Games Workshop Makes a New Website For 10th Edition 40k

10th-Edition-40k-warhammer-rumorsGames Workshop has made a new website for Warhammer 40k 10th edition, or whatever it is they are actually teasing in these Tryanid/ Terminator previews…

The rumors have really been flying ahead of the AdeptiCon 2023 reveals, with people somewhat divided on what GW is going to show. More recent rumors have actually pointed towards Space Hulk and not 10th edition, but for them to make a new site for it, you know something BIG is coming soon.

We’ve talked about what we could see at AdeptiCon this year, which you can read here, but we’ll check it out below as well.

Games Workshop Makes a New Website For 10th Edition

Behold the new look for the Warhammer 40,000 website.

Games Workshop New Website for 10thAs you can see, the date says March 23rd, the day after (or the day of in the UK) their AdeptiCon preview. They have also chosen to use thee image of th Tyranid staring down the Terminator, which at first we really thought had to be the new 10th edition 40k starter set.

However, in the more recent preview, they actually put the words Space and Hulk in the video description.

Give this brutal hulk some space to deal with the xenos infestation!

There’s a good chance they will announce the new 40k edition soon but hold actual 10th previews for Warhammer Fest in May.

It’s even possible that GW will preview Space Hulk (or even the Lion) now to tide everyone over until the actual reveals begin for 10th Edition later on.


There does also seem to be a spot for other 40k games on the current website navigation bar, so even if we see Space Hulk it may be on this tab with the other 40k sub-games.

What do you think they are going to reveal at AdeptiCon? 

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What do you want to see at the preview? What are you expecting GW to drop?

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