Regiments of Renown boxes which will give you a full set of mercenaries with playable rules- check it out! Read More

New February Infinity Miniatures Available Now!

February Infinity MiniaturesThere are a ton of new February Infinity Miniatures available right now, so get them soon to start your new year painting project! Read More

New 40k Boarding Patrol Boxes: From Hot Mess To Good Value

Is-this-Worth-It-&-Value-warhammer-40k-boarding-patrolsHere’s the value breakdown of the four new Warhammer 40k Boarding Patrol boxes for Adeptus Mechanicus, Daemons, Genestealer Cults, and Death Guard! Read More

New Orks Alternatives From Wargame Exclusive!

Orks Wargame Exclusive featureIf you want your Greentide to stand out on the tabletop, these new Orks alternatives from Wargame Exclusive will be just what you need! Read More

GW Won’t Be Focused on Warhammer 40k as much Now…

rumors chapter approved space marinesGames Workshop looks to be focusing more on Age of Sigmar releases this spring as a whopping six books are planned up to the rumored release of 10th edition Warhammer 40k. Read More

Astra Militarum 40k Combat Patrol Box Set: What’s the Value?

Is-this-Worth-It-&-Value-cadian-combat-patrolThe new Astra Militarum Imperial Guard Combat Patrol has a lot of the same units inside as Cadia Stands army box; here’s the value and savings breakdown! Read More

Monument Hobbies Adds a New Miniatures Line To Their Store

Monument-Hobbies-New-Products-miniatures-journeymanMonument Hobbies has some of the best paint on the market, and now they’ve added the line of  Journeyman Miniatures to their store! Read More

All the Newest GW Models & Rules Previews

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