New 40k Combat Patrols, Necromunda, & More GW Pre-Orders Revealed

new-next-week-chaos-knights-and-kill-team-nachmund wal horThree more Warhammer 40k Combat Patrols, along with new Necromunda releases and paint bundles, are hitting pre-orders this Saturday, April 1st.

Games Workshop has revealed all the new releases going up for pre-order this Saturday, April 1st, at 1 PM Eastern time here in the states!

New 40k Combat Patrols, Necromunda, & More GW Pre-Orders Revealed

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Boarding Patrol: Adepta Sororitas

Boarding Patrol Adepta Sororitas

Bring the light of the Emperor to the void with Boarding Patrol: Adepta Sororitas, scouring the Arks of Omen with bolt, flame, and melta. A devout Canoness leads five Celestian Sacresants, 10 Sisters Repentia, and 10 Battle Sisters into the breach, making this a durable fighting force with plenty of power armour and some chainsword punch.

First up is the Sisters, and these models are all pretty common, meaning these are great options for someone looking to test out the faction.

Boarding Patrol: Adeptus Custodes

Boarding Patrol Adeptus Custodes

Imagine turning a corner in your warp-infested space hulk and walking straight into a golden giant with death in his eyes – it’s enough to turn an honest, god-fearing heretic pale. The Adeptus Custodes excel in close quarters, and with three Allarus Custodians, five Custodian Guard, and Trajann Valoris himself packing out their Boarding Patrol, there’s little that will last more than a moment in their sight.

Custodes and their patrol keep the model count low, perfect for someone looking to paint fewer models in a list.

Boarding Patrol: Thousand Sons

Boarding Patrol Thousand Sons

Chaos Space Marines are right at home on the claustrophobic corridors of a space hulk, and we’re not even convinced the Thousand Sons register much of the weirdness going on given the forces they tamper with. This Boarding Patrol pairs two Chaos Spawn with 20 Rubric Marines, bringing an impressive number of bodies and a pair of pskyers onto the board while the Spawn make a right mess of anything they encounter.

As with most of the Combat Patrols, this looks like a pretty good selection of models for a new player or even someone looking to expand their forces. Keep in mind you can only use one spawn in Boarding Patrol games, though.

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The Aranthian Succession: Vaults of Temenos

The Aranthian Succession Vaults of Temenos

Cinderak City has fallen, but the succession crisis on Necromunda is far from over. The Aranthian Succession: Vaults of Temenos continues the sweeping narrative laid out in Cinderak Burning, as a mysterious Prophet guides hordes of true believers on a pilgrimage to recover holy relics from the depths of Tenemos.

This expansion contains new lore on Necromunda’s bloody civil war, seven narrative scenarios to re-enact the Great Pilgrimage, four Dramatis Personae central to the story, and plenty of additional rules for House Cawdor and Palanite Enforcer gangs. 

Keep up with the story, or just spice up your Necromunda games with this new rules book.

Enforcer ‘Sanctioner’ Pattern Automata

Enforcer ‘Sanctioner’ Pattern Automata

It may shock you to hear that not all underhive gangers go quietly when the Enforcers come knocking. In fact, most scofflaws need more than a rap with a baton to be convinced. Thanks to the wonders of technology, the Sanctioner-pattern Automata solve this problem as bigger, tougher dispensers of justice than any flesh and blood human could be – and these new multi-option miniatures looks right at home next to your own Palanite Enforcer patrols.

This week you can also help the Law thanks to this new offering for the Enforcers.

Cawdor Ridge Walkers

Cawdor Ridge Walkers

House Cawdor aren’t big on the latest high-tech trends, so when their gangs need to cross the ash wastes in a hurry they return to the only locomotion humankind has ever truly needed – legs. The resulting Ridge Walkers may look like ramshackle facsimilies of the great Imperial God-Engines, but they put out a surprising turn of speed and are the perfect platform for knocking pesky rivals off their feet like the lancers of old.

Get some more cavalry in the Ash Wastes thanks to these House Cawdor Ridge Walkers.

Cawdor Vehicle Gang Tactics Cards and Cawdor Dice Set

Cawdor Vehicle Gang Tactics Cards and Cawdor Dice Set

If there’s one thing Cawdor gangs can get behind, it’s a good holy text, and the references in the Cawdor Vehicle Gang Tactics Cards set are so useful they’re practically divine. There are 18 new cards for use in your Ash Wastes campaigns, plus eight Cawdor-branded blank cards.

Help with the learning curves with these cards, or show your devotion to Cawdor with the dice!

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Battle Ready Paint Set

Battle Ready Paint Set

With over 300 paints to choose from in the massive Citadel Colour range, where does a budding Golden Demon contender begin? Start with the Battle Ready Paint Set – a collection of 30 essential Base paints and Shades that provide a foundation for any paint scheme you could imagine, including superstars like Nuln Oil, Leadbelcher, Rhinox Hide, and Mechanicus Standard Grey.

From a pro to a hobbyist just trying to get a few projects done, this is a great place to start for some paint needs. (Delayed in Japan)

Parade Ready Paint Set

Parade Ready Paint Set

Take your collection to the next level with the Parade Ready Paint Set, adding 30 diverse Layer paints to apply rich pops of colour to your miniatures. They’re also excellent for highlights and glazes, so you can transform a basic Battle Ready colour scheme into a competition-winning masterpiece with the help of the extensive guides found on the Citadel Colour website.

Thirty different layer paints is a lot, but this could be your one-stop shop for a while! (Delayed in Japan)

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Will you be picking up any of these new pre-orders for Warhammer? 

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