D&D Onslaught Miniatures Core Set is Available Now!

d&D-onslaughtThe new Wizkids skirmish game, D&D Onslaught Miniatures Core Set, is here; check out the pricing and where to order yours!

This is a competitive skirmish game where each team controls an adventuring party from the Forgotten Realms. Considering this is D&D, you know there will also be plenty of treasure and peril along the way!

The new D&D Onslaught core game is finally here after months of build-up, so check out the pricing and where to order yours from.

D&D Onslaught Miniatures Core Set: $139.99

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D&D Onslaught Core SetAs we said, it’s finally nice to see the game come out, so if you didn’t jump on the pre-order, now is the time to order yours! If you love everything D&D, check out what else is going on with it here.

D&D Onslaught 2Let’s hear what they have to say about the new core set:

DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Onslaught is a competitive skirmish game in which each player controls an adventuring party from one of the powerful factions of the Forgotten Realms. Parties delve into dungeons, battle rival adventurers, and confront fearsome monsters on a quest for treasure and glory!

D&D Onslaught Core Set 2

This core set includes everything two players need to play, including twelve characters from two different factions (Harpers and Zhentarim), a horde of monsters, and an immersive campaign that sends rival parties deep into the depths of a ruined keep to confront a mighty black dragon.

D&D Onslaught Core Set 4Here is everything you get in the set:


  • 21 Fully-Painted Miniatures
  •  1 Double-Sided Game Board
  •  4 Twenty-Sided Dice
  •  16 Dial Cards
  •  26 Standard Cards
  •  44 Mini Cards
  •  71 Tokens
  •  14 Terrain Elements
  •  1 Rule Book
  •  1 Scenario Guide
  •  4 Plastic Standees

D&D Onslaught Core Set 3That does it for this one; it’s just a fantastic game to look forward to that’s a little different! Be sure to order the core set here on Wizkids or auto-shipped from Amazon!

Order Your D&D Onslaught Core Set Here!

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