AMG Delivers New Squirrel Girl MCP Character Card & Rules

Squirrel Girl RulesAMG revealed the new Squirrel Girl Marvel Crisis Protocol character card and rules- check out what she can do in the game!

The Squirrel Girl & Gwenpool expansion has hit pre-order, so it’s good to know what she can do before you buy! First, check out the new expansion, then jump into the latest rules from AMG!

If you read this after May 12th, 2023, this expansion set should be fully released and available from your favorite store!  To order one for yourself, click here or the header below.

Squirrel Girl & Gwenpool Character Pack: $39.99

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Squirrel Girl and Gwenpool Character PackThis is such a cool character pack, and from the sounds of it, AMG will give them some wild rules. They mention you can bend reality and the fourth wall with them in the game, so it should be super fun.

Squirrel Girl and Gwenpool Character Pack 2Here’s what they have to say about the models:

Players will turn the laws of reality into an open negotiation with the Squirrel Girl and Gwenpool Character Pack. This duo of fourth-wall-breakers will suspend disbelief as they bend the usual flow of gameplay to suit their own unique playstyles.

Squirrel Girl and Gwenpool Character Pack 3

Equipped with Team Tactic Cards that make them perfect tank-busters, this duo comes ready to warp the battlefield into a far stranger place to play.

Squirrel Girl Marvel Crisis Protocol Character Card Rules

Squirrel Girl Rules 2

We see one of the most formidable gifts from her transformation evident in the first attack this character has. The Knuckle Spike Strike is one of her most dangerous hand-to-hand weapons available and comes in at a respectable Range 3 and Strength 5. Not only will this attack allow her to gain Power equal to the Damage she deals, it also helps represent her extreme mobility and acrobatic gifts. When she rolls a Wild during the, she launches herself forward and Places within Range 1 of the target character, getting right up in their business. When she is really in trouble though, she opts to literally bury her opponent in an Army of Squirrels. This Range 4 attack only costs a mere 2 Power and hits with a Strength of 6. Do I hear you scoffing at the idea of being attacked by squirrels? Don’t let their small size fool you; when they sink their teeth into you, they are sure to leave behind the Bleed and Stun special conditions. You may even find that when she manages to summon a true horde of them (by rolling a wild!), this avalanche of squirrels can Push up to size 3 characters Short.

They really went flavorful for her rules, and her basic attack that takes no power is pretty awesome, as she can move with it. Then, she can bury her enemies in an army of squirrels which is just excellent and it gives them bleed (from all the claws and teeth) so for two power, this is pretty solid.

Squirrel Girl Rules 3

Let’s talk about her ever-present companion: Tippy-Toe the squirrel! Squirrel Girl’s first superpower represents her connection to her companion squirrels, the irreplaceable sidekicks in her life. Tippy-Toe Takedown! allows Squirrel Girl to spend Power equal to an enemy character’s Threat Value in order to place the Tippy-Toe token on that character. The distracting presence of her faithful companion is going to complicate the enemy’s life in innumerable ways, ensuring that they don’t get to add Critical results to their successes in attack, defense, or dodge rolls AND they don’t get to add additional dice to those rolls as a result of those Criticals. Take that, evil-doers!

All the powers are super useful and thematic, but maybe the most fun is Guardian Squirrel. She cannot get KO’d when she has the Tippy-Toe Token as her squirrel friend takes the blow for her! Then, Squirrelese is great as it can let you re-roll a bunch of stuff.

She is just a super flavorful character with a lot going for her!

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Will you be picking this Squirrel Girl Marvel Crisis Protocol expansion pack up? Do you like the rules so far?

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